Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just To Know.

Every time I switch on my laptop, besides to let it run to scan for viruses and playing music so I won't entirely go out of my mind, I look at my desktop picture.

That warm and agressive sunset.

Taken where, with who..?

.. ;(

Yay, Penang!

First of all, I would like to thank Telekom Malaysia for such shitty services in conjunction with their sub-company, StreamyX. Without notification, the superb internet that lies in my household gets jammed, and a little bit fucked up.

Therefore, causing me to finish up The Lost Symbol 2 times faster than ever and being bored at home at a constant rotting rate.

Besides that, I've been flooded with several important emails, also failing to update my family in what's going on is a very big crucial issue.

What jackasses.

Besides that, the house is in a terrible condition. I've been staying home over late nights, getting the same ol' supper, and clearing out bits by bits. I'm soon going to throw away most of my belongings in my cupboard to ensure there's enough space for..at least, something.


What the hell.

And now that my internet is busted, I'm sitting by the roadside outside of my friend's house, hoping that the family doesn't find out I'm leeching off their connection until they find out themselves. LOL.

I'm still alive and well ;)

'Till then, I'll see ya all soon..


Monday, September 21, 2009

My 1st Day of Raya.

Today is the first day of Raya, so meaning I probably have something interesting to share.

I couldn't sleep, to The Lost Symbol kept me up till 4am.

.. And no; Like Chinese New Year this year, I did nothing but work, and relax.

In a way. Except that this is Raya, so I had things coming my way unexpectedly.

After I finished my shift, I went home with another partner of mine who stays in the heart of Kota Damansara. Where I stay would be the fringe of it.

So I did my laundry as scheduled today.

2 hours later, at 10pm, where everybody gets something to eat at probably a hawkers' stall, or a Mamak's stall.

I went downstairs where I would usually munch on something, but hey. Not all people are workoholics. I totally forgot that it's Raya today, and the Mamaks are Muslims as well.

So guess what.

I had to go for Plan B; McDs delivery (where I already had it for lunch and it sickens me.) and guess what:

Me: "Hello? I would like to place a delivery."
Operator: "Mr John? Your address is .. in Damansara?"
Me: "Uh.. Yeah."
Operator: "I'm so sorry sir, but there are overlapping orders from Damansara. I'm unable to place an order at the moment."
Me: "...?"

So.... I had to resort the one thing that I might get for free, if only the delivery comes in more than 30 minutes:

Domino's Pizza. That being accompanied by wonderful things like this bookstand/laptop cooler I just bought @ RM69

Which holds the somewhat Satanic bible that's written by one hell of a brilliant man, Dan Brown.

And if there were to be any issues faced after the delivery, I shall resort to..

And I'm supposed to be saving up for.. I don't know what, but I'm not supposed to spend anything on anything. Sadly, with this event here, I think it's as equilvalent as spending on nice shirts and a good shopping session.

PS. Only 1 Starbucks Berries Cheese Mooncake, Maggi Cup were harmed and consumed during the panic of my starvation.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Day of Raya.

The first day of Raya went well, but not as well up to my expectations. Doesn't matter anyway.

Also, I just finished my 2nd last shift in Starbucks Ikano. My final shift would be tomorrow, then I have to report in @ Starbucks New World Park next Sunday.

The people here are great. Just that when the time calls you to go home, you have to go home.

I'm not going home because home calls me, but I have some stuff and settlement issues to settle over there, then I'm out of Malaysia.

I'm going to miss being a Starbucks barista. It's all about the Green Apron that creates the Starbucks Experience.

At least I'm leaving in a good manner.

I guess.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye West Rhymes With..

.. Being a jackass.

I've never seen such arrogance from an unprofessional musician who has childish battles.

I respected him as a producer, and disrespected Akon utterly for what he did to that little girl on stage.

But hey, tides changes on the weather.

One thing I hate is whenever a musician can't keep his trap fuckin' shut and comparing one artist to another.

Little does he know, not everything revolve around R&B and them rap music. There's other genres in the world which I believe that he would be severed for if he were to compare Dream Theater's production and ideas to Beyonce.

I heard it's Anti-Kanye today.

I hope it goes on.


And I don't know who's Taylor Swift is, but God knows that we all pity her.

It's like getting raped in public.

What a jackass.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



So many things going through my head. But then again, I've settled one of them - the Coffee & Tea Authority certification. I'm not certified yet, but (hopefully) soon. I don't know if I'm able to carry the qualities in passing that certification as it is our basic test that they just introduced (??).

Plus the previous 2 weeks have been very very horrid towards me. No internet connection and chronic fever. It's like an on/off switch, and I'm not the one flipping it.

It's what I eat.

Pretty much scary due to the H1N1 issue, but I wasn't bothered completely by it. Heh.

So I've got a headache now. How?

THUG2, that's what! Wheeee..!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That Tune In My Head..

... Hum... Hum.... Hum..... That silenced medley..