Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some Say..

That she was Vin Diesel's girlfriend in Fast and Furious 1.

And some say, she blasted heads of zombies in Resident Evil 1

Some also said, she was the bad ass pilot in James Cameron's Avatar.

And out of randomness, some say, I managed to get two pictures with her.

She is the closest I could get to Hollywood stars, and her name is, Michelle Rodriguez!

(I forgot to let her be the first to sign my guitar's plate though. Crap. It'd be the coolest thing ever)

Hope you have a safe trip back to the States, and thanks for dropping by Hobart with a kind intentions of saving the whales!

More of her story can be found at her blog, mainly stating what are her true intentions of her being in Hobart - which really makes me respect her as she is using whatever in her willpower to help nature - like how I would love to contribute to Heroes 4 Kids (through photography) making the lives of disabled kids being just as special as we are as an individual.

Her blog:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Can't Believe iTunes.

I just realized that my search ended for Neil Zaza's album.

They're all featured on iTunes. Definitely worth the buy.

Problem is, 16.90 x 8. I'll need to work more to earn that money first. That's Nearly a day's pay we're talking about here. Lol

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Grand Turismo 5

Here comes the game that all car-racing enthusiasts been waiting for.

I was rather blown away of the graphics on the game that requires a massif 8GB installation onto the PS3's HDD.

To fully utilize my GT5 experience, here's what I have. A table, a chair and a Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel.

But here are the in-game shots I managed to pull off with the game's long time feature (and upgraded too), the Photo Travel.

Sadly, not all the shots of cars were able to be taken as they were split into 2 categories - standard and premium.

Only premiums are available to be used for shots.

And to race too. Heh

But my word, the graphics is intense. my testicles nearly blew itself up when I saw the shots for the Audi R8; it looked so.. Real!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yeah, the "!" that comes from soldiers when you're discovered in Metal Gear Solid games. Heh..

But besides playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, my headphones arrived! Not another Sennheiser (Although I was planning to get another one), but..

Go check it yo!

My Skype headphones. HAHAHAHAHA

Friday, November 12, 2010


I always waited for my Fender Standard Ash Stratocaster to arrive in Australia, but it never got assembled (or bothered to be looked at) in the first place by Fender USA. Due to several reasons that I am truly disappointed about, I will not state it here, as I've already mentioned some of it in my Facebook.

But nevertheless, I spoke to my dealer and I understood their situation, hence I switched from a Fender Standard Ash Stratocaster to a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster. Degrading from an ash body to an alder body. They had a few of these in stock - only available in amber or olympic pearl.

And since my JEM JR is already white, and the pickguard looked weird on a white surface, I went for amber.

And boy, does it look ebtter than I expected!

I gave it a test run with and without my effects, and I enjoy the tone of this guitar with AND without my effects!

I'm really satisfied. Now I need a better amp and a few more pedals to make my quest for tone complete.

Oh boy.

I am really happy.

This is my first guitar that I fully paid for.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working 8 Days A Week.

Well, imagine if you had 7 days, and you had 7 shifts in a day average, thats considered as working 7 days a week.

But what if you started off early and then you work two shifts in different places? That would be 8 days a week then.

Then again, it could be worse. Like your normal plans being cancelled and then you have to step in, and yeah, you get more shifts in less days.

Last week, I think I did 9 shifts, I think. So that's 9 days.

What scares me is that starting next week, I think I might do double shifts nearly everyday.


Well, till the time comes anyway. I cant be bothered right now.

Then again, I've got to shoot for an event this 13th of November, 20th of November, 5th of December and some time around that period because of this non-profit organization I'm associated with (as a photographer!) called Heroes 4 Kids. Great bunch of mates, and they get to run around in costumes and suits that have a high benchmark in getting yourself in the group.

As for me, my heroes might not fit them. Heroes like at The Stig, Big Boss and plenty of others as well anyway. Plus, since my brother usually asks me to shoot for him, I might as well use that knowledge and skill to shoot for them instead.

Plus with the new SB900 in my hands for a temporary basis, I think I'm going to further out whatever I stopped in learning about photography.

Just that I still have the manual to read about its settings and all that. Then again, that comes into the question of .. Having an extra day in the week to read about something.

Bloody fatigue. I hate and love you at the same time.