Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Friday..

Nothing much.

Just that all classes are put to a halt due to the nearing of the end of the semester.

Then again, it's nearing the end of the month, and most people are going to get tensed out.

I'll be scratching my head for tomorrow.

But I mustn't forget that I have my assignments to complete for this period of time.

I'm afraid that I might get tied up with so many things until I..forget.


Company Law & Auditing = 1 assignment each.

Due on the 13th and 3rd of March respectively.

If I were to forget, I'd disappoint myself.

Today, work was nothing much, really. Finally got to fully utilise my 30 minutes break for the first time of me working in Starbucks.. Hohoho..


I know I'm playing with fire. Then again, I think this is what I deserve after what I've been through years, after years..after years...

Regardless of the flowing blood and endless pain, this relief is like the tender note of a French Horn in an orchestra. Like a baby, fast asleep in his mother's arms.

You knew how tensed I was when you touched me.

It never felt any better.


Friday, February 27, 2009

[Poem] Senses Of Life.

When I open my eyes,
My nose tells me you're around.
By heart, by soul, by scent,
It's right.

when I open my eyes,
My heart skips a few beats.
By the songs being sung,
It feels you around.

When I open my eyes,
My ears hears the words you usually say,
By audible beauties,
It's right.

When I open my eyes,
I see you smiling back at me.
Blowing my mind off with the greatest view,
We end up joining hands, becoming one..

.. For another day.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Saw Sex On Wheels.

I saw plenty of Gallardos around.

But tonight..

I think I fell in love dead hard. <3

Lazy Thursday.

I've got this weird fetish for Wednesdays.

Probably because it's the middle day of the week, anyway.

But today, it was lazier.

So, I have more studying to do, I guess. Hmm.

Had to come to Starbucks NZX for no obvious reason. So I brought some stuff along to reassure I wouldn't die of boredom.

A mix of music studies and assignments.


Someone's watching over me - only if the blindspot didn't exist of course. Lol

Feels Great.

It's been a while since I've been in the musical playground.

Feels great.

Feels really good playing music. Not studying, applying what I've learnt to stress myself, but playing what my emotions speak.

Feels really really good.

I'm so in love.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Not to say that I'm a big fan of pins because they always go missing in stores anyway, but..


Terima kasih byk2, Sayangku.


My first two pins after 10 months in Starbucks (and I didn't even get my 10th year anniversary pin as well -_-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back To The Old Days.

This is how it's supposed to be.

My ex-girlfriend took the Kembara back, so I'm car-less for good. But it's okay. I've been living like this since before I got the job and had to depend on transportation so often. Then again, it's not stopping me from work. Just that it's harder to get about places in time.

But if you think about it, I get to cut petrol costs, so it's eventually cheaper for me to travel about now.

I decided to randomly bring out my camera to see how is it like living. So here're some random shots while waiting for the oh-so-apologetic Sayangku. I didn't mind. I had my iPod and my camera. What could go wrong?

She came! Yay!

Lunch for 2..

Then she dropped me off for college. Being 30 minutes late, I didn't miss out much due to my lecturer's blabblings. Corporate Finance? Pffft. Nama canggih, tapi subjek bodoh. My lecturer forgot how to find the slope/kecerunan (m) in the equation y = mx + c .. The whole class gave him a short Form 3 Mathematics crash course. Psycho, right?

After that, came Auditing and Company Law class. Nothing much, just that the semester seems to be passing by so quickly. It's a short semester, obviously, but time's passing by so .. fast :(

It makes me sad, somehow.

Joke of the day:
My lecturer has this habit of writing really vague short forms of words: e.g. organisational - ogtl, or something. So this was what happened.

Me: "Shit man. She likes to use a lot of short forms."
Ah Weng: "I think she likes it short"

I stared at him, he stared at me after the whole monotonous joke in class yesterday (which was somewhat related to sexual intercourse), we knew it was resumed from yesterday's chaos.

Boy, we couldn't stop laughing.

So after that, I decided to grab lunch. I know Sayangku would pick me up if she were to be free, but she was doing closing, unfortunately. I didn't mind at all. I like taking public transport, anyway.

So off I went; to McDonalds Mutiara Damansara, then to Starbucks Ikano to get some parts of my pending assignment sorted out.

So cute right, Iza. LOL

I noticed that I look good with short hair. So I guess I might keep it short from now onwards?
.. With the mullet, of course.

I want my black apron as well :(

Ok lah. Back to assignments. Sigh.

Monday, February 23, 2009

End of Story.

I miss you.

How else can I put them in words?

I'm sorry if it was too straightforward..

.. But I miss you.

Let the whole world know of our fobidden love. I know I'm not alone.

... And you're not alone as well.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Updates 220209

Okay, I finally cleared some of my assignments, but that leads to more. I've been taking a break from assignments these few days to get back on track with my subjects and work stuff.

Since the Coffee Explorer Test, I've settled everything else as equally important, so I'm rather free at the moment from work?

No deadlines to meet under Starbucks. Phew.

For Starbucks Ikano, there's been a change. Did I mention that we have a permanent (?) Store Manager for the moment? Surprisingly, he was from another district. A nice person, but I think his personality gets kind of cute during busy periods. He'd go ballistic and the bar will turn into a battlefield once he has to settle 9 pending drinks.

As for me, I was doing middle today. Sheesh. I haven't been through that shift for quite a bit, and when it got busy, hell, it really got busy. I was literally sweating in the same position on the hot beverage/cold beverage section. Sayangku was there though, which I think triggered me to sweat even more. Thank goodness she helped.


Can't blame me I guess. I haven't been working under such conditions for more than a month. I can handle busy periods, but not as well as before because I used to work like what, 6 days a week? 2 days during the busy periods, 4 other days during weekdays.

It could've been worse, but I think I need to be more attentive from now onwards.

The funniest thing at work today was when I saw one of my partners going online after her shift, she was playing Pet Society. It looks kind of cute, then again, I won't be bothered by these things because I won't have the time. So what happened was that she used her pet and visited this place called the "Cafe", and we were making jokes about how a "Cafe" is like Starbucks.

"Wah. Tengok. Ada La Marzocco bai."
"Eh, tak payah nak bayar full, beb. Tanya budak POS tu jika boleh dapat 30% diskaun, dan order untuk Caramel Macchiato."
"Dah lah bagi ko tau Cafe dalam game ni mmg Starbucks, giler. Nampak ke tak Coffee Press tu? Pasti janji jika ada Cold Storage dekat, boleh dapat RM30 off giler."
"Dei. Tengok. Harga espresso machine tu sama dengan espresso machine yg tengah buat model kat merchandise rack. Harga ni RM1399 (??), dalam game pun 1500 gold points. Giler mahal siot."

Trust me, I was that restless to kacau someone else. Then again, I was working 8 hours shift full without any breaks of any sort. Toilet breaks, yes. I only went twice I think. I was on floor for most of the time because I didn't know what to do for my break, so yeah.

I'm home now, blogging before I pull off the next assignment.

I was feeling half sleepy. But knowing myself, I'd end up waking up 1 hour after I sleep before 12am, and probably stay up till 5am playing Left 4 Dead or something. Insomnia, babe. So I'd rather wait for 1am or 2am later on, and snore the whole night away.

Ladies and gentlemen, I actually snore. I had to find out the worse way - having someone else to tell me. Hohohoho..

Remember the last time I stocked up on chocolates?

The yummers (only because I cleared the dust off my camera lens):

I have to admit that I got influenced by Sayangku regarding her addiction to chocolates. Reminded me of the times when I used to have my share, except that I finished bars of chocolates during that age due to certain boredom -_-

Then the assignments spree. Blah

And then, we have my Starbucks that I happily purchased last year, after I found out that Penang had no stock at all, but I asked my manager to book it for me. Blah. Works well to drink my favourite grape juice since it has aloe vera bits.

Which reminds me that I need to leave a permanent tumbler in the store so I can properly claim my employee beverages. I keep forgetting, thus resulting to me placing everything in a mug, and wasting straws, of course.

It's nice to calculate about how small issues can be big issues in the long run. The keyword here is: in the long run.

So yeah.


Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.