Saturday, May 29, 2010

Over The Top.

Hello again, guys.

This can be some daily habit I've got going on here. After having my usual lunch, I'd chill on with the iPad and see what's going on to catch up with the world, especially when I'm gone during my working period. Haha

Now, I had fun with NFS: Shift on the iPad because I finally found out that it wasn't like Nascar. So all's good. Lol

On another note, as stupid as it sounds, I downloaded Metal Gear Solid for the iPad. Latest release says the graphics are more for the iPad, so I'd love to see that.

Plus I heard you can win wallpaper on it or something, heh? Going to be freaking awesome!

Burp. Now to try skype. Anybody?

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane.

I just sorted out the random amount of pictures that I put into my iPad to show other people in what are my life experiences. Sadly, I couldn't find any hi resolution pictures of my past performing days.

I haven't viewed the pictures on my iPad just yet, but I'm sure it looks just awesome.

And guess what? My typing on is on-screen keyboard is definitely improving, and it's so comfortable to use with the Applie iPad Case. Guess that's what it's really good for.

Now to make the iPad complete, I'm anticipating the rerelease of the iPad OS 4. Heh.

Now I shall go view my glorious pictures on this expensive "photo frame" LOL

A Slight Review of the Anticipated iPad.

Yes, like other fools, I've bought the iPad if you did not know already.

After all, I did make my countdown to the iPad very very discreet. If you knew and followed up, that means that.. Well, you've been following my blog too efficiently.

The iPad.

Mine's the 64GB Wi-Fi model (Non-3G, mind you) and I must say, like any other iPhone-related product, it's well built, and it's well made as well.

The key here is that you don't adapt to the iPad, but the iPad adapts to the way you want it to be.

On a high-power consumption basis, I faced the first problem after getting it out from the box. It does not charge via USB 2.0 ports on laptops. I believe that the newer Mac products are prepared for this as this consumes about 10W from a USB port, and normal laptops (like my HP Pavillion dv2000t 2007 make) is unable to support. So that breaks the first tradition of iPhones and iPod Touches. It does not charge while you sync your stuff with iTunes.

Great, huh?

The weight, feels light at first. But I was walking from my place to NextByte (which is about a 10 minute walk), it began to take a toll on me. Although it may be light at first, but I think it's a bit too heavy. Regardless of it is, compared to any 10inch notebooks or netbooks out there, I think it's just convenient to carry about.

Apple iPad Case - It's way below my expectations. I'd give it a 3/10. Firstly, it's made out of a majority of latex. So it feels flimsy, and it doesn't even feel right. Easily dirtied as it's that sort of a material, and it feels dirty at some point as well. The only upside of it that it's extremely handy when you need to start typing on your iPad as the casing allows you to raise it a few degrees higher.

Now, on the applications. They're more souped up. At least they look so much more different yet having the same basic functions of how the iPod Touches/iPhone has, but even at a more deadlier approach. With its on-screen life-size keyboard and multi-touch (up to 11 fingers I heard?) makes it so realistic. Just that you don't hear the clicking or tapping on conventional keyboards.

It takes quite a bit to get used to it because of the symbols, but that's a entirely different issue.

The iPad is responsive. If you're unsure about which direction or what position to put it in place, it adapts quickly and never misses a single turn.

The design for the applications are just superb as well. Since I just started purchasing applications off the AppStore, I'll share some that I'm using at the moment.

FaceBook - There's no iPad version, so you'll have to deal with the pixelated version when you zoom in 2x compared to its original resolution.

IM+ - Paid for. Probably 3.99 I think, and the iPad version is pretty awesome. In its landscape position, you are able to view your contact lists, see your currently active chat windows, and also surf a light web browser to check on other things without accessing Safari. The only problem I faced is that I couldn't view my Skype contact list when I'm signed into MSN, although I'm online in both accounts?

Need for Speed: Shift - ... Haven't really played it yet, but auto-accelleration really sucks.

AccuWeather - Probably one of the most hilarious weather-forecasting applications I've come across. Available both free, and at $3.99. I'm not sure if it's as accurate as it is, but it has an offline feature where it saves the weather forecast as at when it was last online. Besides that, it has other misc stuff explaining about the things you can do and might fall sick from (e.g. probabilities of getting sinuses, walking your dog, weather for jogging, etc)

PDF Pro - Oh hell yes. I don't need to explain much about this application. One thing bad about this app is that it does not view bookmarks or page titles that you might find important.

BlogPress - That hosts plenty of other blogsites and allows you to blog on the go. The ability to upload photos is hopeless though. Besides that, everything's based in HTML. So if you know how to link pictures and you have THAT effort to do so on an iPad, this might be the programme for you. Heh.

TweetDeck for iPad - I only got it because it was free, and it had a better view for the iPad. Other than that, it sucks because it doesn't push notifications towards you. Gotta check it once in a while.

Pianist Pro - The midi programme that I've been blogging about, and I have still no idea on how to sync it to my laptop to get things up and ready for Reason 4.0. Sigh.

Anyways, here's how it goes. I have two hands on typing stuff on my normal laptop, and I get my left hand to do all the link-tapping and responding to Facebook on my left!

I tell you, it's just so much more fun now. Except the fact that the iPad additional accessories costs me up to $189, excluding applications I bought for the AppStore.

Having That Sorted Out.

Now, check this. I just got this application that allows me to blog through my mobile device instead of logging on via Safari.

Yes, this is my first and official blog post through the iPad! And my brother and I are still pretty darn impressed about how well this thing works!

So far, no complaints. But one word of advice for those who are planning to go mobile with this. You CANNOT charge your iPad via USB on your computer unless if it powers a 10V sucking iPad, then you're all good.

Newer Apple products are excluded though. Heh

Oh Boy.

'Nuff said. You know when I'm online via the iPad. AND MY FUCKING GOD IT IS JUST AWESOME!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh-Khay. My Bad.

The iPad would arrive latest on the 31st of May.


Oh Yeah.

My Australian TNT Express is up and running! And my iPad is happily being stored in Sydney! Most probably it'll get lodged out today, and will arrive in Hobart tomorrow.

Feels great to be alive.

And once I get my iPad applications out right, I'll be..back in business. Heh.

This is so.. orgasmic. Heee.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Discovery.

This should be a post on my other blog about music @ msglacius, but I have yet to confirm if this were to work.

Friends, and dear musicians, I believe you know that I will be getting the iPad very soon, and I just can't bloody wait.

And thanks to another day of shopping at the AppStore, I stumbled upon this application that's about AUD$12.99, called Pianist Pro. What this does is that it allows you to play a keyboard user interface on the iPad over a wireless network that syncs with your PC/Mac/Linus device and keys in the MIDI data you transmit over.

Latency can be set through this programme. If you were to kindly watch the video below, you'd get what I'm saying.

This is just awesome! For 3 years, I never had the money to purchase a MIDI keyboard, and I lost all sources of inspirations in buying a new one just to get things started. But with Pianist Pro, and if all goes well, I might get down with some tunes; once again.

For three years! And I've considered to get a MIDI controller here in Hobart after the guitar, and looks like I have a cheaper alternative to last me until I get one!

I've got LoopBe (A type of MIDI Loopback Driver of some sort) installed in my computer already, and Reason 4.0's picking it up. The other programme to bridge the iPad's transmitted data to LoopBe would be none other than Pure Data.

The final step is to key in a few numbers and blow AUD$12.99 and sync my iPad to Pure Data, which is already connected to LoopBe, I can begin fine tuning the latency (if there's any) of the iPad to the laptop, AND get tunes produced, once again!

I was thinking on how the hell I'm supposed to get Fragments of Beliefs (Gray) up and running again after leaving the original Reason file in Penang. I can always remake it, and now I don't have to painfully mouseclick every single note out.

Besides showing off, I'm really waiting for the iPad to come by.

Steve Jobs is right. No matter how ridiculous you all think the iPad is, I'd love to see another mobile device act as a MIDI Controller to control and produce music in a less gay sense (e.g. the earlier SE ringtone makers)

It's barely 2 more days.

And this is going to own bigtime.

Other OSC-based videos include:

And if I'm not mistaken, another view allows you to use Pianist Pro in a sense like a Continuum, not John Mayer's album, but the instrument that looks fully plastic on the keys, but still operates on MIDI, and you're able to twitch the pitch/frequency (like a modulation wheel on the keyboard) and give it very devestating results.

If Pianist Pro is able to produce results like what a Continuum can do, I'm definitely buying it at $12.99 because it's hell underpriced.

Okay. Recap, please.

iPad 32GB ---> iPad 64GB
iPhone 4G
Fender Stratocaster
MacBookPro or Nikon D300S

One down, 3 more to go. Or 4, perhaps?

Heebee Jeebeeess.

I have completely melted my brain with the Australian advantages, and everything on the good side.

I just scouted (like usual) while using an iMac to visit the Apple Store, and I just found out that I can get a few hundred dollars waived as long as I'm a student here in Tasmania!


My MacBookPro costed from $3.5k to $3,001.


So, boy. Time to make up your mind while working for the money, and after the Fender Stratocaster. The killer 17 inch, i7, 4GB RAM (can change this in the future myself), 500gbs HDD 7200 RPM, with antiglare screen MacBookPro that costs AUD$3,001 right now, or the long-awaited Nikon D300S that costs up to AUD$4.6k

I am confident in saving up that funds as long as I am working!


(unless if they have a student discount for the Nikon as well, then I'm in a serious fix. OR GET THEM BOTH!)


How To Start A Morning.

I think if you were to be living where I were to be staying, you might have noticed a guy with a grey jumper, white shoes, jeans and a black "cute" backpack bobbing his head towards an insane tempo.

Yup. I found my Slipknot collection ranging from the 1996's till present (Since I already have All Hope Is Gone), and my word.

They don't sound boring.

And I think the guitars for the 2001 album - Slipknot - sounded so much more heavier than what the present album offers.

And Corey Taylor is still fuckin' insane.

Then I warmed things down by listening to Manhattan by Eric Johnson. The only thing I have in mind is to go home, sit down and just try and enjoy in catching up with Johnson's unique finger technique and notations. Heh.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


For the first time after so long in music, instead of approaching my guitar and thinking that it's that stupid AUD$137 guitar that I got that has a plastic fretboard.

I picked it up because I don't think I can wait for a Fender Stratocaster just to practice on Eric Johnson's Manhattan. Besides the tone, the technique needs to be practiced as well.

And yes, I felt like this.

Remembering the times that I used to watch great guitarists like these and admire them. I still have that fuzzy warm feeling that makes anywhere home.

As long as there's music, I feel entirely home.

Besides trying to approach Manhattan (with plenty of mistakes too), I played on the song that I never finished composing (like many other songs that I try to compose) titled Fragments of Beliefs. Or might be switched to "Gray" very soon. Then again, it's not a good tribute song for .. Paul Gray. Trust me, he'd probably cry in heaven or hell. Wherever he is.

And I might reconsider putting up what I had in mind tonight, for the sake of this song being a creative hybrid, might as well make it more .. hybrid.

It's about tone, articulation and feel. And all the notes sound right. (Enough with the metaphors. Meaning that it consists of both right and wrong notes).

That's what I felt.

And it's 1.21am. On normal Tuesdays, you'd catch me dead asleep because of the full-day class I have to face.

Tonight's different.

I feel.. alive. And fuck yes, it feels great to be alive.

*plays more odd stuff*

24th May 2010.

Remember this guy?

He hails from one of those majorly-inspired nu-metal bands that decides to do scream-o's with raps, or rapping via screaming, accompanied with a shitload of heavy riffs by their guitarists.

And probably the only band that has 1 drummer, and 2 supporting percussionists.

They're also known better as SlipKnoT.

In my honest opinion, Paul Gray was always timid, and like any other bassists (except for those who stand in the middle of the stage and solo-ing), is greatly underrated by the conventional listeners.

Paul Gray did his part, and he always had a unique way of playing the bass - even if he plays on odd tunings which is very interesting.

Also, when bands like Linkin Park came up, Linkin Park were categorised as "Nu Metal" because of their nearly-same style until Reanimation was released.

SlipKnoT were one of the bands that created an interesting blend of music that allowed other musicians to further out in their own ways besides falling under Death Metal, Heavy Metal, etc, when it does not involved rapping or what sort.

Dated 24th May 2010, the 38 year old bassist, who was also expecting his first child with his wife was found dead in a hotel in Slipknot's hometown, Iowa. His autopsy still shows an unknown cause of death.

RIP, Paul Gray.

You'll always be remembered.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh Hell Yes!

Not only my eBay purchases are on their way to my doorstep, but..

My iPad and its casing is on its way! Awesomes.

Damn Straight, Jason

I forgot who, but I remember that I couldn't watch this movie because they were a bunch of chicken shit to watch the damned thing. Heh.

And I don't watch movies around.

But I was surfing around for movies just for work a few hours ago, and they finally released it online!

The 2009 revival of our good friend, Jason Voorhees.

Oh hell yes. I'm going to be laughing half of my time off since I finished House Season 6 already. Heh.

AppStore Shopping

I know, I know. No point buying any of these nonsense for the iPhone or iPad.

They're just games! I wanted an app that compiles Asterix comics, but too bad, they don't have it. Boohoo.

So I went looking around - remembering Steve Jobs' iPhone having NFS: Shift on his Home Screen.

And it's available for the iPad at $15.99!

But $15.99 for an app? Why bother? Add in another $10 and you'll be able to get this for the PS3. Of course, maximised fun would require a Logitech Driving Force GT that costs $89.. But..

Oh my. A Bugatti Veyron?

.. How ever could I say no to that?

4 more days ;)

I Know It's Too Late..

But still, I want to give in all I've got.

I've been slouching on the weekends, so I hope all would go well from next week onwards. Classes are going to be shit light, so I'm going to abuse that opportunity to go flat out on my subjects very soon.

Actually, focusing on the only subject that I know I'll screw up on.

I've never failed anything since 2007.

Don't let 2010 be a good start for anything. LOL

Fender Stratocaster, I still hear your name calling me out.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

You Know It When..

I feel like playing golf in the middle of the roads.

Just 6 more days.


Well, I'm not sure if it's 6 days till it arrives here in Australia, or here in Tasmania, or directly, here in Hobart.



Friday, May 21, 2010



One, Two; Freddy's Coming For You..

First thing's first. Freddy's a freaking paedophile.

But he's just.. Freddy, so yeah. Although the great wonders of digital art and CG designs made him look like shit (honest opinion).

Some parts were really funny in the most sadistic way. Heh.

But scratch that before I ruin some people's excitement, and disappointment.

My brother and I went hunting for lenses and other miscellaneous stuff related to cameras.

And I saw my camera. The one that has my heart and name scribbled all over it. The Nikon D300S.

The body alone costs about $2.4k. If the 18-200mm lens (which I'm going to get as well) is in, they have a deal where $200 will be waived off from the lens' original price, so that'll make it $3.3. But if I want the external hot shoe flash which is the SpeedLite SB900 as well, that's another $900, which totals up to a devastating..

(For those who're already doing the maths, you can skip the next line.)

.. $4.2k

That's $700 more than my 17" MacBookPro with ALL specs or my Alienware m17x WITH all my specs as well as they're about $3.3k - 3.5k.


I really have to pick either one, and during my working period, I'll save up for a new laptop.

As I told a friend of mine, EdwinKST, it's all about "long term investments". In a way, yes and no. Yes, because these products are either high-end or at least somewhere near there. As long as we don't plan to switch it, and we're staying in the same field for quite a bit, there is absolutely no reason to spend more hefty expenses on it.

Bad, because the whole "long term investment" is a positive and optimistic thing to say so we don't feel bad about the money we can actually save up for a proper rainy day, or a global financial crisis.

Besides that financial crisis, I do check my bank account on an insanely daily basis. But today, when I came home to check my account balances again, there was a huge sum that was missing.

Could only mean one thing.

Something's being packed, and prepared to be shipped over.




Once Upon A Time II..

I was watching G3'01 at work just now, and my word, did this DVD outrule the 2003 and 2005 release. Talk about music

And of course, I wanted to skip out on Steve Vai's performances because I've watched it a few thousand times already.

Especially For The Love Of God.

But I didn't. When he hit the first note of that song, I realised that I made it to the end, with the power of his JEM, and rigs.

Which made me want to save up for his JEM!

But sadly, a new one costs about AUD$4000, and I was actually looking at the JEM 77B RMR.

The mirrored / Bad Horsie JEM, but 6 strings.

Then again, getting an Ibanez eliminates the actual reason of getting a Fender. Great.

Pretty ambitious, no?

And I'm still standing by my Fender without regrets :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Inhabitant.

I came home today, and my housemate wasn't the only one snoring.

I heard.. a harmony of snoring (????).

In musical terms, I can explain that harmonies are usually made out of the corresponding major/minor 3rd note or the perfect 5th note in accordance to its root note.

But .. snoring cannot be in perfect harmonies.

So something else was up. After dropping my iPod Touch into a pool of BBQ sauce..

I like the last shot best. Manipulated lighting for the first time, so yeah. Heh. Talk about mood desktops. Now I like my workstation even better!

PS. It's a Cactuar from the Final Fantasy series.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh No! I Can't Play Music!

.. Which I think would be the most gay-est thing someone would ever say. We always have the likes of Stevie Wonder, who's blind. And played everything he touched with magic.

Sadly, majority of the people do not see the progress of the production side of music, hence they wouldn't know the effort being put into certain songs and stuff.

So what do you think?

Let's have a look. What if there were to be a guitarist, who's blind, and who can actually shred against the likes of Prince (to judge at a same level in terms of speed), and sing?

Jeff Healey!

Music, has no boundaries. You know it well when you see them singing to their hearts contents.

But what happens if you suffered from paralysis? Let's say, finger paralysis.

Uh. There's always Django Reinhardt. As weird as it sounds, his fingers are always curled up due to fire burns and paralysis.

But he is noted to be one of the pioneers of European Jazz music.

Pretty awesome.

And today, the guitarist of Holy Diver passed away, and it's on the headlines (at least) on ultimate-guitar. At this time and age, one by one of them are..falling.


When the day that Steve Vai falls, I'll be dead heartbroken.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


No, I'm not going to post up another video of Oasis' Don't Look Back in Anger for the thousandth time already.

I just bought (!!!) their songs off the iTunes Store, and it's so easy and convenient!

Of course, the idea of click-click-click is a bad thing. Must remember that everything's automatically charged to my debit card. LOL

Not forgetting, at LEAST online purchases works. Where online purchases aren't even invented yet, like female condoms.

Anyways, I'm listening to the live version of Don't Look Back In Anger, and my God! The whole audience sings along during the chorus.. there must be thousands of fans there just..singing along!

The song sounds so.. lively!

I think I felt that tingly, fizzy sensation in between of the crotch, and slightly below the stomach again.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Talk About Mood Desktops.

Of course, we know that I usually run on this desktop, which is my primary one with DeskSpace disabled:

But instead of having my usual reserach going on as planned for today (which is postponed for tomorrow) I decided to set the resolution for my 6th desktop wallpaper:

Talk about inspirations and shit. I hope that'll inspire me to study, instead of.. inspiring me to shoot more awesome lomo pictures.

I AM that satisfied with the colour quality!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I doubt it has anything to do with the development process, the recent batch of the Fisheye pictures turned out better than I expected. The colours are richer, compared to the ones I keep on taking months back.

Also, with it being ISO400, I'm surprised that the pictures turned out not too bad. Not forgetting that the Fisheye 2 is locked on a 1/100 shutter speed, hence some of the really bright pictures (especially when it blinds the human eye -_-) just turned out wrong.

I must say that I did screw up bits and pieces. I'm not sure what happened to the first roll of film, but mysteriously, all the pictures went off again.



*views Lomograph gallery*

Attack Of The LomoMomo..!

Yes, and fresh films are the way to go!

The previous shots you saw so far with this camera were taken with Fuji films that aged for about more than 10 years, hence the dull colours.

Which I liked. Not too bright, and it's pretty.

These shots are the vibrant ones.

Taken with Kodak Ultramax @ ISO400.

More pictures @ Facebook and my Deviantart page ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

And I Kid You Not.

Besides the fact that I woke up early, and decided to skip class due to my heightened emotions regarding about my recent achievements for both of my Management test and assignment, I managed to conclude myself that this specific on Thursday mornings is a waste of time

And I shit you not on that fact.

On another note, former guitarist of Dysnomia (2004 - 2006) and Six String Samurais (2007 - 2009) made it to the website of London's Lim Kok Wing branch.

Check him out via this link.

My my, what a big smirk he had on the photo. Bet he's gloating even more with the possibilities to come in the near future!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Damn Straight, Nigga.

Today is the day where I must ensure that I stick back to my old roots.

Even if you don't study enough, ensure you get enough sleep so you can face any events with a fresh mind although you're pretty much lost in between.

Today, I was hungry and sleepy, so that made me screw up nearly all of my Econometrics test. Which I'm not happy about, really. At least I know I'm able to somewhat face it on my finals.

And Management, ftw.

12/15 for my essay assignment with additional comments from my tutor.

Damn straight, nigga.

And a boogan told that nigga: "16 more days" ;D


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hypothesis 0 against Hypothesis 1.

6 steps when it comes to t-testing / f-testing in Econometrics.

1) Compare hypotheses.
2) Calculate T/F-Stats
3) Calculate T/F-Crit
4) Decision rule - Reject H0 (null hypothesis) when T-stats > T-crit (or the other way, if H1 is a negative integer.)
5) Conclude if H0 should be rejected at a significance level.
6) Conclude with econometrics/economics sense.

In my case:

1) H0: B = Study against H1: B =/= Study. (Therefore, 2-tail test)
2) Calculate T-Stats.
3) Calculate T-Stats
4) Decision rule - Reject H0 when T-stats > T-crit.
** At this point, I can assure you that the my T-stats calculation falls in the rejection region in the drafted graph.
5) Since T-stats > T-crit, we can reject H0 at a 10% level of significance.
6) We can conclude that studies are not required when approaching certain subjects.

Why? Simple.

For the tests I've studied in Management, Tests 1, 2 and 3.. I had scores of 9/10, 7/10, 7/10 respectively.

When I slack off and lose confidence in the topic I didn't know of..

I scored a 10.

A wise nigga one said, "DAMN STRAIGHT, NIGGA!"

But a wiser nigga said with a confident voice...

"..17 more days." :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Waiting In Line..

You know it when..


Oh, and here's something for JoeyShinoda regarding DeskSpace ..

Desktop 1 - Internet-based stuff (even you're featured in it!)


I even have personalised wallpapers so I know when to be serious and not.. :D


Feels Great.

As some of you know, my boss was in Hong Kong during the past week, so I had to be on shift at a taxing rate. Pretty tiring as you don't get off days, which really sucks.

But I got a good sum of money here :D.

Anyways, I popped by McCann's Music Centre and Hobart Music Centre for 2 things. A guitar, and an amp. A Fender Stratocaster Made in America, ash body, S-S-S, full maple neck and a crap Marshall amplifier.

Problem is, I remember I stated my budget for my guitar and amp would be $1,500 = 1,200 + 300 (for guitar and amp respectively).

The Strat costs me AUD$2500.

Hence, I can kiss my D300s or MacBookPro goodbye.

Because I'm dead serious in getting the guitar. Give me a few months and you'll see me freaking happy!

Last Night..

Could have been magical.



But nope. Apple Australia's iTunes Store was under construction. Which is a good and bad thing.

Bad thing: I waited past 2am to place my preorder on the glorious iPad.
Good thing: You KNOW that Apple's updating their constantly-same-design website for something. Something.. new.

YES, Australian ladies and gentlemen! The store's up, and the iPads are available for PRE-ORDER!

And because I was spoilt for a choice, I was clicking back and forth between a 32gb or a 64gb.

$120 difference.

So what do you think?

OH. And yes, they sell the awesome iPad casing as well. drool00

T-minus 18 days..!

And DON'T ask me how much it costed -_-

Sunday, May 9, 2010

.. Okay.

Something that came out on the 8th of May 2010

I should've noticed that link. Apparently, the iPad is over my expected budget by AUD$109 ..

Good thing I had a contingency plan. The scariest bit is that I'm still able to purchase an iPhone 4G whenever it comes out.

I'm pretty much looking forward to this!


JoeyShinoda: Guess it might be slightly over your budget to get one as well, huh. AUD$659, 759 or 859 for the Wi-Fi Model .. which is non-3G.. I didn't bother with the 3G model. heh.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Holy Fucks.

I must be joking myself. One application made a huge difference in my studying discipline.

I re-used my TopDesk, where it splits from one desktop to 6 different desktops (based on the same "Boss" button where another desktop appears when you're in the office, and you don't want to boss to see what you're doing, etc), and allocated one desktop to have FaceBook, Skype, and MSN running, and my 2nd desktop was bombarded with Econometrics notes, workshops and solution keys.

And I'm surprised that I didn't switch from the 2nd desktop to my first and procrastinated.

I actually sat down for about 4 hours and focused on my Econometrics!

Good Lord.

Now, to put this aside, update my Daily CheckBook Log, and continue what I'm supposed to cover tomorrow.


Pre-Order.iPad.2MoreDays. YUAYYYYYYYYY

(of course, I'm going to be hell broke if my boss doesn't bank in my $$).

Friday, May 7, 2010

Back in the late 1990s, we had Boomfunk MCs. I decided to check them out again since we have YouTube, and I accidentally stumbled upon this.

Some dude by the alias of Cobus.

He's bloody good. Of course, there are other better and greats out there that I would love to compare him to, like Mike Mangini, Mike Portnoy, blah blah blah. But what makes him in the spotlight and what captured my attention?

Fairly simple. He's a good drummer (preferrably a technical one), and he's playing something that not many conventional (or should I say, my local friends in Malaysia) would play.

One thing I like about these guys is that, they have their favourite genres, but they also don't mind going out of the box mixing with other genres, and sharing a piece of what they really have in mind!

And my God, does he have a DVD and a couple of other videos. Playing over a cover song with the track's original drums, he's so bloody consistent.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm on Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

Econometrics, you're soooo going down ;DDDD

Checklist, I gotta prepare the tests for Econometrics and Prices and Profits next week. Bah.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally Getting The Hang Of It.

After 10 weeks in this semester, magically, ONLY this week, I started to..

  • Understand on calculations, and comparing our results via t-tests to elaborate on how it is related to the questions and answers in an economics sense.
  • Understanding how bits and pieces on how banks really work if there were to be a regulation and no regulation.
  • Understanding how prices are being decided based on what we see in our everyday lives, and drafting a graph to relate whatever we have in mind to it.

Of course, 10 weeks ago, I was about 5 to 10 steps ahead in management. Child's play.

But the above 3 points makes me feel like I'm someone new. And getting used to the university life. Or back to the studying life after an unexpected 6 month break.

Never ever take breaks between the previous and next level education. I think I actually regretted stopping my studies for a deadly 6 month period.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grow A Tail..

When you see a dog wagging its tail, you know it's glad to see you.

It trusts you.

It loves you.

It prefers you.

The longer the tail, the easier for you to step on it.

I have a tail for a couple of people, and the best thing is that they keep on stepping it. Without them realising it, or they're just being jerks.

Or rather, born assholes.

You guys hit strike 1 and 2. Strike 3, this nigga's going to go all out. Fuckers.