Saturday, April 24, 2010

The View From The Inside.

Hey Joe is a classic by Jimi Hendrix. One of those songs I usually wake up to, or I listen to after a few rounds of the usual stuff on my playlist, but I decided to watch how it's being played.

Besides the fact of being.. Jimi Hendrix, it's hard to compare the likes of him, and Steve Vai, Satriani, and the rest. He doesn't have the speed, the modal education, and plenty of others.

But what makes Jimi Hendrix.. Jimi Hendrix?

Take a look at the last part where he slings the guitar to his back and plays the solo.

It's not about practice, technique or showmanship. Maybe a bit of the last one, and anybody could do that.

A boy playing an air guitar hits all of the right notes.

That's what I had in mind when I was watching the video.

I took the original MTV and compared it with this one, and boy, nobody likes dubbing. He hated lip syncing or dubbing to a recording. He'd rather play what he plays and deals with it, even if he hits the wrong notes.

The solo in the video above, isn't a clean one as well. But nobody can be that dead accurate while having fun as well.

He just burst out showing off his emotions on stage, sharing his appreciation of music with the audience. A magical thing that theories and readings can explain. It's all about chemistry. The adrenaline rush, the spontaneous thoughts, and for the love of Music.

I'm not saying that Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson should be better than him. On a statistical basis - where their playings are measured, then yes, they're better at a point.

But in terms of emotions, you can't cry like a baby unless you tried really hard. Only a baby cries like a baby. You can't play like Hendrix, unless you're Hendrix.

Some people gets jealous, or demotivated by watching the likes of others playing.

I can't teach you what I know, but I can show you what I know.

Knowledge is power. And it's up to you to really listen to it. For this case, to watch, and to listen.


If I had my own room right now, I'd be blasting my guitar like what I'd usually do. I wonder how's the JEM Jr. doing at home.. sigh.

Yeah, there's a Red House over Yonder,
And that's where my baby stays.
Lord, there's a Red House over Yonder,
Lord, there's where my baby stays.

I ain't been home to see my baby,
In ninety-nine and one half days..

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