Thursday, April 22, 2010

What An Idiot.

Apparently, if I don't live with them, I'm surrounded by them.

I'll be more specific because I'm dead sure that nobody from my class would read my blog. My lecturers, maybe. Only if they take that into consideration.

If you're close enough, I have this issue with this Honh Kongnese idiot. He speaks with his tongue all over the campus, and his ego, apparently, is as big as Tasmania. Boasting about how countries should be, condemning Malaysia for being a bad-economic country (As much as I hate Malaysia at some point, but he hates it more than I do.).

But this idiot thinks that I'm Malay, because I'm Malaysian. So I should consider Taiwan part of China now?

Trust me, I had to revert to the unknown fact that I was born in France, but raised in Malaysia to make his brain more processable to my thoughts.

Or he was just being an asshole and a blonde.

So today, like usual, I ignored the motherfucker, and sat at my place way across at the other side of the lecture theater and started studying for my Banking and Financial Institution quiz later on the day.

And this idiot, who's rude apparently, came in, sat beside me and didn't bother to ask if there was anybody sitting beside me. Not to say I don't mind, but he didn't even say "Hi", even if I was his friend. Better off, I think it was better he treated me as a stranger.

Until his methods of plagarism appeared. The only reason he sat beside me, is because he wants my journals that I've researched on my Management assignment. Being the idiot that I was for today, he ruined my mood by trying to extract it out from me. He also wanted to come over to my place to pickup the files - personally.

He switched from his original topic to be the same as mine, only because he could get the answers from me.

Of course, I wouldn't want to share my embarassment of the job that I have right now. So I told him I was busy. But he's coming over tomorrow to get the files from me.

So ladies and gentlemen, I'm not usually a dick, but here's what I'm going to do.

And I'm going to be specific.

Out of 9 journals, I've only used 3, and the other 4 were textbooks (I'm dead sure that he doesn't even check my blogs. Oh wait, he doesn't have internet access. LOL). So what I'm going to do, is to toss him the other 7 journals, monitor it, and cut it down to only 3 journals - which are entirely irrelevant to the topic that we all are doing. We're doing our research on transformational leadership. But these journals are related to leadership - in general, and charismatic leadership, and transactional leadership. Which aren't covered by transformational leadership at all.

So I'm going to take his thumbdrive, copy the files for him, and change my number after that.

Since he boasted about that Mitsubishi Evolution VIII he used to have back in Melbourne or some shit, I'm sure he won't mind boasting about the time where he was once cheated by this asshole in class (or he might not be even sure if he screwed up on the assignment) and had to retake this subject again.

I'm an ass, right?

Only if you get onto the wrong side of me :)

Eat this, you Hong Kongnese bastard. I'll wait for you to show your fuck face, anyway.


Joey Shinoda said...

ur math is worst than

that's all i hv to say

Glacius said...

LOL ? I just realised that I screwed up on the 9 journals bit. I lost count lol