Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year Resolution - The Amendment.

So, Penang has been great.

Not really.

My mum flipped when she re-remembered that I failed 2 subjects on the first semester, and calculating the costs on how much those bloody subjects were in MYR.

I mean, in AUD$ was already a headache, but if you convert it to MYR, you'll just pee in your bloody pants until you turn anorexic.

So, here's my new year resolution for this year. We (or rather, my mum and I - for the first time) had a serious discussion about financial rubbish.

I can assure you a few things:

A major cut in toy collections (A lot of good ones coming out this year!!)
Custom model guitar going to be postponed.
My 27" iMac might not pull it through (especially when I got the MacBook Pro, it kind of eliminates the purpose unless if I really want to be an ass to myself.)
Expanding my pedal board.

All because the funds will be pumped into funding the most important thing in my life:

.. Myself.

My education, the mess that I've created through my failure, and my decision of taking up another room that will increase costs for me and my brother, so on and so forth.

Guess I have to work hard, and study hard.

This is just the beginning.

Hopefully my email will be heard of, and the steps to my career will make it through. If all goes well, I might move from Hobart to Melbourne by the end of this year, and get a TR / PR straight if possible.

I will stand firm on this year's resolution. Because I really want to achieve this.

I really want to.