Monday, April 12, 2010

A Couple Of New Things.

Sunday was a shitty day. Today's nearly the same. Except that I'm suffering from my stupid Bong Syndrome, and I can't do things straight pretty much.

Things are a bit screwed up, and I think reality's beginning to hit me pretty hard. Not soon, but it's happening now.

Besides all that, class was shit as well. I wouldn't want to talk about it.

And, here's something new. I've been eyeing on this book, and I haven't read it. But it's written by one of the most inspiring bassists I've ever seen.

Yes, Victor Wooten. I don't follow much on basses, but one thing's for sure. Victor Wooten's not about being a kick ass bassist, but he's a kickass musician as well. If you followed up on his album titled Palmystery, you'll know what I'm talking about. There are flashy bits of basses, but do not forget we're listening to a bassist. So it's not Steve Vai or something where you listen to flashy guitar pieces.

And mind you, I'm not saying that Steve Vai's ridiculous or anything.

I'm just saying that it's wrong to stereotype people when they're good in instruments, but when they have completely no idea about music.

When you grab an instrument and play the things what classical players would play, that's practically reading a book in relation to religion. But if you're reading a novel of your interest, that's a different story.

This book defines that story.

The first paragraph alraedy scared the crap out of me:

"Boy! Do I have a lot to learn!"
There is nothing new about this statement, but the story I'm about to tell you may have you saying the same thing by the end.

And on and on, Victor Wooten commented on how that statement applies to himself as well.

Music's a she, and the bass is a he. Now what's in Victor Wooten's mind, I wonder?

There's only one way to find out. And if you wish to know, ask me in a few month's time. I'll be done with it by then. Haha.

And the other thing would be..

Mike Portnoy's drumsticks. Dream Theater, yo. Nice pieces of wood to mindless knock around for fun.

First thing's first. Assignments after going to the old house. Apparently, I heard that aliens broke in, and is currently breeding in the place, and I'll just have to piss on all of them so they'd learn a lesson to not fuck around with someone else when they're already done with the place.

I mean you, motherfucker. And you ruined my perfectly swear-free blog. Feel proud. I'll slay your first born son.

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