Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You Idiot.

I knew something was up, and it seemed kind of impossible to do certain assignments when there's not enough materials.

I'm doing this subject called Banking and Financial Institutions, and it's no fun.

One thing's for sure, they asked us to predict what will happen to financial institutions when it's not properly regulated, and what is the outcome of the whole market if all doesn't go well.

I did research via textbooks and journals from official resources in Australia and it's no joke. It's a big headache about something that's based on facts but can be turned around at any time.

.. Until I decided to go from the BEA 321 standards to.. 705. The first digit in our subject codes would be the level of difficulty of our subjects in university.

And for a 7xx digit, that'd be what.. masters? PhD? Whatever?

All I know is that I found the article I was looking for after so long. Bloody hell. What a headache.

And reading a 7xx journal is NO fun at all.

But at least I have the answers! yay!

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