Thursday, April 29, 2010

Decisions, Decisions..

This is regarding the thought of the budget I'm having for an Australian rig.

I've been playing the guitar for 8 years now, and I see no reason to stop. Even if I work at a shit wage, and tend to get stressed out on a daily basis.

But only one thing keeps me at ease.

Especially the past few days when I popped my earphones in, having Windows Media Player to subtlely play the backing tracks I'm interested in, and I just play what my heart feels.

It's a very odd spiritual bond. With the techniques and knowledge aside, all were implemented smoothly.

And I find that weird.

Am I finally getting there?!

Hence, if you remember (which I don't, by the way), my budget (should be) is AUD$1,500 after the iPhone and iPad, which is probably going to take me months to really save up to that amount.

I'm allocating about.. $1200 for the guitar, and maybe $300 (????) for the amp. I've got no idea how much an amp costs anyway, but the guitar, yes I do have a brief idea.

But $1200 for .. what? Converted back to Malaysian currency, that's about MYR 4000.

Which is as equilvalent to a Japanese Ibanez RG series, or a Fender Stratocaster.

And that's exactly what I have in mind. Let's talk about it, since I'm writing about it.

The good old Japanese RG. Depending on its model, the colour and design varies. For most of you who've seen me play, I work around with an Indonesian made JEM JR (which is a total rip-off, but I had my reasons to get it at that specifications in the end. I sucked it up and loved it anyway.) So.. The basics?

  • Super-Wizard neck for comfort and easy playing.
  • Rosewood neck (Mainly. I've never seen an RG with a neck anyway)
  • Superstrat body (so more space for hardware)
  • Floyd-Rose trem. This is probably one of those Ibanez Lo-Edge. I had a look at the Zero-Shift or something, and that was pretty.. good.
  • Humbucker-Single-Humbucker INF-S (If they're still doing it for normal RG series) setup.
  • 24 frets
The thing that you'd love to play if you follow the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Korn, Children of Bodom (Yes, yes I know.. Laiho uses an ESP..) and many other Rock/Metal players.


The Fender Stratocaster. Depending on what make, where it was produced and the year, all plays an important role in this guitar. Unlike the Ibanez RG series, each year has its own story, furnishing, and its own sound to sing.

Since I've been listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King (Not entirely. This guy uses a hollowback, but still this guitar sounds nearly the same as his tone!), of course, John Mayer and Eric Johnson.

  • Maple neck, 21 frets (And hell it looks awesome as it ages. Give it 10 years, and it'll look all beat up, but that's how maple necks are!!)
  • Single-Single-Single Fender pickups setup. The crunchiness, the twanginess, and FINALLY the Tone knob has a role to play on the guitar!!!!!!!
  • Stratocaster body
I remember the first time I held an electric guitar during my guitar lesson days.. And the first thing I held was a Fender Strat. It felt right, and just felt nice.

My decision's a 70% for the Stratocaster.

And thinking about it just excites me because.. I never had a Stratocaster! And I feel like I'm maturing in terms of music, so time to cut down on the whole heavy metal and play what I feel like playing.

.. Until I change my mind, this will be it!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blasting Into My Ears.

I keep forgetting why I worship Dream Theater for quite a bit.

In sequence, please.

I'm An Idiot.

I trust people a little bit too much than I expected.

Okay, let's have a recap why I'm an idiot.

It might be the next reason aside the jokes in having myself deported back due to racism, crime, fights, and more racism.

Failing a subject exceeding a certain number of times, is also another way to get my ticket back home without a degree, and earlier too!

Let's have a pop quiz session!

Q: What is the Basel II Framework?
A: I nono. I know its sibling, the Basil Leaf can be used in cooking spaghetti.

Q: What are the roles of the commercial bank in the financial market?
A: ... To deposit my money and make sure it doesn't go missing

Q: What are bonds?
A: Sexual bonds, you mean?

So, it's questions like these that I will face very soon in my finals, and with very little confidence, all of you have my assurance that I will fail this subject.

I never felt stressed while I'm doing my assignemnts or study-related items. But this is the very very first time I'm feeling extremely tensed out because I know the standards are higher than crap Malaysian private education.

I can easily pass (not get a distinction) in Corporate Finance while I'm busy shaking my legs in class and at home, but I'm not that lucky anymore.

Plus I have to adapt to the Australian banking system as soon as I can. Not that I want to, but because it'll cost me AUD$1700 ++ to go through the same vague shit again.

And guys (not you readers), when I say I need to be alone; I need to be alone. You guys can go have your fun or whatever it is, just that the lack of homely conversation will really help in dealing with myself and my own assignments where you all can't even help me out with at all.

If you all can help, that'd be great. I'm always open to new ideas, new conversation to the related topics I have in mind; as what I have in my musical abilities. But if you all are just about games, dramas, and procrastinating. Eight words:

Fuck that and just fuckin leave me alone.

And God, get a damn headphone and start playing your games on it, and watch your animes or whatever it is man. We all pay an equal amount of rent for privacy, anyway.

One Simple Thing; Hard to Achieve.

Money, money, money. You can work your ass off really hard for it.

But that's not my problem.

I lost my mood for today.

I just want to be left alone. Can?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You Idiot.

I knew something was up, and it seemed kind of impossible to do certain assignments when there's not enough materials.

I'm doing this subject called Banking and Financial Institutions, and it's no fun.

One thing's for sure, they asked us to predict what will happen to financial institutions when it's not properly regulated, and what is the outcome of the whole market if all doesn't go well.

I did research via textbooks and journals from official resources in Australia and it's no joke. It's a big headache about something that's based on facts but can be turned around at any time.

.. Until I decided to go from the BEA 321 standards to.. 705. The first digit in our subject codes would be the level of difficulty of our subjects in university.

And for a 7xx digit, that'd be what.. masters? PhD? Whatever?

All I know is that I found the article I was looking for after so long. Bloody hell. What a headache.

And reading a 7xx journal is NO fun at all.

But at least I have the answers! yay!


Here're some things that I've learnt in college/university regarding prices and profits, and economics.

We have the main product, which is the iPhone 4G, and the subsitute product, the iPhone 3GS.

After much self-persuasion, I will postpone the purchase of my (VERY long awaited) iPhone 3GS to the end of June, or early July. Since many people claimed that's when the iPhone 4G is estimated to be released (Such as the iPhone 3GS in June 2009, when my brother purchased his iPhone as well, now that I remembered after he brought it back to my dad's birthday party in August).

So here we go. For those who don't bother with Economics, you can shut this window. For those who understand Economics, leave as well, because I might get some parts wrong. LOL

The introduction of the iPhone 4G will..

  • Be pretty expensive. I'm judging it to be at least AUD$1000 because of my Malaysian roots where everything is just darn expensive. Then again, on the first release of the iPhone 3GS last June, my brother got his handset for AUD$760 - and he ordered it online. The price for the iPhone 3GS 16GB (exact same model, different colour but there're no colour charges anyway) will cost AUD$879 (original price @ $799 without GST). So if this were to be true, Apple Inc. might have the tendency to charge less on initial sales (as price per individual handsets), but will earn more if they were to be sold in a huge bundle.
    We do not forget at this point that the price appreciated/rose from $760 to $879.
  • The substitutional product, which is the iPhone 3GS, will mostly drop due to the introduction of the iPhone 4G. I have proof for this. Look at my iPod Touch 1G 16GB. Now it costs at least 2x less than it used to be. Way to go
EVEN if the iPhone 4G would cost that damned much, and if the prices would drop for the iPhone 3GS. Meaning it's a win-win situation if I were to wait:
  1. The iPhone 4G is going to push the prices of the iPhone 3GS to be lower. I can afford it.
  2. And if Apple were to sell it at a lower price on the initial introductionary periods, I can afford the iPhone 4G
Either way, I can afford either the iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 4G.

Now the other note, I have to CONSTANTLY keep AUD$1000 in my bank account without spending it. If not, I won't be able to afford anything at all. Now this will be tempting when I have a bad spending habit..

Anybody wants to hold onto my $1000 when I get it soon? :D .. JUST MAKE SURE Y'ALL GIVE IT BACK, OF COURSE!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The society exists,
But the rule does not.
Like a soul, pondering;
When all is well? Maybe not.

The endless void,
The neverending screams.
Torturous, as they may seem,
A blessing? A benefit? A sign of death?

The neverending pain,
Where dreams were once recognised.
Burnt, into the shadows,
Never heard, never known.

Turn the tides,
From the guilty, to the innocent.
Or to one,
To forgive the sins of many.

Flexibility, at its lowest point

Mmmm .. Hmmmm mmm mmm .. Mmmm..

I got a big bad feeling,
That you don't live here no more.

Quoted from Jimi Hendrix's Red House.

The way that Eric Johnson sings it with sentimental feel, just touches me at the right spot(s). Not only his voice, but the notes he pick.

And he enhances his notes. How? Simple. Steroids.

Nah. Sound. The amps, the pedals, the guitar, the rig, the articulation, the pressure on the left hand and on the right hand, etc.

In other words, how was this song? Depression?

Damn straight if it were to be depression. It's 8.44pm, and I was supposed to start on my journal-reserach a few minutes ago, but I decided to stray away, and to think about what my life is about.

And it ain't good. I came home with clouds of thunder, watching others how they simply play the guitar, and sound good (not good guitarists, but they sound good. Emotions heighten your performances as well, apparently).

And.. what am I doing?

Flipping through bank regulation journals preparing myself for a subject I'm going to fail.

It's like a drug addict, who smokes a shitload of weed, and realises that he's going to die because of weed. But smokes even MORE because he's too ashamed and just wants to die as soon as possible.

Tell me, what the hell am I doing here? And what in the freaking world have I done to make myself miserable, anyway?

People pisses me off. The close ones I had..well, are the ones I used to have. And new friends will turn into the ones that I had.

Is this some sort of a circle of life, or it's just myself?

Either way, I've done it this time, and I've screwed myself really hard.

The only achievement today that I'm somewhat proud and not proud of myself would be.. scoring a 4/5 in my test last week. And the other more studious people scored 3, and a little bit more. They could've done better, but why did they not? After all, they pay more attention in class, and they definitely understand the subject more than I do.

How in the world did I slither out of this? Does the Big Man up there wants me to succeed or what? Sorry mate, if it were to be my own effort, I know that I'd be pretty smug about it all day long, but this, I feel, isn't my effort. I did my everything to contribute, but something inside of me is telling me that it wasn't my full effort. Or effort. At all.


*Conducts the orchestra to play Red House


7. The Western lucky number digit.

Lucky 7's, and whatsoever it is related to.

Currently, that's the number that's the number any houses would read. Okay, not house, but garden at least. It's pretty cold and I can feel there's an extra layer on my skin waiting to dry up, and sadistically, will crack and I'll probably bleed to death.

But oh my goodness, 7 degrees?! That's just so freaking awesome! And beause a house, being a house, the cold I'm feeling right now isn't what it really is outside there on the streets today.

Winter is near! Woooohooo..! And I just can't wait. Heeee.

Now I feel like I'm one step closer to my alter-ego:


Hooo-Khaay. Assignment due in T-minus 5 hours. My expectations: T-minus 1 and a half.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The View From The Inside.

Hey Joe is a classic by Jimi Hendrix. One of those songs I usually wake up to, or I listen to after a few rounds of the usual stuff on my playlist, but I decided to watch how it's being played.

Besides the fact of being.. Jimi Hendrix, it's hard to compare the likes of him, and Steve Vai, Satriani, and the rest. He doesn't have the speed, the modal education, and plenty of others.

But what makes Jimi Hendrix.. Jimi Hendrix?

Take a look at the last part where he slings the guitar to his back and plays the solo.

It's not about practice, technique or showmanship. Maybe a bit of the last one, and anybody could do that.

A boy playing an air guitar hits all of the right notes.

That's what I had in mind when I was watching the video.

I took the original MTV and compared it with this one, and boy, nobody likes dubbing. He hated lip syncing or dubbing to a recording. He'd rather play what he plays and deals with it, even if he hits the wrong notes.

The solo in the video above, isn't a clean one as well. But nobody can be that dead accurate while having fun as well.

He just burst out showing off his emotions on stage, sharing his appreciation of music with the audience. A magical thing that theories and readings can explain. It's all about chemistry. The adrenaline rush, the spontaneous thoughts, and for the love of Music.

I'm not saying that Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson should be better than him. On a statistical basis - where their playings are measured, then yes, they're better at a point.

But in terms of emotions, you can't cry like a baby unless you tried really hard. Only a baby cries like a baby. You can't play like Hendrix, unless you're Hendrix.

Some people gets jealous, or demotivated by watching the likes of others playing.

I can't teach you what I know, but I can show you what I know.

Knowledge is power. And it's up to you to really listen to it. For this case, to watch, and to listen.


If I had my own room right now, I'd be blasting my guitar like what I'd usually do. I wonder how's the JEM Jr. doing at home.. sigh.

Yeah, there's a Red House over Yonder,
And that's where my baby stays.
Lord, there's a Red House over Yonder,
Lord, there's where my baby stays.

I ain't been home to see my baby,
In ninety-nine and one half days..

The Alfa Spirit.

In relevance to the title, what do Alfa Romeos have one thing in common regardless of the model and the year?

Need a hint?

Oh come on. Get a friend who hates Alfas (HAHAAHHAAHAHHAAHA) and they'll tell you why they don't own one. Besides a Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, etc, they're completely reliable and cheap to maintain.

An Alfa Romeo has all of the passion it has in the world, crafted by men who takes their cars seriously. So serious, if you were to be an idiot to drive an Alfa, you'd end up fixing one of your own in the near future because it just.. breaks down.

As much as you love it, you have to hate it at one point. But until the point where you want to sledgehammer the damned thing, you'll fall in love with its Italian spirit, and.. everything else.

Now, what's the difference between the Alfa and me, tonight?

I don't know. Besides the fact that I'm beginning to break down. Into pieces.

As stupid as it sounds, I got woken up by an audible nightmare, hearing the voices of my past friends during my high school years. Where we're all scattered around the world at the moment.

Are we scattered, or am I the one who ran away for no reason instead?

The dream, was probably a hint in disguise, which is both good and bad.

And trust me, for a dream to wake me up from my sleep at 4.10am, hearing to my housemates drinking their night away, are they facing life as they expected, or running away as well?

I don't know if it were to be my friends who changed (which is a blunt thing to say, I know), or if I changed (which is an emo statement, I'd say) or we're all just growing up.


4.14 AM.

What the hell woke me up, anyway?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Boys, And Their Toys.

Usually, I won't go all tech-savvy and getting as many toys onto my list.

But here's an updated one, and probably a revised one, perhaps.

  • iPhone 3GS - Estimated order on 8th of May 2010.
    Either that, or I just might wait for the iPhone 4G. Then the 4Gs comes out, and I'll wait for that. You know what? I'll just deal with the iPhone 3GS. One, I don't do video calls. Two, I don't need the whole 5mp camera. I've got one that does 10mp, which is a proper camera, or a DSLR I could snag from my brother. Three, when the battery dies, I'll just sell it off and get a iPhone 1000GS. Or use and get the battery replaced. No big issue.
  • iPad - After the iPhone 3GS
  • Guitar + amp set - Either that, or I'll play without an amp and blow probably AUD$ 1500 - 1700 for a rare JEM displayed on .

Now here's the tricky bit.

  • Nikon D300S - AUD$ 3000 ++
  • MacBookPro - 17" inch .. highest specs with my mumbo-jumbo would be AUD$3500. Rounded up to $4000 just to be safe.
Now if I were to calculate that, I'd need to work for about.. 400 hours on a $10 hourly wage to get that laptop.

400 hours, that'd be an average of 6 hours per day of shift, so that'd be 66 days, which is a plus-minus as well. I'd give myself 5 months with my current availability. LOL.

Something that lasts up to 8 - 9 hours mobile, and that powerful..

Besides the power, it's THE shit to use for multimedia arts. Which I've always dreaded long for since I used it for about 3 days in 2006. I could never ever forget that experience.

Then I can leave this laptop to die with a broken I key, and get manifested with as many viruses that exists in the world.

Whereas a Mac, viruses are all voided. Automatically.

Now, the last bit - the two are options. Either the camera or a MacBookPro. There's a heavy emphasis on the or. Because it's either I get the MacBookPro, or I get the camera. I'm not going to own both.

Unless if I were to have a family-oriented orchestra, then I know I'd be in the perfect position to handle the expenses.

Camera has upgrades that would increase expenses as well. Lens, external flash, etc.. Shit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What An Idiot.

Apparently, if I don't live with them, I'm surrounded by them.

I'll be more specific because I'm dead sure that nobody from my class would read my blog. My lecturers, maybe. Only if they take that into consideration.

If you're close enough, I have this issue with this Honh Kongnese idiot. He speaks with his tongue all over the campus, and his ego, apparently, is as big as Tasmania. Boasting about how countries should be, condemning Malaysia for being a bad-economic country (As much as I hate Malaysia at some point, but he hates it more than I do.).

But this idiot thinks that I'm Malay, because I'm Malaysian. So I should consider Taiwan part of China now?

Trust me, I had to revert to the unknown fact that I was born in France, but raised in Malaysia to make his brain more processable to my thoughts.

Or he was just being an asshole and a blonde.

So today, like usual, I ignored the motherfucker, and sat at my place way across at the other side of the lecture theater and started studying for my Banking and Financial Institution quiz later on the day.

And this idiot, who's rude apparently, came in, sat beside me and didn't bother to ask if there was anybody sitting beside me. Not to say I don't mind, but he didn't even say "Hi", even if I was his friend. Better off, I think it was better he treated me as a stranger.

Until his methods of plagarism appeared. The only reason he sat beside me, is because he wants my journals that I've researched on my Management assignment. Being the idiot that I was for today, he ruined my mood by trying to extract it out from me. He also wanted to come over to my place to pickup the files - personally.

He switched from his original topic to be the same as mine, only because he could get the answers from me.

Of course, I wouldn't want to share my embarassment of the job that I have right now. So I told him I was busy. But he's coming over tomorrow to get the files from me.

So ladies and gentlemen, I'm not usually a dick, but here's what I'm going to do.

And I'm going to be specific.

Out of 9 journals, I've only used 3, and the other 4 were textbooks (I'm dead sure that he doesn't even check my blogs. Oh wait, he doesn't have internet access. LOL). So what I'm going to do, is to toss him the other 7 journals, monitor it, and cut it down to only 3 journals - which are entirely irrelevant to the topic that we all are doing. We're doing our research on transformational leadership. But these journals are related to leadership - in general, and charismatic leadership, and transactional leadership. Which aren't covered by transformational leadership at all.

So I'm going to take his thumbdrive, copy the files for him, and change my number after that.

Since he boasted about that Mitsubishi Evolution VIII he used to have back in Melbourne or some shit, I'm sure he won't mind boasting about the time where he was once cheated by this asshole in class (or he might not be even sure if he screwed up on the assignment) and had to retake this subject again.

I'm an ass, right?

Only if you get onto the wrong side of me :)

Eat this, you Hong Kongnese bastard. I'll wait for you to show your fuck face, anyway.


After a nearly-shitty day at uni..

.. I just came back home to try my keyboard and mouse on my workstation.

And I got to say, it's just so darn satisfying.

I don't feel any backaches or strains trying to reach out for the screen.

Or whatever.

Now, I shall post this post from a distance.

*clicks from bed*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Dollar For..

If you hung around with me a little bit too long, you'd notice that I'm a miser. I'd run from JB to Dick Smith to find a keyboard that's $10 cheaper, but would not go from that place to find out that my iPhone Cover costs 90 cents more than JB.

So I'd buy something more expensive if it were to be under a Dollar, and if it were to be more than $10, I'd run over to their competitors and get it instead.


Maybe if it's a few cents cheaper, I won't make a big fuss out of it.

The budget I had in mind were to be less than $100 for a wireless keyboard and a mouse set, so I can work in more comfort on my bed.

But until today, my keyboard did not arrived. So what the heck.

A Dollar for....

Perhaps you can have a look at something else - and maybe I can work things out for you.

..? The only thing besides the keyboard that I was looking at, originally priced, were to be to $189. Way too over my budget (or anybody else's)

Let me see. *click click click*. JAM


So a dollar for a $62 discount. Nice?



And guess what? I'm going to click "Publish Post" far away from my laptop as well. LOL.


Edit: I must remember that these products are battery included already -_-

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Who ever thought that having housemates were a good idea?

I mean, housemates that respected your privacy when they'd stay in their own rooms and their own spaces would be great, but idiots running around just because of Killing Floor is a different case. They'd be all excited, giddy and shit, then they'd come up to your room, wrestle a few rounds to see who's the bigger pussy, and then leave.

In the middle of the battlefield, which was NOT supposed to be a battle field, lied my only laptop cooler/stand that's available from Malaysia ONLY. Two fucktards weight in at 80kgs average per person landed on one of the legs for my laptop stand, and yes, it doesn't lock right anymore.

They only know how to work, play games and eat. Other than that, one of them is entirely hopeless. "Chui kong, lanpa song". All talk, no action in other words.

IF this laptop stand malfunctions while I'm away, and my laptop falls down from it, and if anything were to be broken, they are going to be in a lot of shit.

And I mean it.

I mean, if they can destroy my laptop, I suppose they won't mind me bringing an ultra-sized magnet and visit their little hard disk drives, right? :)

Thanks for ruining my night, guys. And thanks for making me regret staying in a house full of idiots.


Another reason why I wanted a 17 inch laptop.

Or a dual screen monitor.

Everything's crammed up.

And I find that just..annoying.

Saturday, April 17, 2010




(I declare that today is an impulsive Top Gear day.)

Plans; May 2010 onwards

Let's make a list:

  • iPhone 3GS 16GB @ AUD$ 879 ++ (haven't calculated in the accessories - e.g. phone casing, etc.)
  • (Editted) Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse @ AUD$ 88 .. Just to enrich my procrastination experience at home during one of those "I'm trying to study" sessions. Heh.
    Will be attained mid-May 2010, and I'm looking forward to this! A fully-paid iPhone instead of one that's under installment. Or anything that I can't even apply for because my criteria does not match their requirements. like wtf. lol
  • iPad 32GBs @ Estimated AUD$650 ++ (again, haven't calculated accessories - planned to get the book-casing, wireless Bluetooth keyboard, and maybe its Dock because it's too big to be left lying around)
  • Electric guitar & Amp @ Estimated AUD$1500 ++ (Since tube amps here are easy to find, I'll take my own sweet time in finding amps when the time and $$ is around. For the guitars, I might just pick out the same ol' Ibanez - with Floyd Rose system, H-S-H setting or H-H setting, 24 frets..when I'm going to use up to 20 only.. blah blah blah..)

Three things I want to get by this year.

With my underpaying job, do you think that's possible?

I don't know myself. Heh.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

There's A Few Things To Share.

Not just music in general, but the things I'd like to remind myself as well.

Mike Mangini's parents didn't send him to further his studies in drums because he was already winning awards of being the drummer that he is. Why?

"Why should we pay you to 'learn somemore' when you've already learnt and being good enough at drums?"

He's a drum professor at Berklee's Music College, and has written 2 books (If I'm not mistaken) about drumming, and related computers to his technique.

Victor Wooten, from his book, "The Music Lesson" . Now when it comes to this, there's plenty of things to write up, but here's an interesting fact for those people who're facing the same problem like me. To face frustration in not learning the right modes, techniques, blah blah blah.

"If you concentrate on it, you won't be able to do what you can do. You need to think that you already know the technique, and practice it ethically."

"What you need to do is to jam! After all, you were not a master in speaking English when you're young. You spoke with your masters (in this case, your parents), and you mastered the technique as you grew older"

"I can't teach you, but I can show you how it is done."

There's plenty more where that came from, and I didn't quote it directly, by the way.

Now if you think those are a bunch of useless statements, change the whole "music" view to what you can do in life. Putting your mind into it is a general statement, but if you branch off to whatever you're doing, I think you can handle things pretty darn well.

I need to be constantly reminded. I couldn't stop smiling when I flipped through the pages of this Music Lesson.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And Yes..

Without a doubt, I think this week's just the most horrid week.


Slaughtering Someone's First Born Child?! You're Crazy!

Short recap:
Sunday - Mood swing about assignments.
Monday - Bad quiz marks.
Tuesday - Bombarded one of my housemates.
Wednesday - Someone stole my quiz marks when I was going to give all subjects another hardworking go.

I literally mean what I've tweeted on my twitter account.

Someone stole my 10% worth of quiz marks. It's Econometrics and I did the fucking quiz last 2 weeks ago right before the Easter Break.

Who in the world would steal a fucking quiz paper, anyway?!

And it's fucking Econometrics! I don't give a shit if I pass or fail the damned quiz, but it's fucking Mathematics. A deadly mixed breed of Economics and Mathematics, so meaning besides calculation, there's an explanation of the questions being done.

What's important are my answers. I want to see what I've done right, and wrong, so I can fucking prepare for the finals, numbpricks.

Like, what the hell?!

It's not like I've ejaculated on my quiz papers and you'd steal it so you can have my babies or something! Give it back, damn it!


On another note, here's 10 things that you'd like to hear if you're a musician. The 10 elements of Music:

  • Notes
  • Articulation
  • Technique
  • Feel
  • Dynamics
  • Rhythm
  • Tone
  • Phrasing
  • Space
  • Listening
Victor Wooten's book is pretty inspirational. I don't usually listen to Michael Jackson's "The Girl is Mine" because it's just cheesey.

But ironically, I forgot the reason why I listen to odd types of music for - arrangements.

So instead of tapping on the forward button on my iPod, I decided to listen to it, as I read along how this Michael (apparently, the person who changed Victor Wooten's style of playing), explained about how the rest of the 9 elements were underrated or under-taught as music mentors would usually teach about scales and modes - which all fall under the first element - Notes.

I read that, and I listened closely. The riffs for that Michael Jackson song consisted of Feel, Articulation, Technique, Dynamics, Tone, Listening and Notes (which is somewhat interrelated to articulation).

"Boy! Do I have a lot to learn!", indeed, Mr. Wooten.
Before you tell yourself it's just a different scene
Remember what you're staring at is me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Provoked On Demand.

When I am busy, I'm busy.

I have mood swings, yes and no. Maybe. I can control my emotions until a certain point.

Take a balloon for example. Inflate it, until you know you're going to burst it. But leave it as it is.

There are 3 decisions now.

  1. Either you let it be for it to lose its air, which is the best alternative.
  2. You take a needle and burst it.
  3. Or you inflate it more with your mouth until it blows up in your face.

If some people were smart enough, they'd take the needle, burst it, and run as far as possible.

But idiots, apparently, they'd blow the balloon until it bursts, and you don't need a PhD in this to notice that you knew it was going to blow. The only difference is, they didn't know even if the balloon were to be bigger and longer than their grandmother's sagged breasts.

When I want to be alone, I WANT to be alone. I have my times when to hang out, and when NOT to hang out. Let me make my statement clear. ESPECIALLY IF I WERE TO BE LIVING WITH PEOPLE. Or should I just fucking disappear like what I've been doing. It doesn't benefit you, definitely. One person less in your life is just a fucking relief, but I can tell you one thing. I'd focus and I get MY objectives all stated out and clear.

So call me unsocial, or whatever it is. Why don't you socialise during a volcano eruption and not figure out ways to escape. After all, friends friends mahhhhh.

I socialise pretty well, and my friends know that. Work hard, play hard. Not play hard, and play harder.

Besides, in my dictionary, sorry for being offensive in any aspect or ways, I don't mind gaining or losing friends. If you want to talk about relationships, let's say I'm a failure. After all, there's a reason why they'd leave me and get along with someone new.


Expecting me to whine by the streets under the rain while waiting for them to come back? Fuck that shit, man. I'd make friends, and if they don't want to make friends, that's their problem.

That's why I'm bold enough to go against friends who are not directly connected to me. For example, the housemate. Friend-friend mah doesn't apply on me. If you have an issue with my attitude, you tell me, and I'll make you hate me even more.

Which reminds me of my ex-supervisor back in Starbucks. He's the person I hated to work with most of the time, until a point, I had fucking issues with his attitude until he took note. So he dragged me to the back, and asked a simple question.

"Do you have a problem with me?"

I answered under a second, and here're the decisions:

1) I'd answer yes. Although I'm risking my job, reputation and my hours for shifts, at least I got things sorted out with him.
2) I'd answer no. I'd just lie, and have him stomp all over me and kiss his ass with full grace with no dignity.

What'd you think? He's my superior. He shouldn't have asked that question but instead of decision 1 & 2, I went..

"Yes, I have a lot of issues with you, actually."

So that's decision 1 x infinite. You wouldn't want to know what I blabbed at him, but I definitely turned the tables against him. And that's one-on-one.

Friend-friend mahhhh. Fuck that shit, man. I don't have the mentality of a Malaysian, mind-fucking-you.

I've told my brother before, if it were to certain things right and there's a sacrifice to be made, I'd do it and he can save his own face if he wants to.

It's who I am, so if other people can get along well with me, the problem lies in you.

Don't forget; the world doesn't revolve around you. You revolve with the world, so stop acting like you own a fucking kingdom.

And you'd know when I'd be a proud father to my childrens when they bury me 6 feet under without tears. It's not like I'm going to come back from the dead with their tears, prayers and hopes, anyway. If I'm dead, I'm dead already. Just set a guitar on fire and make sure I receive it in heaven. Or hell. Doesn't matter because we're already dead. I'd rather be alive and playing the guitar. Immortality would be awesome.
When everything feels like the movies,
Yeah, you bleed just to know you're alive.


When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.

Losing Confidence.

I have absolutely no idea why, but I was singing along with the chorus for "Papercut" by, yes, you've got it, Linkin Park.

Now why the random thought of a band I've never heard of in about 10 years?

Thinking back, Hybrid Theory was the first ever original album I bought with my own allowance. I loved the ideas and concepts they had when One Step Closer was on MTV for the first time.

And I still remember it without looking at Mike Shinoda had spikey red hair, and being American born Japanese, I still think he has extremely good looks for a guy.

Besides that, there's the guitarist who always played with his headphones - which reminds me of that guitarist from Gorillaz. Later during the age of the likes of Eric Johnson and Paul Gilbert, I found out those headphones weren't headphones. They were some sort of a device - ear mufflers - to protect their ears from high pitched frequencies - usually caused by distortion and the guitars they played.

Which is a sad thing. A musician that plays good music to the crowd, but they can't listen to themselves. Only through memories.

It's like a haunting nightmare at some point.

I got a bit off topic as what I've written above has no relation to whatever I had in mind right before I wrote the words "Linkin Park" and "Papercut".

Losing confidence. What does that mean? Oh no. Gee, I wonder.

I was thinking back on my Banking and Financial Institution lectures and tutorials. Imagine me, there. But blank. Idea-less, and just fuckin' stoned.

I have never failed a subject I've never understood. Oh wait, I have. That would be Company Law back in KDU PG. But that's 30% lecturer's fault, and 105% college's fault.

I'm feeling extremely inconfident, and I shouldn't be running around like the fool that I am at this very point of life and start pulling up my socks.

Everytime I do sit down in class and have positive thoughts, it demotivates and depresses me when I feel like I don't learn anything.

It's sad really. I'm not asking for a distinction, but it's a pain in the ass to fail anything at all and retry doing it again.

Fuckin' hell.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Blues.

Monday Blues indeed.

I have found Victor Wooten's Groove Workshop DVD.


Case closed.

House, time!

A Couple Of New Things.

Sunday was a shitty day. Today's nearly the same. Except that I'm suffering from my stupid Bong Syndrome, and I can't do things straight pretty much.

Things are a bit screwed up, and I think reality's beginning to hit me pretty hard. Not soon, but it's happening now.

Besides all that, class was shit as well. I wouldn't want to talk about it.

And, here's something new. I've been eyeing on this book, and I haven't read it. But it's written by one of the most inspiring bassists I've ever seen.

Yes, Victor Wooten. I don't follow much on basses, but one thing's for sure. Victor Wooten's not about being a kick ass bassist, but he's a kickass musician as well. If you followed up on his album titled Palmystery, you'll know what I'm talking about. There are flashy bits of basses, but do not forget we're listening to a bassist. So it's not Steve Vai or something where you listen to flashy guitar pieces.

And mind you, I'm not saying that Steve Vai's ridiculous or anything.

I'm just saying that it's wrong to stereotype people when they're good in instruments, but when they have completely no idea about music.

When you grab an instrument and play the things what classical players would play, that's practically reading a book in relation to religion. But if you're reading a novel of your interest, that's a different story.

This book defines that story.

The first paragraph alraedy scared the crap out of me:

"Boy! Do I have a lot to learn!"
There is nothing new about this statement, but the story I'm about to tell you may have you saying the same thing by the end.

And on and on, Victor Wooten commented on how that statement applies to himself as well.

Music's a she, and the bass is a he. Now what's in Victor Wooten's mind, I wonder?

There's only one way to find out. And if you wish to know, ask me in a few month's time. I'll be done with it by then. Haha.

And the other thing would be..

Mike Portnoy's drumsticks. Dream Theater, yo. Nice pieces of wood to mindless knock around for fun.

First thing's first. Assignments after going to the old house. Apparently, I heard that aliens broke in, and is currently breeding in the place, and I'll just have to piss on all of them so they'd learn a lesson to not fuck around with someone else when they're already done with the place.

I mean you, motherfucker. And you ruined my perfectly swear-free blog. Feel proud. I'll slay your first born son.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's Talk About Idiots.

If I were to be serious in something, you'd be able to tell it through my expressions, tone, and the words I use.

Let's say, if I were to call you an idiot, you know I'm not joking.

If I were to be laughing, and going "What the fuck?!", that's just me joking around.

But I were to call you a moronic bafoonated diseased mammal who knows nothing but to use leaves as your feet protector (and that's what you'd think as well) and a toothbrush to comb your sideburns, you know darn well, I'm still joking.

Or am I?

Some idiots, who are really idiots, need to really read between the lines. If I were to tell you

1 + 1 x 2 = 3

Please take note that you can do either this:

1 + 1 x 2
= 1 + 2
= 3


1 + 1 x 2
= 1 + (1 x 2)
= 1 + 2
= 3

You don't do this:

1 + 1 x 2

It doesn't make sense, right?

When you tell someone the truth, s/he thinks you're bullshitting him. But when you tell someone a lie, there's a tendency of them believing in you. Either you're lying, or not. Apparently, idiots always think that it's a carefree world, and they know everything's a lie.

So how would we know if a man is serious? In Australia, they'd crack a beer bottle first, show you the sharp edges that he means strictly business.

In America, they'd tell you that s/he's serious about a statement. Then this is when you start laughing right before you get a full lengthed knuckle sandwich to finally understand that you have been a total idiot in not believing whatever it is that needs to be believed.

The truth is as simple as it is. And idiots, apparently, will never accept any facts. I'm sick of repeating myself when there is already a factual statement.

It's just as dumb as how that idiot said that Sting Rays are mammals. Dude. I'm no marine biologist, but hell, I know sting rays aren't. Why? I always have wikipedia or google right beside me before I start sharing my thoughts on a certain subject that I'm unclear of.

Go play your Pokemon. It'll get you somewhere. Maybe if you play all Yellow, Red, Blue, Silver, Gold and whatever versions available, it'll tell you how 1 + 1 x 2 = 3. Don't forget that you need to wait for the next expansion so it'll teach you how 2 + 2 x 2 = 4, okay?

Linked by an endless thread
Impossible to break


A message from Old Snake.

Although my brain's pretty exhausted, but..

.. Tempted for a cigarette. Why? I don't even smoke.


mcb @ Prices & Profits.

Want To Know How Stoned I Can Be?

Imagine the economist. Researching on past year reasons why the fuel pricing raised from MYR 1.92 to 2.70 in 2008.

And then he had the brightest idea.

Either I'm having split personalities, or I'm just not doing things right.

Now as we proceed to what the Prime Minister then - PM Abdullah Badawi mentions about the prices of petrol increasing, Gregory House steps into my mind and calls him an idiot.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Just another session of ramblings.

So this may be irrelavent to what you might have in mind, and what you might find interest in. After all, a blog's like my bolster. I sleep with it, but halfway through, I tend to snore, mumble, sleeptalk, have nightmares, and it'll end up on the other side of the room after going through a series of dreams where I kung-fu the crap out of it.

Or had an erotic dream and humped it off my bed. Can't say wet dreams because I don't get wet dreams.

Other than that, I might be suffering from certain DPS. Dipshitty Procrastination Syndrome. Or, it could also mean Dancing Prostitute Syndrome - whichever makes you happy. But for my case, I pretty much hate writer's blocks, and procrastination when it comes to studies and assignments.

One reason I hate 3rd year subjects is that when we do studies about a certain subject - let's say.. Finance, or subject pricing in general, I'm still stuck with the Malaysian economy and banking systems. Frankly, the banks there work easier and less complex on how the Australian system really works.

Then again, Malaysian systems are pretty outdated and they don't really overperform or do much to benefit the government, market and the economy.

That's why it's not complex, and that's why we don't learn much. And my lecturer in KDU PG once told me that working in a bank is not worth the salary. My cousin seems to be doing pretty darn well in KL. And the bankers in UK, although facing plenty of major credit crisis, have earned themselves several Lamborghini Murcielago(s) during the Christmas break in 2006. And those Lambos were based on their bonuses ONLY.

And yes, that brings me to the short amount of period and time to really study on how banks really work. Besides on attaining information about what banks there are, the interest rates, etc, would be child's play. Just walk into a bank, do a survey and ask around on what's up.

But on how the bank performs, politics, goverment bodies, ties, market performance and plenty others, takes about years of observation.

It would take months, but months - I'd give myself 6 months.

Actually, I'd give myself none apparently, because I'm completely hopeless when it comes to banks. Accounting still has a slight hope, and I definitely will score for watching House.

Now, looking on what JoeyShinoda does on her essays and studies makes me envious. She finishes whatever she does, and has countless reminders of what she needs to do.

The only reminders I have is to pay back for the goods purchased for the house and the plans to get an iPhone.

But where are the reminders for my studies, journals, and proper references that I should be really paying attention to when it's interrelated to my assignment?

Apparently, my brain's been a bit too rusty due to working semi-full time during my 6 month break. And what I feared may have come true.

What happened to self-confidence, determination and motivation? I seemed to have lost that all at once. I go to class with a blank mind, and I just listen - trying to understand and cope, but will lose track eventually. Econometrics proved my point on this. Banking and Financial Institutions is just another session at the library - you have all the materials, but you don't see where the basic subjects are - or you're just not looking hard enough. Management would still be management. A stale, dead, studious subject that anybody can master, as long as you read, and understand it.

Management's simple what. Kiss someone's ass, and you'll get promoted and favoured. Share your critical thoughts, and you'll be respected and followed. Share more thoughts, and you'll get politically hated.

Accounting? I can share 3 secrets with you. Debit, credit, and a calculator. If everything doesn't balance off, read the questions and fineprints even more detailled. Also, Gregory House would've said you're an idiot.

But who is the bigger idiot? The one that attempts to do the question and nearly solves it with mistakes, or the one who attempts and is unable to get anything done. Or even to get a hypothesis out.

It is pretty depressing thinking about how life really goes. What's even more sad is that sometimes, I don't really even bother with efforts, which would result to 0% progress, and that leads to being a failure.

Nobody likes a failure. And if I fail at something, I wouldn't look myself the same way that I would every morning.

Sometimes, I feel like I've lost everyhing. But then again, let's not forget ta gliondar sa saol cuardaimis e, shall we?

Ta gliondar sa saol cuardaimis e

Edit: Guess what I found during the H4K meeting just now?


Tweet Tweet..?

Check out my tweets at my Twitter page, yo!

I finally got one, and decided to abandon my Plurk. These programmes are just made for fun, and Plurk just went all "Microsoft Vista" on it.

My definition of Microsoft Vista - An overrated OS that sucks up one too many resources.

Plurk does the same. It runs on either Flash, or worse - like my university's online learning website - MyLO, runs on javascripts that will either kill Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Vista, or something that runs less than 1GB RAM on a laptop.

It kills everything, really.

And besides that, for Mozilla Firefox / iPhone twitters, there's this application/plugin available for download via .. It's pretty cool. I'm switching back and forth my Twitter account with Ctrl + Shift + I instead of opening a new tab to access my Twitter page. My brother recommended that, so it's pretty dandy as well.

And most of you guessed it. Procrastination took place today and I did an overall progress of 0% on my assignments. Way to go, retard. *thumbs up*


When the Internet was down, I had stress-free problems. Well, only because it happened over the Easter break and I had another source to head off to download stuff that's related to my lecture in whatsoever way.

But now, the internet is up, and I'm having a major mood swing. Like seriously. I'm just as pissed as a wild boar having its testicles being clicked on one another by a random person.

My left-click mousepad broke. That's the problem with these small micro-shit nonsense. If an injection needle were to be fine, it'd hurt somewhat less.

But if the patient sees a hot nurse (and the patient shall be either straight, or lesbian - therefore putting his/her sex in no category for description or to be revised about), buldges, and suffers from an unexplanable seizure, the needle snaps, blood'd be oozing out everywhere else, and the patient dies.

It's either you do it with precaution - where you nullify the poor bastard with a shitload of morphine, or get a 10cm diametre needle and watch the patient scream till he/she faints.

This laptop has always been plastic, and was designed after a chihuahua. Something that wants to be a dog, but is not a dog. Something that barks and shivers is NOT a dog.

Something that shuts up, pounces and bites a limb off someone else for trespassing, is a well trained dog.

A Saint Bernard will just sit on the poor motherfucker.

Now, this mousepad's button's microscopic hook snapped without my notice, and it was working just fine this morning until I reached home.

Why hooks? Glue it into place and get it over and done with. If it wears off, I wouldn't need to be charged at least MYR 300 or probably AUD$19237563248102347124 for a plastic button only because this model is somewhat discontinued. And who ever sells off a specific keypad to a keyboard, anyway? It's like getting toe replaced instead of getting a leg transplant of some sort.

And what? You're laughing at the glue issue? Don't forget that the Ferrari F40 has its chassis glued on. Not welded, or screwed on. Why? Weight reduction.

And if there were to be a car crash, all you need is a shitload of lotion sperm glue.

PS. It took me nearly a minute to switch back from HTML view to the normal view because of this mousepad. And no, I don't tap on the mousepad to perform the left click.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Take It Back.

The connection here at uni is shit slow, and is only limited to one page per load. Or however you want to put it.

I can't even search for my *.pdf files for proper lists and..

.. Gah.

I feel like going home. I managed to savoured 2 journals, and I think I have enough textbooks for the moment to keep me accompanied with definitions.

Unless someone out there can help me with paper proof on how leadership styles have the ability to demotivate others. That'd be pretty interesting.

Wait. I've got it:

"Boss ah, I bloken one of your mugs ar. Soli arrrr..."
"Ma cibai la you."

*Quits the next day*

That's an employee reporting to a manager, who might be a leader as well, and he used the appropriate transformational leadership styles to ensure that he would never do the job.

Just that the employee's mindset is unable to comprehend the aggressive level of speech.

At the end of the day, it's a psychological effect. Not management.

It is somewhat related, right? Don't question me. I know I'm right.

But the problem is, it's unreal and I can't use it as reference. Unless I reference myself, than that'd be a different case.


I hate it when I run out of ideas.

*Watches House*

I Spy With My Little Eye..

.. Or with my fingers if this were to be the case.

Finally, I convinced myself to bring out my laptop, which is on life support always since the battery only lasts up to 30 minutes or so. Heh.


One thing though. The internet here is pretty fast. I'm surprised. Because in Malaysia, anywhere outside of home, or your friend's place, it'd just be shit slow.

So what's up here in Hobart?

I submitted my resumes in at several places, but still turned out fruitless. I have this odd job in the Newsagent along Collins Street, which you might catch me watching House - Where the boss does not mind at all.


Besides that, since we moved into the new house, I do not have my personal room, but I have a balcony (again), and an attic to see happy happy joy joy moments (if there were to be any) as I can peek into the Masterbed room.

My queen sized bed is still on the floor without a bedframe, I wake up to a guitar beside me.

And if I don't wake up to the guitar, I get blinded by the goddamned super-UV-sunlight fromt he balcony as my brother doesn't believe in blinds, somehow.

Which would explain why I woke up fuckin' early today, and am at university as I'm typing this out.

Besides that, I have the world's most awesome-st hat. It works better than a pepper spray because it blinds people..! Runs on flat 3023 batteries (I think), and I have a Logitech PS3 drum set that I could never ever play.

BUT, it has a MIDI output, and velocity sensitivity. Thus resulting me in considerations to purchase a midi cable, and downloading several softwares to sync the drums to Reason 4.0, AND record drums..!


Other than that, my armpits are still smell the same, my hunger fluctuates, I shit a lot, and I fart in my dreams.

I'm normal as ever, so all's going well.

Except assignments.


Till then, I shall see the world as it is.

.. And check that 99 notification on my FaceTube that flooded my Hotmail inbox.

Hello JoeyShinoda!