Monday, June 30, 2008

One Helluva Quickie.

Never knew I got tagged. Lol.

First and foremost, annoy your friends.
Tag 8 friends to do this survey. ;)

[1] Joyce Cheah
[2] Sammy PongPong
[3] Anybody
[4] Who
[5] Stumbles
[6] Upon
[7] This
[8] Blog.

Next, visualize yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror if you have no sense of imagination. Pay close attention to your physical appearance. Now tell me 7 different part of your body that reminds you of certain incidents.

[1] Hair. Used to have it nice and longer last time. Lalala..
[2] Eyebrows. The scar that I got when I was probably 6 years old? I only knew that my parents freaked out to see me bleeding like, a lot. Lol
[3] Lips. Not having enough water.
[4] Eyes. Eye power tends to decrease every time I visit my optician ..
[5] Ears. Progression of the musical side of me..
[6] Right hand's rings. Shows that one can be strong after an unexpected event happening for the better.
[7] Scars. The worst yet the best motorcycle accident in front of SGGS 2 years ago.. lol

Now let's move on to the more abstract side of you. List down 6 emotions you are feeling or felt today itself. And of course state why.

[1] Depression. I caused an unneccessary personal problem that kept someone up for the night ..
[2] Stress. Quizzes, and courseworks.
[3] Happiness. Class is at 2pm, and I've got work right after that. Moneyyyyyy
[4] Determined. I might be aiming at the Canon PowerShot S5, after messing around with Say Leng's camera over the weekends..
[5] Lost. More onto the musical side.
[6] Calm. [Just so happens Dream Theater's The Spirit Carries On is playing at the moment] Death is not the end; but only a transition. Live life to its fullest for today, and be happy with whatever it is achieved today. If whatever it is you want to do is not achieved, start all over again tomorrow, and try harder.

So far so good? Now, tell me 5 quotes you actually believe and live by. Go on..

[1] What has past, is now the past.
[2] We are who we were; and we are who we are now. No matter how bad or good we are, we still have the choice to change in the next few seconds. Like a medical report of your current status; your report states your condition in the test conducted a weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds ago, but that doesn't mean it'll determine your status in the future. You still have the choice to change it; it's all up to you.
[3] Anything's possible; as long as you put your mind to it.
[4] Go.. go...go..further.. a little bit more.. okay, NOW you brake. XD
[5] Be prepared for the unexpected. Never take things for granted.

Random facts that you think people misunderstood about you. List out 4.

[1] I'm a extremely good musician.
[2] I'm a very clean person. In fact, I just gave kellyinyee a fart for waking me up without realising it. LOL
[3] That I am arrogant. lol
[4] I don't work in Coffee Bean.

Take out your calender and refer to the months ahead. What are the 3 upcoming events that you are looking forward to?

[1] August 30th and 31st .. Heard that Starbucks is going to be opened till 2am because of the Merdeka celebration? But the last time that happened, they couldn't stop until 6am ..? I would want to work for closing.. WHEEEEEEEEE
[2] Nothing else besides that..
[3] October 20th. I wonder what sort of surprises I'll have this year. I got locked in my ex-gf's home last year. LOL

This is really random but tell me, if you had kids, what would you name them?

[1] Boy : Jean Pierre ... I had crazy names, like this one to be Phyrigian. Phyrigian Sibert.. think about it. People'll mistake him as an Egyptian or something.
[2] Girl : Lydian.

Final question. Let me be cheesy and ask, who is the one and only one for you?

[1] Not at the moment. Maybe there is one, but we can never know of how unpredictable the future can be.. :)

Just Thoughts.

Just a load of it piling up like usual....


Sunday, June 29, 2008


Humans are fragile;
Emotions can be broken easily.
Over time, even the human body tends to decompose,

Regardless of what happens, the human soul can't be broken.

Stay strong.

Smile. It makes a difference.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

In The Land Of..

.. Slow connection, but a really good environment.

I'm still alive, and kicking. Just that a few posts ago, I mentioned that I'll be heading to Port Dickson with my 2 other friends, Kellyinyee and Say Leng... who just came back from the UK ..

I'm currently at the hotel's bar, leeching off the connection, and posting this blog whilst doing my homework for this stupid subject.

I'm having a good time. Managed to get proper rest after this week.. So far, it's been a chaotic roller coaster ride. Either I land on a bed of thorns, or a bed of daggers with this week's insane schedule.

Next week's another week. But then again, I'm living the bets of this moment to enter my hibernation stage to stock up on my lost energy for work and all.

Wheeee.. I'm nearly done with Manangement Accounting's coursework. I've got 4 more chapters to cover when I get back to KL, I think?


I'll be working again tomorrow @ Starbucks Ikano for closing. Going to help me partners out because we're really short on partners.



Thursday, June 26, 2008


You could use one; for a short period of time..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Feels like I've disappointed you, myself, and probably the whole universe.

Including of the other lifeforms that exists..

The ground coffee beans..

The ice blenders..

..... I'm probably going to go out of my head.. I just need a proper driving route again.. lalala..

Through Her Eyes.

She never really had a chance
On that fateful moonlit night
Sacrificed without a fight
A victim of her circumstance

Now that I've become aware
And I've exposed this tragedy
A sadness grows inside of me
It all seems so unfair

I'm learning all about my life
By looking through her eyes

Just beyond the churchyard gates
Where the grass is overgrown
I saw the writing on her stone
I felt like I would suffocate

Inloving memory of our child
So innocent, eyes open wide
I felt so empty as I cried
Like part of me had died

I'm learning all about my life
By looking through her eyes

And as her image
Wandered through my head
I wept just like a baby
As I lay awake in bed

And I know what it's like
To lose someone you love
And this felt just the same

She wasn't given any choice
Desperation stole her voice
I've been given so much more in life
I've got a son, I've got a wife

I had to suffer one last time
To grieve for her and say goodbye
Relive the anguish of my past
To find out who I was at last

The door has opened wide
I'm turning with the tide
Looking through her eyes

Cliche, I know, but..

I'm learning all about my life, by looking through her eyes..

Thanks for hitting me hard in the head, making me realise that what my life's all about again.

Chaos At Work.


I'm way too tired to even blog about it..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Minor Updates - 240608

While waiting for the other housemate, that I don't talk to at all, to be done with the bathroom so I can have my bath and head off to class and a lunch appointment with an ex-partner from Starbucks of mine.


This week, is an insane week. Since I realised that most of my classes finishes early, I've got nothing else better to do, but to push my weekly schedule earlier by 2 whole hours. Meaning to say, I don't even reach home at all.

So it's about studies, surviving the highly-efficient Malaysian public transport, and going to work to survive more coffee-scented beans.

Even on a Friday, where I'll be going to Port Dickson with 2 of my friends this weekend, I crammed my schedule to work since one of my friends will be working until 9pm or so on the day iteslf.

I, on the other hand, will be working from 12-8pm. Finally..Somewhat a semi-night shift. Wheeeeeeee.

And hello! I wish you could come along.

Just.. Thoughts.

Currently Listening To: Dream Theater - Home

It's that part of the song that sounds aggressive and angry.

Somehow, it's having the opposite effect on me.

Wrong time for these thoughts to bug me. Oh well.

Dream Theater - Another Day (Unplugged)

Probably one of the best things I've heard. This is one of my favourite songs from Dream Theater, and my word..

I have a better impression of how John Petrucci handles the guitar. Simply beautiful.

If only I could play anywhere near like that ..

Somewhat the original version;

Like In The Comics.

Ever wondered, or ever watched a cartoon scene about tanks chasing after cars like a cat and mouse race..?

Thanks to Jeremy Clarkson, it lives.. XD.. wahahahahahahahah..

Range Rover Sports vs. Challenger 2 tank .. the fastest tank in the world, taking it out on an off-roader to see how well it ..evades. wahahahahahaha..


The next time I ever see a rat at work, I'm going to make sure I kick it real hard.

I'm not a football fan, but I'm going to bend it like Beckham.

I'm going to make sure that I'll break all of its bones -.-

Monday, June 23, 2008


Asleep for a period.
Unconscious of the pain.
Self-realisation took place,
The past was waived.

Eyes, to not see.
Ears, to be heard.
Visual beauty is vague,
Audible experience, never a blur.

Emotions to motivate,
Tears lost its meaning.
To go, and not to return,
To return, only to seek beliefs.

With thoughts, empowered.
With fear, encouraged.
With support, immortal.
With knowledge, right ways; achieved.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Survey 220608

1. What do you think of the most when you are alone?
It depends on where I am? If I'm at home, I'll probably be thinking about .. music or something? If I'm at work, I'll be thinking of what to do next.

2. When it is a rainy night, what do you do most of the time?
Usually I'd be at home, or at work..

3. If you’ll go on a date, what would you like to do?
Anything =)

4. What do you do when you see a full moon?
Nothing. But I'd stare upon the stars, if there were any. Sounds like a rare sight these days..

5. Would you rather swim in the lake or dive in the ocean?
Ocean! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

6. What would be the best partner of a good cup of coffee?
No idea..? Starbucks, ah.. anything goes.. lol

7. If you’ll ask yourself a question now, what would it be?
"Should I have lunch by myself, or with them .. If I wait for them, they won't have lunch and I'll probably starve like last week, again.."

8. If certain things in your life will fall apart, what will you do?
Stop, re-evaluate myself, then start again.

9. What was the hardest decision you made in your life so far?
So far, nothing. Everything seems okay to me..

10. When your friends forget you, what will you do?
Nothing. I don't blame them for it? Lol

Survey #2
1. I’ve come to realize that…
Without passion or determination; you can't have 'em all..

2. I am listening to…
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way

3. Maybe I should…
Tap on next, and see what comes up on my playlist.. Nope.. Dream theater - Finally Free from Live Scenes From A Memory .. Next.. Dream Theater - Live In Metropolis from Once in a LIVEtime .. Next .. Dream Theater - Trial of Tears.. Next... Dream Theater - Afterlife..Next.. AHHHH. Better. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird.. .beautiful song..

4. I love…

Everybody around me; and a little bit more for someone .. wheeee

5. The best days of my life is…
Everyday. There's always an adventure to live for..

6. I don’t understand…

7. I’ve lost…
Sense of direction in Penang T_T

8. People say…
Whatever they want to say. I can't be bothered even if I'm involved.

9. The meaning of my screen name is…
What's a screen name?

10. Love…
Is another emotional beauty of God's blessing.

11. Somewhere, someone is…
Mourning over the death of their child due to starvation. So appreciate whatever it is around you, even if you think that you're going through a tough stage of life. And don't treat minor problems like arguements with parents, girlfriends, friends, cars breaking down, short of money but you're working, being non-illegal immigrant and all as a big issue.

12. I will always…
Linked with music at a higher level, no matter how far I'm apart from it.

13. Forever seems….
Like a thing that we will never get to see.

14. I never want to…
Lose hope.

15. My mobile phone is/are…
Old. But still can be used.

16. I believe that…
I'm not as dead as I thought I was after meeting.........

17. I get annoyed when…
When I go home late from work T.T

18. I am better…
... off being myself at times.

19. I fear that…
I would really get lost on the roads somewhere foreign. lol

20. Kisses are the best when…
When both sides feel it's about time; minus the intentions of lust.

21. Today I…
.. am heading back to KL!

22. Tonight I will…
Probably brush up on my assignme

23. Tomorrow I will…
Go to class, work to cover back my labour hours for last month, study more about music passively, and have random thoughts from this rate I'm going at..

24. I really want to…
Be good in everything I'm doing at the moment. Socialising, be supportive, hardworking, determined, passionate, good in guitars, more music studies, and own a jet plane so I can go back and forth Penang no problem.. hmmmm...

And really want to be with you, though.. hmmm ..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

As The Sun Sets.

As the sun sets, I stand by the horizon;
Watching, learning, and waiting for the final glow.
As the sun sets, its dimmed shine takes away the burn;
Relaxed, soothed, and enjoys the evening's timid flow.

As the sun sets, I sit by the rocks before the sun fades;
Hears, feels and experiences whatever this environment brings.
As the sun sets, I stand, and I wait;
Patience, thoughts and the heart, makes me learn how to fly; with you as my wings.

Taking A Break.

It's all about studies, college, assignments, quizzes and work these days.

Even when I'm back in Penang, I get to skip out on 4 of the mentioned above, but I'm still bummed with assignments.

Guess what? I'm sitting beside two guitars, so you know where this is leads to.

I took my favourite guitar out, but for no reason, and with it being bashed around while I was in KL, one of the strings snapped.

ON my favourite guitar.


So I took up my first electric guitar, and started playing odd stuff on it.

The simply laid back stuff.

And by playing it, it eased me from my tensed self..

Humming along with the chords, picking out odd soloes, and just.. playing whatever my heart feels.

Nothing technical, just simple and good music......................................

I'm in a different world now that has happened. It's like, sitting by the beach, playing along with the sounds of the waves when nobody's there.. It's a nice environment, but ... something's missing.

I don't know what.

*hums a possible new song*..

If only I could've went today to a new environment filled with some old friends.

But thanks to my assignments, I couldn't.

.. I should've set my lecturer on fire before I left to Penang. Lol

Everlasting Memories.

Friday, June 20, 2008







ETA LCCT: 1340hrs
ETD Penang International Airport: 1430hrs.

Bye, Starbucks. Bye KDU PJ. Bye workstation.

Hello Penang. Hello ex-schoolmates. Hello you :)


He's a Monday morning lunatic, disturbed from time to time ..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And A Goodbye; To You.

Copied from my Multiply blog.

I'm frustrated only because of this stupid assignment I have to do. And it's quite.. tough.

For 19 years, I've hated him because he hogged the computer ever since we got it, he used to be good in Monopoly, and he used to play a lot of Mortal Kombat which made him nearly impossible to defeat on the Super Nintendo.

Despite the horrid abusive childhood, he's still my skin and blood.

He's the person who never paid for the road tax for the bike, and I always thought it was the receipt for the purchase of the bike - only dated 1 year after the purchase of the bike.

But just a year ago, things changed after I moved to KL.

He's Jean Yves Sibert, my very own brother who's a computer whiz. Tomorrow, June 20th, shall mark my brother's departure for Tasmania, Australia, to further his Masters in the odd world of computers, where he shall be dubbed officially as a major geek.

I don't expect to see him ever again, after he departs, as it's only for his own good. After all, graduating somewhere else, getting a job elsewhere than Malaysia is a good choice.

Although I do admit at this point that I shouldn't have said the things that I once said; but I can't be bothered. After all, the past's the past. We only mean it when we write it; but not in the present or the future.

I would've lied to my parents about me having this major assignment and projects to complete, and end up working for extra income, but that wouldn't be too nice of me.

After all, it's support he needs. Once he steps into Australia, out of the airport, after he gets his luggage; he's alone.

A land where there's no relatives, no friends, no families, no personal transport. Especially, no Camry to pick him up from the airport.

Like my father during his university days in Germany, he's going to start from scratch. Except that the difference is that he has financial support by his side.

It's way tougher than what I went through in KL, only because I already knew this place. Not exactly inside out, because I did get lost at odd places, and I still don't know this place well.

And as you know, you know that papa's dead serious about not seeing you in Malaysia during our last discussion. It's for your own good, obviously.

With that said, I would like to apologise to someone for not following her back on the same bus, but I have to rush tomorrow. I've got classes in the morning, and it's no joke trying to go against time with a tight schedule. By hook or by crook, I'm arriving at LCCT once the clock strikes 12.30pm.

I wanted to take a bus back to Penang, but because of my horrid experience of being in busses that arrives only 5 or 6 hours after departure from KL, I can't trust busses or transportation that includes highways; except for driving.

Then again, if I were to drive, it's going to cost me RM 400 back and forth.

So, Jean Yves, I will be there. To see you for one last time.

Goodbye. And thanks for everything you've shared. Knowledge, presents, time, brotherhood, and everything else.

And you have the benefits of opening a new tag. Lol

My Deep Rest.

I haven't took actual afternoon naps until today. I KO'd for a total of 3 hours.

.. Yum.

I'm awake, and now my mind's feels so much better with all that rest.

I need to be reminded that work that requires thoughts cannot be performed without a fresh..brain

And talk about determination. Lucky me I did not accept the offer to work again for today. I'd rather work, but it's time to remember why I'm in KL in the first place..

Stay Strong, You.



I think I just tore a piece of my own heart out with my own actions..


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Survey 180608

Starting time: 3.06pm
Name: Jean Louis Sibert
Sisters: 0
Brothers: 1
Shoe size: 11
Height: 168cm ish I think?
Where do you live: Currently KL..
Favourite drinks: Lemon tea..
Favourite breakfast: It depends? lol
Have you ever been on a plane?: Yes. And soon to be again..wheee
Swam in the ocean: Yeah. Spotted a really cool baby shark back then..
Fallen asleep at school: What else is new.. XD.. Only started happening in form 5.. lol
Broken someone's heart: I have..
Fell off your chair: Once, I think.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: Haven't done that for quite a while..
Saved e-mails: It depends?
What is your room like: Messy. Need cleaning, but I haven't got the time.. -.-
What's right beside you: My mouse
What is the last thing you ate: Chicken rice..yum
Ever had chicken pox: Not yet.
Sore throat: Having one; but getting better.
Stitches: None... I think? I can't remember what they did to my cut on my eyebrow when I was
Broken nose: Nope.
Do you believe in love at first sight: Not really.
Like picnics: Never experienced one.
Who was were the last person you danced with: I can't remember. Not like I dance, anyways.
Last made you smile: Mr. Sunshine @ Fery Ichsan .. wahahahahaha..
You last yelled at: Farina.. lol

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: Verbally in terms of voice, no..
Kissed anyone: Nope.
Get sick: No. Thank God.
Talk to an ex: Yep.
Miss someone: Yep.
Eat: Of course. Lol
Best feeling in the world: Satisfaction upon achievements.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No.
What's under your bed: Dust. Then the floor.
Who do you really hate: I don't hate people..
What time is it now?: 3.11pm

Is there a person who is on your mind now: Yes?
Do you have any siblings: A brother.. leaving 20th June..
Do you want children: You mean like.. to conceive one? O__________O
Do you smile often: Cheerfully, I suppose? I'm pretty serious at times..
Do you like your hand-writing: no.
Are your toe nails painted: No.
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: My brother's bed. Wheeeee
What color shirt are you wearing now: Black Starbucks shirt.. wheee
What were you doing at 7:00 p.m. yesterday: Oh! I remember this one. I was washing the dishes in Starbucks. Lol
I can't wait till: ... I'm not sure bout this..
When did you cry last: Not sure. lalala
Are you a friendly person: It
Do you have any pets: A rabbit. Soon to be given away..
Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: P&C. lol
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now?: Nope.
Do you sleep with the TV on?: Nope.
What are you doing right now?: THis survey and checking out my lecture notes..
Have you ever crawled through a window?: Yes. Lol
Can you handle the truth?: Yes. One way; or the other.
Are you too forgiving?: Yes.
Are you closer to your mother or father?: Father.
Who was the last person you cried in front of?: I can't remember.
How many people can you say you've really loved?: 2
Do you eat healthy?: Not really. Lol
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: Right up there.. *points*
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?: No.
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?: I sail on this ship alone at times.. lol
Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: Quiet .... =X
Are you confident?: It depends.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Was in Port Dickson
2. Playing the PS, I suppose.
3. Potato couch
4. Had a pet cat
5. Probably digging my nose. lol

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Attend Finance & Banking class @ 4pm .. NEVER to skip it, thankius.
2. Study
3. work
4. make sure everything's done
5. Music.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. I
2. Don't
3. Eat
4. Snacks
5. .. Seriously

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Get a Lamborghini Reventon <3
2. Get a Ferrari F430 <3
3. Get a Porsche Carrera GT <3
4. Get a nice place to stay in
5. Get more musical equipments

5 of my bad habits:
1. Swearing.
2. Burning petrol. Wheee
3. Procrastination
4. Short-tempered thingy?
5. SMS-ing.. lol

5 places I have lived in:
1. Kota Kinabalu
2. Kuantan
3. Subang
4. Penang
5. Bukit Bintang

5 jobs I've had:
1. Office boy in a travel agency
2. Music Producer .. what a short term thing
3. Currently
4. A
5. Barista @ Starbucks

Unexpected Call.

I received a call from my ex-schoolmate; back in the high school days.

It's quite interesting to hear that most of them who went for form 6, found it quite tough, and ended up nearly failing, or failing STPM.

And .. hahaha..the funniest thing is.. everybody did so badly, and when everybody got their replies on their acceptance of any public universities.. What he said was..

Him: "oh, the results came out today. I'm coming down to KL next week."
Me: "Ah. That sucks.. I know what you mean .."
Him: "Well, not only me, but a whole bunch of us didn't make it"

When he said "A whole bunch" .. I couldn't stop laughing.. Hahahahahahahahaha.. Expected stuff.

I would've been one of those 'bunch' if I took up form 6 .. hahahahahaahahahahahahhha..


Sorry, mates! All the best in the future! XD

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Been A While..

It was a U-turn.. And I just filled in petrol for the Kembara that I drive from time to time.

Actually, nearly everyday due to work.

I was at a u-turn, taking it real slow.. until my other side took over..

I slammed the pedal to the metal, and I heard the roars of joy from the engine .. From a minute, I remember it was going at 2,000 rpm ..

Then it skipped to 5,000 rpm =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Was having a serious amount of wheelspin from the back wheels, which nearly caused the car to oversteer, and probably ram into the curb.

Then again, if I could explain that, especially going at 20kmph, meaning I knew what was going to happen.


Muahahahahahaahahahahahah.. I love these little machines soooo .. much.. <3

Oh well. Time for lunch, then it's back to Finance & Banking. I hope I nailed the quiz flat for today .. Another quiz for tomorrow.. yum ..

I just wish I could eat the paper alive or something. Me no likey likey finance & banking ..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Best Audible Thing So Far.

Taking in the view from the outside;
Feeling like the underdog.
Watching through the window I'm on the outside;
Living like the underdog.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

And So, This Is How It Began.

This is where it all started. I used to be a potato couch only because my brother hogged the computer 24/7 by doing the things he used to do that were related to his assignments back in KDU PG, or games.

I ended up watching TechTV, and they had this programme that always had updates on the good or bad games. This appeared, and it only received a rating of 2/5 back then, I think.

But I managed to catch a glimpse of whatever the game could provide, and I fell in love with one acoustic song.

So, I got suckered, purchased this game, and started playing this game. It was an interesting concept, and that's when I started to know of Guitar Gods using their guitars to battle against each other through melodies in a major jamming session, or in a very long winded guitar solo sort of thing.

In this game, you're known as U-1, some legendary descendant who happens to be a saviour for another whole new alienated race, where he 'really came from' ..

So, you battle against enemies through melodies and tunes. When they attack you, you dodge their attacks in a very simple way, then you attack them back through whatever your guitar can do.

And the reason why I picked up the guitar is because that this guitar focuses mainly on the guitar, as the main character's weapon is an instrument that copies off the guitar voice.

Plus, the beauty of this song, is that it's not like Guitar Hero. In the Guitar Hero series, you know that the songs you're going to play are Rock songs. If it's not rock, it's got something to do with the guitar, and it's the typical British/American sort of rock.

But in Gitaroo Man, the composers for most of the songs, COIL, came up with really good ideas. The first stage was normal Hard Rock, second stage was Japanese Techno Pop, third stage would be one of the best - disco funk and blues, so on and so forth.

When it got to stage six, according to the story, it was the time where U-1 crash-landed on the planet he's supposed to go and save the prisoners, and he spent the night by the seaside. He sat by the beach, playing his little gitaroo (guitar) until this girl came by and sat beside him. They had a minor thing going on, and the song came in.

It was the evening, the sun was about to set, and this beautiful song just took place. It was titled The Legendary Theme:

Extremely beautiful. It didn't matter that if the storyline didn't make clear sense even if you finished it, but I realised that stories can be told through music; and not words.

Like how Bob Marley united Jamaica during its bad days, he used Music as another language to unite people. And with that, this told a story.

The whole theme just fit the song, and it just wouldn't sound right if it wasn't played at the right area.

Of course, there's the rock version for this song, but this still had the magic.

Only because of this mellow song, and not because of Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, SlipKnoT, Dream Theater or any other insane musician's band (or the guitarist's band), made me stand up, head down to the guitar shop close by my house, and started taking up lessons back in August 2002.

Ever since then, I progressed with the influences of live Penang bands, and got to a stage where I started playing Punk Rock, like the Blink 182 stuff. I halted my guitar lessons in the late 2003 because there was nothing to learn from there, as I didn't know what else to do.

And ever since then, I've been learning soloes from songs. Like Metallica's Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets.. Then it went to a very insane grudgy Nu-Metal band like SlipKnoT under the influence of my cousin.

Later on, I branched off to Yngwie Malmsteen. The actual guitar hero that I thought nobody would beat, until I saw guitar wizard Joe Satriani, and his student, Steve Vai.

Then came Eric Johnson, etc.

But the problem was; how did these guys come up with their melodies and ideas? Most importantly, how did they know what to play, and what notes to use?

In fact, a lot of music schools are not teaching young guitarists scales, and how to understand them. I kind of got bored of the guitar.. Nearly gave up..

.. Until I met my current/ex-guitarist, Lim Ying Kit. He played the guitar in a way that I never thought would be possible.

Ever since then, came Kelvyn Yeang. And that was in 2004. I took up lessons from Kelvyn, along with Ying Kit, for about 3 months, and progressed quite far, but could've went further if I continued my lessons.

Ever since then, the typical parents who wants you to study and be successful in an office sort of thing started complaining that I spent way too much time on the guitar compared to my studies. I have to agree on that, by the way! Especially during the most crucial year, the SPM year, my guitars were confisicated, and I had no more practice.

So, I put the guitar to a halt for quite a while.

Ever since then, it had never been the same. But I still can play averagely well. Just not as good as last time.

As I was growing up with the guitar nonsense, I was a very big fan of the PSX game in 1996 (I think), Final Fantasy 7.

The one that they remade the sequel into a movie that was released in 2005, entitled Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children that stunned the CGI-animation based movie industry.

I followed kept track with the game's soundtrack; under Nobuo Uematsu, who dealt with compositions and orchestral arrangements.

From then, I was rather interested. Not only in how the guitar works, and how electrical guitars pick up their sounds from the vibrations of the strings through magnetism to be transferred through cables and into the amplifier to be amplified, but how music really worked.

Like.. in an orchestra, there're several sections. The string sections that consists of the violins, cellos, and so on. Then the brass sections that consists anything which is gold and shiny, that you have you use your lungs to blow the dust out of it. Then there's the extreme cymbals, percussions, drums, and so on.

So, it's about coordination, how teamwork and a proper composition makes a song sounds beautiful. A harp can be used at some point of a song to play a chord, in an arpeggio, and then for it to take a lead while everybody quiets down. Like it or not, it's going to sound mellow.

Then if everybody comes in with the strings playing a certain pedal noted riff, and everybody supports them by playing sustained chords, it's going to sound big and round. And extremely aggressive.

So I realised that playing the guitar alone, is a great way to express yourself in terms of music. But if you have the chance to explore more and to describe more about yourself, you can do so by using technology, by all means, it's all about itchy fingers and a wide creative mind.

That's when I got introduced to Reason 3.0 in 2006, under Fundamental Mentalties during the Sentimentalities project that we released in 4th of November.

Let's take a breather. Too many words up there.

And not only I learnt about arrangements and all that stuff up to that point, but because of the whole Sentimentalities project, I managed to learn more about Sound Engineering through my sound engineer and friend, Wormy.

And ever since I started taking details of how a song is being recorded, mixed and all, that's ANOTHER way to tell how a song is being transcribed to .. an art?

After all, the right term for mixing is actually under Recording Arts. I admit that I can't draw even if it depended on my life, but I managed to pick up a different sort of art, and that's through mixing.

As the sound engineer, you have the full rights to turn a Jazz number sounding like a Heavy Metal song. It sounds impossible, but it's how you balance every instruments in the song. Notice how Heavy Metal or Punk songs usually sound like. The first thing you'll take note would be the noise.

The heavy noise.

What noise is that?

Simple: The loud banging drums, the distorted guitars and the vocals which usually can't be heard because the drums would drown it.

But what about something like.. But let's take .. Jazz.

We have distorted guitars from time to time, lightly distorted, and we've got drums, and vocals.

Although the vocals stands out the most this time, but the drums are being brought down to a level where it's still audible, but extremely soft. Guitars are mellow, and so on and so forth.

It's not noisy because the levels are being brought down, and all.

But the thing is, you can control it! Just that it tells a different story if you happen to be a little bit experimental.

And since then, when I recorded several self-projects or mixed beats (badly, honestly) for friends and all, I took note that everything plays a role. Coordination, volume settings, and all, that tells the story of a certain instrumental song.

And that's when I showed interest in Sound Engineering itself.

So it's from guitars, to music appreciation, composition, then to recording arts.

It's not the whole story, but that's the other side of me where everybody doesn't see and get. Now it's revealed :)

Back to assignments. aaaaah.

Ever Wondered Why?

Soon to be written when I'm extermely free:

What made me take up the guitar in the first place, and the stages that I went through, learnt, and accepted to become my current position at the moment.

Survey 150608

1. Clothes
2. PS2
3. PSP
4. Guitars
5. The Lamborghini LP 640 Roadster, Ferrari F40, Final Fantasy VII Collector's Edition of the Highwind model, my brother's Soundwave mp3 player thingy, Sixshot <3
6. More mess.
7. Spectacles!

1. Babi sial
2. okaaaay thankiusssss
3. [insert vulgarity here]
4. I just farted.
5. uhhh..
6. Tak tau.
7. See this? *digs ear*.. See this dirt on my finger? That's how much nonsense you JUST spoke of.

1. The laptop
2. Money
3. The people around me.
4. Ideas, inspirations and creativity.
5. Music
6. Adventure
7. A mouse for the laptop. Seriously.

Do You:
1. Do you smoke? : Nope
2. Send short messages? : It's a habit, somehow?
3. Read the newspaper? : Nope.
4. Pray? : For help, and appreciation.
5. Study? : Only under extreme stress.
6. Like window shopping? : Yep. I know I won't end up buying whatever it is that I look at.
7. Wish on stars? : Clouds too thick to show stars .. XD

Have you ever:
1. Gone for a date? : Minor ones, I suppose? In your words, how do you define a "date"?
2. Traveled alone? : Countless times. Wheeeee!
3. Swam in the dark? : Under the rain during midnight, yep.
4. Gone to a party? : Only a few..
5. Ran away from home? : Nope. Only need to get away from it from time to time..
6. Felt depressed? : Quite a bit, last time.
7. Felt lonely? : Nope. Even when I'm alone. Lol

Have you...
1. Cried? : No.
2. Sang? : Sorethroat/cough. Can't sing -.-
3. Been kissed? : Nope.
4. Felt stupid? : Yes. lol
5. Talked to an ex? : Nope.
6. Missed someone? : I can deny this! *runs off and deletes the previous few posts.. lol*
7. Hugged someone? : Yes. A good one.

1. "The friend that has many names" -_-
2. Jean Louis
3. John

1. Being independant
2. Understanding the better side of life in a lot of aspects.
3. That I'm ACTUALLY planning for the future. WHEEEEE

1. My day doesn't go well if my ipod ever goes flat.
2. Procrastination
3. Not being able to understand the reasonable stuff.

1. Bits and pieces of some parts of the heart.
2. Malaysian Income Tax Act 1967
3. How I burnt the laptop's motherboard.. Twice under a year.

1. Late busses ~_~
2. When my time doesn't follow the planned schedule.
3. Lack of inspirations and creativity.

1. That bloody cat that scared the crap out of me when I was walking home. It was literally shuffling in front of me after jumping out from a dark spot, and then it scooted off. Like, wtf?
2. Unexpected surprises from unwanted guests who aren't humans.
3. Punctured tyre. I wouldn't know what to do. .lol

1. Good thoughts
2. A proper way to burn petrol.
3. Good music.

1. Ibanez
2. Starbucks. Hahahahahahaha
3. Alfa Romeo <3

1. Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes
2. Daft Punk - One More Time
3. Dream Theater - Another Day

1. The Starbucks partners. Not like I have a choice? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2. My lecturers .. Not like I have a choice too -_- .. until I skip classes :D
3. Friends. As long as you see me very often, you know who you are ;)

1. Replace a punctured tyre.
2. Tighten the brakes to a car.
3. Play the guitar better than before.

1. Music.
2. To seek new places through public transport?
3. Making the wrong drinks and getting new flavours.

1. More money.
2. To shave myself bald. Hahahahahaha..
3. To graduate. I'm wasting a lot of time, seriously -_-

1. Financial advisor (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. BUt seriously, I'm going to try)
2. Music Producer
3. Worse comes to worse, some supervisor in Starbucks. lol

1. Port Dickson
2. Penang
3. Boston?

For this question, I would like to say that I will never ever reject whatever that I have. Regardless if it's bad experiences, politics at some places, bad lecturers, education, dreams, frustration, emotions, negativity, mistakes, relationship breakups, the loss of the line of friendship, all combined. Everything happens for a reason. Take note of whatever that you've done wrong, learn from it, and get over it. Eventually, you won't run away from the past, but you'll run against the past. Face it, and be stronger.

1. To be happier than I can ever be.
2. To be involved in music at a higher level.
3. To be more successful than my brother.

It's The Insomnia.

I've been waking up around this time lately. Around 9.25 to 9.50am. And no matter how hard I try to fall back asleep, it just never works.

It's not comfortable here.. Funniest thing is that when I'm in KL, my dreams were more audible; more colourful in some senses, and more.. interesting.

But here, everything's being compressed into a box, and it's thrown out of the window whenever I enter my stage of sleep.

And end up waking up way before the alarm clock rings.

I still feel tired... And always have been deprived from sleep. Oh well. The 5-hour bus ride will do the trick; if I don't watch Top Gear on it or something.

Wheee bus ride -_-

Live another day
Climb a little higher
Find another reason to stay
Ashes in your hands
Mercy in your eyes
If you're searching for a silent sky...

You won't find it here
Look another way
You won't find it here
So die another day

The coldness of his words
The message in his silence,
'Face the candle to the wind...'
This distance in my voice
Isn't leaving you a choice
So if you're looking for a time to run away...

You won't find it here
Look another way
You won't find it here
So try another day

They took pictures of our dreams
Ran to hide behind the stairs
And said maybe when it's right for you, they'll fall
But if they don't come down
Resist the need to pull them in
And throw them away
Better to save the mystery
Than surrender to the secret

You won't find it here
Look another way
You won't find it here
So try another day

Probably one of the most interesting lyrics I've ever read. From my point of view, it's lyrics to prevent someone from commiting suicide.

Will write more about this another day..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reviewing The New Camry..

Just some videos of some stuff that I missed out in the Camry's review.

The guinea pig: My brother. Wahahahahaha. .XD

Hey, You!

I miss you by ~delicon on deviantART

I like things plain; easier to be interpreted.


Somewhat Appreciated.

"Hey. What time are you coming home again? I accidentally deleted your message"

Nevermind that. It came from my brother and since his handphone is limited to 20 messages, I can pretty much understand that and I don't mind.

But as for my mum when she tells me that she has no idea of my plans about Sunday, that really ticked me off.

I sent my bus schedule to my dad, mum and brother as usual, as what I would do whenever I come back to Penang with their knowledge.

She actually set some bank appointment for me; without my notice, on a Sunday afternoon. She also told me that I must attend this super family reunion dinner with aunts and uncles on Sunday night.

How's that possible again?

Countless times, this has already happened; when I voice out my plans, she deliberately ignores it and sets my schedule for me, again.

I'm leaving Penang at 1pm Sunday. So tell me, how am I supposed to do everything at once when I'll be either on my way back to KL during the times?

And the only thing I last need now would be investment plans, foreign exchange fixed deposits, capital and money market, and all that Introduction to Finance & Banking practical stuff. We're going into a serious discussion tomorrow with some bankers..

.. And that's related to my assignment!!!! I come back to Penang, and I get stressed already .. argh ..

Me no likey likey assignments.....................................................


It's definitely great to be back home.

Off to bed lah.. what a way to welcome me back home ....................... giler dosa ni .. -_-

To the you, thanks for the ride home, and the company right after I got home to Penang. Appreciate it a whole whole bunch. Feels like I troubled you quite a bit, and I'm still feeling guilty =X ..

Friday, June 13, 2008

What A Way To Start Off Today!

Currently listening to: Joe Satriani - Summer Song.

I never liked his first albums' recording because they sounded somewhat

The tone wasn't there, but this is one good song. It's happy, energetic, and it makes you want to go windsurfing, skimboarding, surfing, jet skiing, race in a Lamborghini Reventon, and.. and..

.. And everything else that includes adrenaline rushes :)

Mine will be.. travelling from my area to KL via bus and train.. wheeeee. Haven't done train hopping in a while to get to my destination, so..I'm going to be having fun.

And this time, I won't be driving home. The whole trip, I calculated, would cost about RM400. And since I got my brother a farewell present, I don't have that sort of money to drive back.

So I've done the usual. Searched for Top Gear episodes that I've never watched before, left some pending in my laptop to be converted so I can mount it into my iPod .. and WATCH it along the way back from KL.

And back from Penang.


That'll keep my mind off me NOT being behind the wheel when I'm on the NSE..

ETA: 9pm

This was taken by Fery, and somewhere when I was on my break, studying for my Finance & Banking quiz .. Please excuse my vulgarity with the sign language.. lol

Those in the video; Fery - behind the camera. Me - with the laptop. Faisal with the apron. And Farina trying to act all cute and all. Bwahahahahahahha..

I'm going to miss work during my Penang trip, that's for sure :( .. Sorry guys, for not being able to help out especially on the weekends .. the busiest time of the week..

Hello, Snapshot!

Just today, my Store Manager was shivering right in front of an email before she printed out results of a short review of how the partners in our store were performing.

In other words, the customer snapshots. The mother of all VIPs compared to the other people who's working in Starbucks. They're like.. mystery shoppers. And they write reports/reviews of the performance of the barista on duty; both on the cash register and the hot beverage section.

And I saw that I got hit by a customer snapshot.

It's my first time, and I managed to sit on the benchmark for performance/beverage preparation. I achieved a score of 92%

It was quite satisfying at first, but after you really think about it, it's nothing much. Because the bar is being set at 92% as the passing mark, it's nothing to be proud off, unless if you achieve like 97 or 98 .. Or 100%.

And thank goodness that my store manager was really happy with the marks. Another one of my partners scored 95%. So having two results at the same time, our district manager was pleased.

.. Thank goodness indeed.

And it said there; Partner did not have knowledge of products.

I admit that, because this customer snapshot asked me one question that left me extremely stomped.

"Excuse me! These espresso beans; are they used to make American Latte?"

Firstly, isn't Latte a style of Italian beverage?

American Latte. How's that? An American coffee master having kids with a passionate Italian petrolhead, and teaching them how to do a Latte; that's an American Latte??

Or the Latte being prepared by Starbucks barista because Starbucks originated from Seattle after the influence of Milano's styles of coffee beverages?

Anyways, getting a 92% is a very very chance for me to improve for the better. I wouldn't want to be an idiot when it comes to these sort of things. That's why I'm slowly going back to the basics in some aspects of this job.

The 92% is just a second chance for me, and I'm thankful that I didn't screw anything up?

And besides that, I got reviewed for being at the cash register, and preparing the beverage at the same time. It's against some actual laws of Starbucks because there's supposed to be a minimum of 2 baristas on the floor, so...


It was a normal experience. More to like a transaction of selling and buying.

That's going to ring in my head for quite a while. I need to initiate more conversations with the customers.

But not TOO much of a conversation.

PS. Ng Khai Lee dropped by Starbucks Ikano today. Thanks for dropping by bro! Guess I'll give you a call sooner or later when I'm a little bit less tied up with work and studies? =)

Anyhow, it's back to Penang to recoordinate myself. Music and studies alone, this time. *yawns*

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another One Of Those Tiring Days.

I swear that I swallowed one of those drowsy flu pills. I can't seem to stop sleeping.

I took it this morning, slept in class, but still heard what the lecturer was teaching. Instead of Finance & Banking, he went back the basics of Economics - Aggregate Supple and Demand and how it is being manipulated..

HAH! Not bad for someone who slept in CLASS!

The reasons are still stuck at the back of my head, so this chapter's not a nightmare.

Unlike the other chapters in that stupid subject.

After that, I went off to the computer lab, went online for a while and then studied. But the truth is, I slept for quite a bit because I was way too tired. My concentration was totally off.

After I woke up, I went straight for class. Took the quiz, and it wasn't much. Just form 5 Mathematics with more technical terms in it.

At the end of the day, the solutions are being solved by this:

Y = mx + c

And yes, I'm dead serious. Besides that formula, this was tested in some aspects too:

Y2 - Y1
X2 - X1

Easy peasy; lemon squeezy :)

I came back home, and slept even more. Surprisingly, I slept for about 3 hours unconsciously.

But now, I feel a lot much more better.

Thanks to a certain someone who shared her experiences and medical knowledge with me in terms of .. budgeted home-made medication?

Then again, a million thanks - right back at you =)

It's interesting to know that medication's not the only way on how to cure yourself from sicknesses. Medicine isn't the key to everything.

Part of it was because I was sleep deprived. Not enough rest, and I've been working too much..

If this goes on, I'll end up like my cousin .. just fainting without noticing halfway through work.. lol

- Taxation Coursework due next Tuesday
- Taxation Quiz (Employment income)
- Introduction to Finance & Banking quiz on next Wednesday (Chapter 4 & 5)
- Introduction to Finance & Banking assignment due next Friday.
- MUST attend tutorial class this Friday for Intro to F&B to understand the assignment a little bit more..

... Then it's off to Penang! WHEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Uh Oh...

For next week, I shall have 2 quizzes - Taxation and Introduction to Finance & Banking.

And as per Friday, is the due date for my Finance & Banking assignment.

For Tuesday, I have to hand in my Taxation's Coursework. It consists of 4 questions, but bloody hell. You know how these sort of essay questions are.

Maybe I should just type out a few words, then set the size of the font to 150 ..

Guess what's the best thing?

I just found out about the existence of the assignment question paper on KDU's KCN website. Wonderful.

I know nuts about the sharemarket and all of these stuff, yet I'm supposed to check out the ancient Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange website.


Looks like I need to get a few days off for next week; if not, honestly, I'm s.c.r.e.w.e.d.

And should I bring my notes back to Penang this weekend? I know I'm definitely going to spend time with my Taxation.

P.S. I won't be able to meet up with everybody this time because I'll be there for 3 days, 2 nights. I'll be arriving Penang 8 or 8.30pm on Friday night, and that's already one day wasted. Saturday, I'm not free at night because of family dinner (main reason why I'm going back), and Sunday; I'm leaving at 1pm.

How wonderful.

Even work's less tiring than this little 'holiday'

FERY! If you're reading this, you should understand that you HAVE to give me a few off days for next week due to my quizzes and assignments.. HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Being Sick; Again.

First the sorethroat kicked in, now it's being irritating and it evolved into a cough..

.. Boo.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Change Of Seasons - Music.

After watching several videos on of Victor Wooten, John Myung and Billy Sheehan, I'm considering if I should learn the bass guitar as my 2nd major in musical instruments?

First major will always be the guitar, but the bass guitar has always been oh-so-fun with its deep voice.

It's nearly sexy, in a way - if you know how to play it right. I don't know. I've always loved the bass, but in terms of maintainence, it'll cost me about RM120 to maintain all the guitars I have at once ..

But.. Mmmm!! The bass is oh-so-nice.. :D

I'll consider purchasing a Yamaha bass after purchasing the keyboard probably next month.

And as for today, just worked in Starbucks. Totally insane in a way working with nearly everybody in the store. It's cheerful yet childish in some senses. At least we're able to brighten up other people's day in a way..

Imagine this.

Barista 1: "Hi sir!"
Customer: "Hello.."
Barista 1: "Hey guys! Let's all say [hi] together!"
Customer: ????
Everybody in the bar: "Hiiiiiyeeeeeeeee!!!"


I couldn't stop laughing myself.

And today, we managed to close the store really quick; with proper plannings. How fun working with those who knows what they're doing.. hohoho..

And I've got a sorethroat.. It's killing me at the moment.. Booo.. =(

Sunday, June 8, 2008

[Poem] Words

Words from those who surrounds me;
Words which were spoken unintentionally.
People who tends to finds fault;
Even when it leads to a verbal brawl.

Negativity comes in many forms,
It turn tides, creating frost from warmth.
But at the end of the day, I learn to soar amongst the skies.
Only with your words, it made my day shine; without tries.

Have a great day, you :)

You said you're strong enough to take care of your battle-wounds.. I hope so too!

Survey 070608

-Are you available?
Single but unavailable
-What is your age?
19 .. Going on 20.
-What annoys you?
Hectic days at work.

-Do you live in a big house?
Never lived in an actual house.. It's been apartments for me..
-When is your birthday?
20th October.
-Who's your bestfriend?
Kellyinyee, Joyce and VK ..

-What's your favorite candy?
Neither. I don't take sweets..
-Who's your crush?
No idea :)
-When was the last time you cried?
Uh.. I don't know? It's been years..

-Do you daydream?
At work. Very bad habit. Lol.
-What's your favorite kind of dog?
Siberian Husky!
-What day of the week is it?
Saturday going on Sunday..


-How do you like your eggs?
Soft boiled.
-Have you ever been in the emergency room?
-What's the easiest thing ever to do?
Play the guitar. Lol

-Have you ever flown in a plane?
-Do you use fly swatters?
No. I shock them to death. lol

-Do you chew gum?
-Are you a giver or a taker?
More to the giver side I noticed?
-Do you like gummy candies?

-How are you?
Stressed and tired..
-What color is your hair?
Dark brown.

-What's your favorite ice cream?
-Have you ever ice skated?
Would wanna try!

-What's your favorite jelly?
I don't know? Lol.
-Do you wear jewelry?
Does my ring count? Lol

-Who do you want to kill?
Nobody at the moment.. lol
-Do you want kids?
I wouldn't want to conceive them. lol

-Are you laid back?
-Do you lie?
Sometimes 0=)

-What's your favorite movie?
8 Mile
-Do you like mangoes?
Me likey likey <3

-Do you have a nickname?
Quite a number. Haha.
-Whats your favorite number?
-Do you prefer night over day?
Yes. Easier to drive; more friends, more places to sit down at and to think about stuff..

-What's your one wish?
To achieve my goals.
-Are you an only child?

-What one fear are you most paranoid about?
I don't really have much of a fear..? Except for being a failure..
-What personality trait do you look for in people?
People who are easy to talk to, and who has a very pure heart..


-What's your favorite quote?
"What has past, is now the past."

-Do you think you're always right?

-Do you prefer sun or rain?

-What time is it?
-What time did you wake up?
1pm.. My handphone alarm woke me up.
-When was the last time you slept in a tent?
During NS..

-Are you wearing underwear?

-What's the worst veggie?
Bittergoard (SP?)
-Where do you want to go on vacation?
I don't know? Anywhere will do ..

-What's your worst habit?
Skipping classes. lol
-Where do you live?
In the rented spot in KL during studies, either at home in PG, or in Bukit Bintang, or in Port Dickson..

-Have you ever had an x-ray?
Once. When I was admitted to the hospital back in 2004 ..
-Have you seen the x-games?
-Do you own a xylophone?
Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind owning one!

-Do you like the color yellow?
It's gay -_- .. because it reminds me of the uniform we have to wear now -.-
-What's one thing you yearn?
Music equipments.

-What's your zodiac sign?
-Do you believe in the zodiac?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Of Messages And Music.

It's interesting how SMSes and friendster messages manage to cheer one's day up.

Take care of your battle scars during your practices =) .. Get well soon =)

If you're reading this, you should know who you are. Lol

Anyways, I'm feeling the song, Worthwhile, in its production stage still. I've got a few ideas and all for it, but the more I play it, the more I get ideas, and the more nonsense I'll into the song. One said that this song was dramatic (!!!!!) as I did plant part of my captured emotions for the moment into the song.

Except for the intro. The intro was done with guitars transcribed into piano, so that means that it doesn't have the emotonal feel, but more to like a funky one.

As per intro strings and stuff, I just wanted to focus more onto the orchestra bit. So, I just went bumming up 3 different string sections to play its individual parts while 1 does the chords.

It's really interesting; and surprisingly - extremely evil-sounding.. Me likey likey.

I might post up a sample on this blog sooner or later, but I'll have to make it sound somewhat..presentable.

And last night at work was a nightmare. But today's going to be better because it's our beloved Agong's birthday.

It's a Public Holiday, and I'm working today. You know what that means ;)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Darker Side Of Worthwhile.

I may have the lyrics out for Worthwhile, but after arranging some bits and pieces of the song, it can't exactly fit the whole theme for the lyrics.

Therefore, I shall do it as an instrumental piece. It sounds good as it is at the moment, and .. I'll work on it whenever I have the free time.

Is seriously in love with this piece. So.. dark, and cloudy. It's not exactly emo, but it sounds kind of .. evil.. :)

Guess I picked the right notes, and instruments. BUT..

.. It can be better :)

The beauty of an audible art.....

Viva La Petrol!

The government decided to make Malaysian citizens more broke than ever. This time, the prices hiked up not by 20sen, 30sen, but 78 sen. It's about RM 2.70 per litre, I think?

Oh well.

Time to ship the trusty motorcycle down to KL, if my parents ever allow it... Hohoho..


For those who are getting their driving licence soon.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Testing the car when you have no experience is definitely not the right time now.. HOHOHOHOHHOHO!!!!

See! That's why I didn't mind driving back then.the prices were going to hike up sooner or later.. HAHAHAHAHAH XD

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sleeping Awake.

I find this point of life very interesting only because that when I sleep, I actually listen to certain songs that I suffer from a serious overdosage from.

And sometimes, I don't exactly link them with new materials, but I DO write songs out from my dreams at times. It happened a few times, and they were just segments of songs.

As for me, I just got motivated again after watching The Secret, so I'm going to have a new start after I open my eyes later on.

I've got new goals to achieve this time around.


Survey 040608

Personal Information
About Me
Full name:Jean Louis Sibert
Favorite color:Blue
What is the best compliment you can receive?:If possible, I'd hope to not receive compliments.. :)
What is your favorite flavor, of any kind?:Chocolate, I suppose?
What was your favorite childhood TV show or movie?:Ace Ventura.. I think I'll go download that now.. XD
What outrageous thing would you do if there were no repercussions?:Steal all the equipment I need for
Do you have any quirks that nobody knows about but you?:The extremely hyper side?
Are you keeping a secret for someone else?:"secret" would be an understatement :)
Would you rather live in a mansion or a small cozy house?:Small cozy house.
Would your ideal wedding be really big or kept small?:"Chin chai you lah, darling" .. lol
Have you ever been told you resemble an animal? If so, which one?:A horse =.=
Would you say you are closer to your family or your friends?:Friends.
Do you have a favorite number?:7
In your mind, do you see letters in color?:No.
If so, what color is the letter E?:Black.
How many licks before giving up on the center of the tootsie pop?:...???? wtf lol
Name something on your list of things to do before you die?:Achieving that home-studio bedroom thing.
What is your ideal bed like?:A comfortable one.
How important is being rich?:It's just about everything if you want to live right, physically.
How long do you want to live?:No idea..
How many children do you want, and why?:40 + .. because I wanna build my mini orchestra! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
What is the worst thing about being a member of your gender?:Sensitivity. Common among guys, and I think they all should just grow up :)
What is the best thing about being a member of your gender?:Being independent .. But everybody's forgetting that these days..
When you get sick, do you go to the hospital, or wait it out?:Wait it out.
Do you base your eating habits on taste or health?:Taste.
Do you have to pee a lot on car trips?:No.
What is the most embarassing thing you've ever been caught doing?:I forgot. Could be anything. Even in church. Lol
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Survey 030608

1.Have you ever said, you'll never love again?
Kau fikir I emo, ke? We're all humans. It's impossible for us to blossom without the love from our family and friends.
2.Do you think you're fat?
3.Is there something you wanna let go off?
Nope. Nothing to let go of.
4.Do the old songs you had in your past really remind you of the memories?
It depends on which song..
5.How important is trust?
6.How do you forget someone?
Get brainwashed? Haha.
7.Is crying a sign of weakness?
Not exactly. Psychologically, crying decreases the rate of heart attacks at old ages because it gives the heart less stress in a way?
8.Do you always regret?
Nope. When you live life; the last thing you need to do is to regret the things you've done before =)
9. Do you find your ex's new gf/bf good looking?
Hmmm... Who? =)
12.What will you do if you're stuck in the elevator with someone you don't like?
Shut up and wait for my floor to come.
13.Have you ever wanted someone but you can’t have him/her?
There must be a reason why for that..
14.Have you ever said 'I love you' but you lied?
15.Would you ever want to go back in to past?
16.Do you really wanna please everybody?
Not everybody. Some people, yes =)
17.Is waiting ever okay?
I'm always waiting. What else is new? Patience is virtue.. :)
18.Right now, where do you wanna be?
Boston!!!!!! =(

Another Normal Day.

I seriously can't wait for this semester to finish, because the schedule's seriously insane.

But work was interesting and fun at the same time.

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! There's a new drink available in Starbucks! It's known as the Dark Mocha Frappucino Blended Coffee! And guess what? It's my latest addiction. It's the bigger brother for the Java Chip Frappucino Blended Coffee, except that it's more concentrated on the Mocha side. Instead of tasting sweet and chocolate-ish with the presence of coffee, it's bitterly sweet.

Me likey likey <3

And imagine, I didn't notice that the drink existed until customers were eyeing on the new posters and were discussing about it. I overheard, ran to my manager and asked him for the recipe.

Yum yum.

Today's another successful day of proper speed closing. Unlike others, we did everything right, just that we managed our time perfectly, and sped home early =)

And I'm off tomorrow.. no fun wans. I'll be dead bored at home. I think.



Walk me through the thorns in this place.
With you, I know where to go.
I bleed only when others try and harm me.
Yet your smile makes me whole again.

Be the sun, where you will light my path.
Be the light, to let me see where I'm supposed to go.

I hear your voice, when I sleep.
I feel your pain, whenever you weep.
I feel you, whenever you smile.
It makes waiting for you all worthwhile.

Walk me through the fire,
Where the burn feels like your serenading touch.
Take me by the hand, make me soar above the skies,
With you, love, we're immortalised.

Be the moon, where the brezze is more relaxing than the morning breeze.
Be a star, because I will try to reach; no matter how high you are.
(No matter how high you are)

I hear your voice, when I sleep.
I feel your pain, whenever you weep.
I feel you, whenever you smile.
It makes waiting for you all worthwhile.
Do you hear me, when I speak?
Do you feel me, when breathe?
Do you know me, when I tell you my story..?
Then maybe, it's all worthwhile.

Now, don't ever turn back.
Keep on walking; towards what you see.
Don't regret, don't lay your eyes on me.
Have no fear, as I will be right behind you; whenever you need me.

Close your eyes, free your mind.
Go for the one you seek.
And when you open your eyes, don't forget that,
I'll be by your side.. Because..

I hear your voice, when I sleep.
I feel your pain, whenever you weep.
I feel you, whenever you smile.
It makes waiting for you all worthwhile.
Do you hear me, when I speak?
Do you feel me, when breathe?
Do you know me, when I tell you my story..?
Then maybe, it's all worthwhile.

Confidential, no more.
These are the lyrics I've been working on; and still working on the arrangements.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Survey II 030608

Honestly, I should be studying -_-

1. Nice to meet you, you're?
Jean Louis.
2. Okay, who was the last person who holds your hand?
Kellyinyee. Only because she said she was cold and she grabbed it in a friendly way. Lol
3. Have you ever kissed someone with braces?
4. Who is the fourth received call on?
I'll skip this question.
5. If you could change your eye color what would it be?
No idea.
6. What is the wallpaper on your phone?
The heart shaped sauce thing did by Ning @ Nandos..
7. How many pillows are on your bed?
3.. I'm a friggin king wei!
8. Who was the last text message you sent to?
Ms Belarek!
9. Is there someone you can't stop thinking about?
Mike Portnoy *drools*
10. What was the best thing that happened to you this year?
11. Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?
12. Who/what is the fourth person on your contact list on your phone?
Malas wanna take my phone's charging.
13. When's the last time you cried?
I can't remember. years back, I suppose.
14. What's your favorite sport?
Guitars xD
15. Do you have a crush on anyone?
16. Who was the last person that made you laugh?
John, Bel and kellyinyee <3
17. Is he/she really that funny?
John...... i suspect he's bisexual.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
18. Who do you make fun of the most?
Aisyah ..when she was still in Ikano.. Haha..
19. What's the longest you've ever talked on the phone? With who?
I forgot.
20. What lotion do you use?
What lotion? lol..eye cleaning lotion, toner, ...???
21. Have you seen your best friend cry?
I don't have one. lol
22. Where did you last go to eat?
This mexican place in Jaya One.. yummy..
23. Do you dance in the car?
Tire punctured then u know..
24. Your favorite actor?
Quite a number. CAN I CONSIDER JEREMY CLARKSON AS ONE!?!?!!??!?!
25. is your bestfriend(s) on your featured friend? friendster? I guess.. lol
26. What is the one thing that you cannot stand?
The thought of running out of
27. Does your mum vacuum when you're sleeping?
Like as if she'll do
28. Where do you wanna be right now?
In my bed..seriously.
29. What's your favorite movie?
: heaps
30. If you could talk to anyone on the phone right now who would it be?
31. What ad is at the top of your screen?
32. Who is in your house right now?
The housemates.
33. What are you listening to?
The spinning fan..
34. What are you watching right now?
Nothing. Powerpoint slides for financial accounting =.=
36. Do you have a hard time admitting you were wrong?
No. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. duh.
39. What makes you lose your appetite?
I don't know. Nothing.
40. What color is your laundry basket?
Green. Huhuhu.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Survey 020608

1) Single, Taken, Naked, or Flirty
2) Are you happy with that?
Yep! Very.
3) Would you kiss your ex?
It depends.
4) Have you ever had your heart broken?
Of course..
5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is oK?
It depends on the situation..
6) Have you ever talked about marriage with another person?
7) Do you want children?
And have musician offsprings to take over my legacy, OF COURSE!!! Muahahahahaha..
8) How Many?
An orchestra. So 40 would do?
9.) Would you consider adoption?
I guess?
10) If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
Not at the moment.. Honestly, I can't be bothered due to my lifestyle. Lol
11) Do you want someone you can’t have?
12) Have you fallen in love?
Of course.
13) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
Once in a while isn't that bad, right..?
14) Do you believe that you can change for someone?
I did once. And I changed again. Lol.
15) Is it a good day?
Oh hell yeah!
16) Have you ever broken a heart before?
17) Does your ex still have feelings for you?
I can't be bothered. Lol.
18) Do you still have feelings for them?
It depends on which one.
19) Do you believe in long distance relationships?
If the possibilities and intentions are obvious, then yeah.