Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tweet Tweet..?

Check out my tweets at my Twitter page, yo!

I finally got one, and decided to abandon my Plurk. These programmes are just made for fun, and Plurk just went all "Microsoft Vista" on it.

My definition of Microsoft Vista - An overrated OS that sucks up one too many resources.

Plurk does the same. It runs on either Flash, or worse - like my university's online learning website - MyLO, runs on javascripts that will either kill Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Vista, or something that runs less than 1GB RAM on a laptop.

It kills everything, really.

And besides that, for Mozilla Firefox / iPhone twitters, there's this application/plugin available for download via .. It's pretty cool. I'm switching back and forth my Twitter account with Ctrl + Shift + I instead of opening a new tab to access my Twitter page. My brother recommended that, so it's pretty dandy as well.

And most of you guessed it. Procrastination took place today and I did an overall progress of 0% on my assignments. Way to go, retard. *thumbs up*

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