Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm An Idiot.

I trust people a little bit too much than I expected.

Okay, let's have a recap why I'm an idiot.

It might be the next reason aside the jokes in having myself deported back due to racism, crime, fights, and more racism.

Failing a subject exceeding a certain number of times, is also another way to get my ticket back home without a degree, and earlier too!

Let's have a pop quiz session!

Q: What is the Basel II Framework?
A: I nono. I know its sibling, the Basil Leaf can be used in cooking spaghetti.

Q: What are the roles of the commercial bank in the financial market?
A: ... To deposit my money and make sure it doesn't go missing

Q: What are bonds?
A: Sexual bonds, you mean?

So, it's questions like these that I will face very soon in my finals, and with very little confidence, all of you have my assurance that I will fail this subject.

I never felt stressed while I'm doing my assignemnts or study-related items. But this is the very very first time I'm feeling extremely tensed out because I know the standards are higher than crap Malaysian private education.

I can easily pass (not get a distinction) in Corporate Finance while I'm busy shaking my legs in class and at home, but I'm not that lucky anymore.

Plus I have to adapt to the Australian banking system as soon as I can. Not that I want to, but because it'll cost me AUD$1700 ++ to go through the same vague shit again.

And guys (not you readers), when I say I need to be alone; I need to be alone. You guys can go have your fun or whatever it is, just that the lack of homely conversation will really help in dealing with myself and my own assignments where you all can't even help me out with at all.

If you all can help, that'd be great. I'm always open to new ideas, new conversation to the related topics I have in mind; as what I have in my musical abilities. But if you all are just about games, dramas, and procrastinating. Eight words:

Fuck that and just fuckin leave me alone.

And God, get a damn headphone and start playing your games on it, and watch your animes or whatever it is man. We all pay an equal amount of rent for privacy, anyway.

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