Friday, April 23, 2010

Boys, And Their Toys.

Usually, I won't go all tech-savvy and getting as many toys onto my list.

But here's an updated one, and probably a revised one, perhaps.

  • iPhone 3GS - Estimated order on 8th of May 2010.
    Either that, or I just might wait for the iPhone 4G. Then the 4Gs comes out, and I'll wait for that. You know what? I'll just deal with the iPhone 3GS. One, I don't do video calls. Two, I don't need the whole 5mp camera. I've got one that does 10mp, which is a proper camera, or a DSLR I could snag from my brother. Three, when the battery dies, I'll just sell it off and get a iPhone 1000GS. Or use and get the battery replaced. No big issue.
  • iPad - After the iPhone 3GS
  • Guitar + amp set - Either that, or I'll play without an amp and blow probably AUD$ 1500 - 1700 for a rare JEM displayed on .

Now here's the tricky bit.

  • Nikon D300S - AUD$ 3000 ++
  • MacBookPro - 17" inch .. highest specs with my mumbo-jumbo would be AUD$3500. Rounded up to $4000 just to be safe.
Now if I were to calculate that, I'd need to work for about.. 400 hours on a $10 hourly wage to get that laptop.

400 hours, that'd be an average of 6 hours per day of shift, so that'd be 66 days, which is a plus-minus as well. I'd give myself 5 months with my current availability. LOL.

Something that lasts up to 8 - 9 hours mobile, and that powerful..

Besides the power, it's THE shit to use for multimedia arts. Which I've always dreaded long for since I used it for about 3 days in 2006. I could never ever forget that experience.

Then I can leave this laptop to die with a broken I key, and get manifested with as many viruses that exists in the world.

Whereas a Mac, viruses are all voided. Automatically.

Now, the last bit - the two are options. Either the camera or a MacBookPro. There's a heavy emphasis on the or. Because it's either I get the MacBookPro, or I get the camera. I'm not going to own both.

Unless if I were to have a family-oriented orchestra, then I know I'd be in the perfect position to handle the expenses.

Camera has upgrades that would increase expenses as well. Lens, external flash, etc.. Shit.

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