Saturday, April 10, 2010


When the Internet was down, I had stress-free problems. Well, only because it happened over the Easter break and I had another source to head off to download stuff that's related to my lecture in whatsoever way.

But now, the internet is up, and I'm having a major mood swing. Like seriously. I'm just as pissed as a wild boar having its testicles being clicked on one another by a random person.

My left-click mousepad broke. That's the problem with these small micro-shit nonsense. If an injection needle were to be fine, it'd hurt somewhat less.

But if the patient sees a hot nurse (and the patient shall be either straight, or lesbian - therefore putting his/her sex in no category for description or to be revised about), buldges, and suffers from an unexplanable seizure, the needle snaps, blood'd be oozing out everywhere else, and the patient dies.

It's either you do it with precaution - where you nullify the poor bastard with a shitload of morphine, or get a 10cm diametre needle and watch the patient scream till he/she faints.

This laptop has always been plastic, and was designed after a chihuahua. Something that wants to be a dog, but is not a dog. Something that barks and shivers is NOT a dog.

Something that shuts up, pounces and bites a limb off someone else for trespassing, is a well trained dog.

A Saint Bernard will just sit on the poor motherfucker.

Now, this mousepad's button's microscopic hook snapped without my notice, and it was working just fine this morning until I reached home.

Why hooks? Glue it into place and get it over and done with. If it wears off, I wouldn't need to be charged at least MYR 300 or probably AUD$19237563248102347124 for a plastic button only because this model is somewhat discontinued. And who ever sells off a specific keypad to a keyboard, anyway? It's like getting toe replaced instead of getting a leg transplant of some sort.

And what? You're laughing at the glue issue? Don't forget that the Ferrari F40 has its chassis glued on. Not welded, or screwed on. Why? Weight reduction.

And if there were to be a car crash, all you need is a shitload of lotion sperm glue.

PS. It took me nearly a minute to switch back from HTML view to the normal view because of this mousepad. And no, I don't tap on the mousepad to perform the left click.


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