Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Alfa Spirit.

In relevance to the title, what do Alfa Romeos have one thing in common regardless of the model and the year?

Need a hint?

Oh come on. Get a friend who hates Alfas (HAHAAHHAAHAHHAAHA) and they'll tell you why they don't own one. Besides a Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, etc, they're completely reliable and cheap to maintain.

An Alfa Romeo has all of the passion it has in the world, crafted by men who takes their cars seriously. So serious, if you were to be an idiot to drive an Alfa, you'd end up fixing one of your own in the near future because it just.. breaks down.

As much as you love it, you have to hate it at one point. But until the point where you want to sledgehammer the damned thing, you'll fall in love with its Italian spirit, and.. everything else.

Now, what's the difference between the Alfa and me, tonight?

I don't know. Besides the fact that I'm beginning to break down. Into pieces.

As stupid as it sounds, I got woken up by an audible nightmare, hearing the voices of my past friends during my high school years. Where we're all scattered around the world at the moment.

Are we scattered, or am I the one who ran away for no reason instead?

The dream, was probably a hint in disguise, which is both good and bad.

And trust me, for a dream to wake me up from my sleep at 4.10am, hearing to my housemates drinking their night away, are they facing life as they expected, or running away as well?

I don't know if it were to be my friends who changed (which is a blunt thing to say, I know), or if I changed (which is an emo statement, I'd say) or we're all just growing up.


4.14 AM.

What the hell woke me up, anyway?

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