Monday, April 2, 2012

Updates for 2012!

Nothing much, really. Just that I got a couple of things after the Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster. Here's a list of it:

1) Traded in my M-Audio Oxygen 25 for a KeyRig 49 (Figured I prefer more keys rather than the faders and the knobs.. although they're pretty damn useful!)
2) Bought a desktop MIDI controller - the Behringer BCF2000.
3) A Mackie 402 mixer.
4) ... To accompany the use of the mixer, I got a pair of Samson Resolv A5.
5) An Ibanez Fireman (!!!!!!!!!!)
6) A shitload of pedals for the guitar rig side.

Music, to me, has turned into an essential piece of my life. If there's a missing piece in my heart and soul, it'd be music.

And it hasn't stopped there and then, ever since. Every time I wake up, and when I pick up the guitar, it's usually a bunch of chord progressions that's never in the same key/scale, or in odd measures.. Or both.

With that said, I'm a bit worried for my mental state.

I'm still the same person outside of the house, but when I have the headphones on, I'm pretty happy that I got exposed to such a world that I cannot describe with words. It's still something you can hear, but in a language that the whole world understands without a barrier.

That's the only thing I'm contented with myself in life for now. Other than that, I haven't really achieved anything much.

I suppose. Or not?