Sunday, April 26, 2009

BM, Bitch.

You're going downnnnnn.

There goes my Saturday classes, and for my final semester, I'm off on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! Woohoo!

Did a 10 and a half hour shift at Ikano.. Approved of OT, yeah! I wanted to help out regardless of what happened, anyway. Minor glitch in the schedule.

Well, Labour's Day is coming up. Come what may!

I feel freaking stressed out at the moment, but who cares, yup. I feel my shoulders all tensed up. But whatever it is, I'll sleep through it, hopefully. Meh.

Now, what should I do for tomorrow since I'm off..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Know I'm Messy.

It's ridiculous about how many Nero Burning Roms I've installed just to find out which one was the compatible one on Vista.


I swear I've seen enough installation files running through my Vista, and honestly, no matter what improvements they do for Windows, it'd still stay the same.

The conclusion for every Microsoft OS-based review is going to be shit.

No matter how fine you may declare Microsoft Vista may be, and how much you disagree to whatever I say, it would be my honour to ask you to close this site and face the many problems which are coming your way in terms of how horrid this Operating System may be.

Honestly speaking, I've never used such nuisance before in my life, and I don't know how people may be so optimistic about their purchase on this nonsensical thing.

I'm speechless, but hell, my laptop's nearly at its condition before it was reformatted.

I forgot what I missed out.

Can't be bothered at the moment.

And I've been thinking a lot, lately. About the future. Not exactly a good thing, because I can't evade it any further. Guess my time around isn't going to be long until my next phase.

Sounds interesting, yet it's probably going to be chaotic.


I'm lost in some ways.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Minor Photographic Updates.

Months ago, I abused my Berjaya Employee Benefits by purchasing one of Jeremy Clarkson's book and getting 15% off. It was worth the deal (??), but what wasn't worth it was that I didn't have the time to open up the book.

.. Until recently.

Anyways, I've been going through that book a lot whenever I have any time possible. I brought it nearly everywhere I was at. So yup.

And I got myself a new pair of headphones after my trusty Sony earphones (that replaced my trusty standard iPod headphones that went berserk) went berserk.

Gay, and horrid in-ear features. I hated Sony's design when the designer sneezed while designing the wires for being a little bit.. retarded.

Lately, there's this Earth Day Carnival being held at Ikano Power Centre. Believe it or not, when I first went there, I heard a ukelele (SP?) and a bongo/congo percussion thingy.

Reminded me of the times when I stayed up for nights to get a minor project done. For the Bonyari Band back in Avillion Village Resort, Port Dickson.

.. Hell, my ears weren't fooling me. They WERE there at Ikano @_@.

The heavily influenced Bob Marley Japanese Raggae peoples.

This is Sada's artwork. Sada would be the boyfriend/husband (?) of Kiko. Currently, there's only 2 of them. There used to be 5 of them in total, backpacking to various parts of Malaysia. They've gotten quite.. Big.

Since the production (HAHAHAHAHAHA) of their CD, they've sold 4000 - 5000 up to date.

Their CD..

Have a closer look. It won't hurt.

Unfortunately, I got lazy to blog. So use your imagination to fill in the blanks above. See youze peoples around.

I'm still reinstalling my programmes, anyway.



The laptop's brand new for the 2nd time in its life.

Guess they did a good job out of it.

I hate Norton, btw.

Time to fully utilise the HDD's FireWire connection and blast all of my files into place...


Monday, April 20, 2009

Biker Custards.

I was doing a small favour running from PJ, to Banting, then back to PJ. Obviously, we had to use small highways.

I'll make this quick and short. I saw these 2 motorcyclists. One was leaning towards the side divider at the highway, and the other was not wearing his helmet. My friend was leading the way, I was behind her, and there was someone else behind me.

Once she passed, this person slammed his helmet towards the floor, bounced off really hard, then it'll probably land on one of us.

Of course, with that loud sound, I managed to swerve out of the way. The one following behind me followed as well, obviously.

These sort of road thieves are just waiting for the moment to wait for you to get smacked by their object, then get out of your car, saying "What the f---"..

.. By that time, you'd probably been stabbed and your vehicle was stolen already anyway.

So, this is just a minor caution towards readers of all sorts, anyway.

KDU Custards.

As innocent as it sounds, it's not what you think it is.

This is a direct complaint regarding my unsatisfactory study period in KDU College, the Petaling Jaya Campus. If you were to approach current students, ex-students, and lecturers, they'd tell you that there is a main issue in parking.

Indeed, there is a main issue in parking. I decided to drive to college because I was in a rush. On the first time I arrived there, I did not know that there were other students waiting in line to get a parking inside of the college. This is due to the fact that there were many unattended/parked cars in between of these students. With that said, I admit it was my full mistake to cut line and assumed that the half broken "FULL" parking lights were not in order like every other time.

So, with the new route system that whoever sponsored to seperate the neighbourhood's privacy away from meddling students that parks in front of other resident's houses, I had the consideration to drive one big round, past the LDP and into SS22 (or 23, or 24, whichever the roads were.), and went and queue up behind the last car with a driver inside, instead of a brainless custard who annoyingly parked his/her cars by the bright yellow line and attended class.

I hope you receive a few thousand parking tickets and the locusts of Arabia shall haunt your pubic areas with the inability to grow nails to scratch them off whenever you desperately need to and your genitals shall shrink.

This results to some big shot of KDU, which I obviously do not care, telling the guards to use their Nepalese psychic powers to move the cars when they do not have the keys. This showed how the upper management wants to graduate their students - giving others a scenario where it is entirely impossible.

Sadly, the absence of common sense was at hand.

Which is a typical thing for a typical money-minded Malaysian.

So, as an Indian guard signalled to a Myvi, who was another typical Malaysian city driver - hopeless, and signalled me to get inside and get a parking, came the bottleneck issue.

There's only one entrance, and 4 categories were trying to enter the entrance:
1) People who wanted to drop their friends/children/offsprings/pets.
2) People who wanted to deliver goods to businesses inside (e.g. foodstuff for canteen).
3) Taxi drivers who shouldn't be driving taxies but be poles instead.
4) My species - the people who were deliberately late for class due to the lack of parking and idiotic management.

So with everybody trying to get into the entrance, the executives, the species of people with saggy skin topped with formal outfits who waiting for their cancer to attack them from all aspects, had a nice time with their Mercedes S Class, trying to figure out which leg to put into the car after they figure out how do they open a German-based technolgical door.

After the hopeless Myvi driver went into the parking area, it was my turn to pay my parking fees, and get a proper parking lot, instead of those custards who were already parking and getting a RM100 fine very soon, the guard told me to stop, and get out and wait in line.

All over again.

You do not tell a customer to wait 5 more minutes when you know his or her drinks is due, or they'll make the loudest noise ever to give bad publicity.

I was off shift today, and I'm a customer and student at KDU.

For the first time in my life, I bombarded someone I didn't know.

The Nepalese custard told me that I shouldn't have cut line, and entered the place and caused a jam. So meaning to say that I was the fault of the 3 other inconsiderate categories when another guard assisted us, who were waiting for more than 20 minutes for a decent parking spot?


So, the Indian guard told me I could go in and park, and when I waited for my turn, the Nepalese told me I couldn't.

It's like the same custards at 1901 telling me yesterday for their promotion, "Yes you can get RM2 per New York Chicken or Chicago Beef and you are entitled to purchase up to 10 as stated in our advertisement, but today, becaue of the long line, you only get 5, whilst families and others gets 10."

What customer service the world provides these days.

Food for Friendship? More to like Food for War.

So, I asked the Nepalese custard nicely, "But how come your colleague told me both me and the Myvi can enter when I understand one at a time can go?"

He started babbling about how I caused traffic and shit, until I bombarded him back saying, "Dei, bukanlah masalah aku jika aku diberitahu aku boleh masuk untuk parking pun. Kawan engkau yang bagi I tau aku boleh masuk."

He continued babbling, so I kept quiet.

Until his sunburnt colleague, who was Indian, told him that there were 5 parking spots available after the Myvi went in.

I realised that they weren't working together due to miscommunication. Or more to like, they didn't have enough communication power from one to another in a short period of time. If there were 5 people taking care of one department, only 1 person were briefed, and the rest were just being paid blindly on a monthly salary.

Which is exactly the main point of this Nepalese custard.

And the best thing if that this Nepalese custard, unlike any other better, polite-r and friendlier guards than him, he just kept on bombarding me about the same issue.

Look, boy. I don't give a shit if I were to blow fumes into the executive's face and reduced their leftover lifespan by half, or killed them on the spot. I came, I wanted to go to class, but because of his babbling, he's adding more petrol to the forest fire.

So I bombarded him back, "Sebab engkaulah pasal banyak budak kolej KDU dan senior-senior aku masih belum graduate. Nak cari parking pun susah, nak masuk pun susah. Ada parking kat dalam kolej, engkau pun larang mereka park kat dalam. Sebab ini, mereka masuk kelas lewat, kena marah oleh lecturer, hantar surat amaran, habistu kena barred untuk final exam. Siap kena retake subjek itu lagi."

".. Jahanamlah engkau ni."

Then I sped off.

Thank goodness I don't drive to college everyday. More to like, once in 2 months.

His attitude reminded me of the same person who does the transportation thing in KDU. The person who was an ex-police officer.

And another thing about Malaysian police officers. They've got the shittiest attitudes ever. They should live for the country, for the government, for the King, and die for patriotism. Any of them who were to quit, must be a failed Malaysian in every aspect and do nothing else but to jeopardise professional organisation.

They shouldn't be dunkin' their donuts in their coffee in other organisations.


And if any of you were to disagree with me regarding this matter very soon, you should be thankful that pubic ticks of Africa won't attack you because you haven't grown yours yet.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fast & Furious 4.

Being the idiot who watched The Fast And Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, without watching The Fast and The Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious, I thought it was all about Japanese cars and stuff.

Of course, I remembered clearly that Vin Diesel was acting in the first movie.

I'm surprised that he came back for the 4th.

And what I remembered would be that it was the age of Mitsubishi Evolution Lancers. Probably the 7th or the 8th, can't remember.

But the 4th, surprisingly, used the Nissan Skyline GTR 33 .. They didn't use the new GTR, which was a major surprise for me.

Then again, the old Skyline kicks ass, just that through articles and reviews, the new GTR's engine's horsepower varies on.. each car itself. Since each engines were handmade in a compressed room in Japan, every GTR being purchased and tested has different bhps in them.

I'm surprised that they focused more onto the American muscle for this movie.

Then again, being the idiot who got exposed to Tokyo Drift, you can't entirely blame me.

Except the part where Vin Diesel cameo'd in the previous movie to take revenge for Han. Woohooooo.

The movie, overall, carried a storyline. It was a good one. Nothing cliche, just that those who didn't enjoy watching them Ford Mustangs and musclemen, I don't think it'd be appropriate for serious movie critics.

Went in for the fun, came out pretty hyped. Although the beginning was .. insanely impossible, then again, The Stig did that with a Porsche 911, so hell, stealing petrol with them trucks seem possible.


I'd give it a 4/5.

Best line ever:

Braga: "You're lucky, boy."
O'Connor: "Why'd you say that?"
Braga: "You're still breathing."
* Vin Diesel grins


Monday, April 6, 2009

Guess Nothing Lasts Forever.

Especially cheap speakers.

My Sonic Gear EVO 7, as fancy as it sounds, died of a fanciful power failure.

Probably must've busted one of the fuses inside. I knew that sucking all the power out of only a single-plug point will kill these speakers.

Unfortunately, it died.


Thank goodness I'm not into music production that often these days.

Then again, I'll miss all the stupid tukau boom-boom bass that I can get out of these speakers.

Guess I'll settle down with simple headphones and speakers for the moment. Bleh.

Back to my trusty always-been-my-guitar-amp Altec Lansing Series 100... hohoho..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Haro, haro.

Haro, haroo ....


Friday, April 3, 2009

A Reason To Be Broke.

Without hesitation..


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Has Come.

And now, to think what to get..

.. Right. My 1TB HDD. Since I took up photography, I think it'd be wise to get the HDD before anything else.

Bleh. There goes RM 400 ++, I think. Woohooo..

The Beginning Of The Final Semester.

And to start it off, I already got pissed off due to the fact that I had to travel quite a distance by public transport, finding out that everything was discoordinated and unorganised. For the beginning of the semester, how the hell can one forget to not complete the schedule. Even if it were to print out the schedule, how long will that even take?


I'm starting to get sick about how imperfect and irresponsible some people may be, and how they can be so thick skinned to figure that some others may be taken for granted. This is not the first, second, nor the third time that something minor like this has to happen that'll have a major effect upon others.

Example, the cancellation of classes. I was pretty satisfied when I found out that my friend's college would be considerate enough to call every one of their students and to inform them regarding the cancellation of their classes so they won't need to travel all the way to college to find one stupid note saying that Mr/Mrs. __________ is on medical/emergency/death leave on the __th of _____ 2009.

And yes, what they're being taught in that college has cheaper fees, but more quality education as it faces the real world. This is all spoon-fed. Like driving licences, we're paying that extra fee to pass.

What bimboheads.

And don't think I understood Accounts due to KDU. I got a C+ for my Financial Accounting 1 in KDU PG. But an A for the same subject because I had to retake that specific subject. It was due to my "course outline did not meet the requirements" when all I did was to transfer from the Penang campus to the Petaling Jaya campus.

Oh. I learnt what the hell a Trading and Profit and Loss Account from Starbucks, which is my part-time job. Dare the lecturers question my time management. I spit results you never expect right in your face when you expect me to fail.

If I were to question you a silly question, let it not be silly because it does happen regardless of the scenario. Like how a person got jailed due to the fact he was taking a pee in public.

Last 2 semesters, I couldn't get my results because they were slow in processing the results. But if you were to say that the results were going to be released on the 18th of December, I don't expect it to be any later than that.

Unless if you are willing to post up updates on the internet where most Malaysian societies and companies would tend to underestimate, then I will stop complaining, such as the release of our schedule on a specific blogspot site by the effort of ex-Business programme leader, Dominic.

That was a good effort. Would've been better if the valid existence of old fashioned people were not to say "UBS is one of the strongest accounting programmes being used" were to cease to exist.

.. By getting shot in the head.

That thing (UBS) looked like as if it existed during the age of Microsoft Windows 3.II - released in 1992 where it somewhat resembled an Apple OS interface. Then again, my questions were answered when I saw the licence and manufacturer on the damned thing. It's made in Bukit Bintang.

Nice try, but long way to go. Thanks for making another programme that we all don't need to use.

Now I'm stuck in college ranting about this stupid schedule thing while sucking the Dream Theater lifeforce out of my iPod.

Better to be safe than sorry. Although classes may start next week, but I find it a freaking hassle for either one of the main criteria of a semester briefing missing. We're paying a bomb for shitty service.

Make every step count, jackasses.

You would be pissed off if your BMWs were to blow up when you waited quite a while for it, wouldn't you?

Don't tell me it's irrelevant to what I'm complaining about. It's the same thing. I'm paying for proper services without inconvenience. You pay for a car to run more than a thousand miles and still able to go on. If possible, it'd fly as well. You don't expect to pay the full price but the manufacturer says:

"Oops. Regarding the missing engine, that would be my mistake."

It's like missing a part of your brain.

My Ear-Ache.

Listening to the beats, over again.

It gets pretty frustrating when you've achieved something, but it doesn't work out right.

For example: putting a shark in the waters by itself, that's one thing. It'll happily swim around without disturbing you because it knows that it can't get to you.

But add a fish in, and the shark will gobble it up.

Then again, you add in a crocodile, both of them can't be bothered; The shark will continue swimming and the crocodile'd be somewhere sunbathing.


Same goes for my little project going on, requested by Schizzow.


I'm definitely losing my touch and there's no way I cannot admit it.

I get frustrated when I can't come up with self-time signature riffs.

I get frustrated when I can't even compose simple songs.

Now I can't even do music production?!


Whatever lah. I need sleep.