Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slaughtering Someone's First Born Child?! You're Crazy!

Short recap:
Sunday - Mood swing about assignments.
Monday - Bad quiz marks.
Tuesday - Bombarded one of my housemates.
Wednesday - Someone stole my quiz marks when I was going to give all subjects another hardworking go.

I literally mean what I've tweeted on my twitter account.

Someone stole my 10% worth of quiz marks. It's Econometrics and I did the fucking quiz last 2 weeks ago right before the Easter Break.

Who in the world would steal a fucking quiz paper, anyway?!

And it's fucking Econometrics! I don't give a shit if I pass or fail the damned quiz, but it's fucking Mathematics. A deadly mixed breed of Economics and Mathematics, so meaning besides calculation, there's an explanation of the questions being done.

What's important are my answers. I want to see what I've done right, and wrong, so I can fucking prepare for the finals, numbpricks.

Like, what the hell?!

It's not like I've ejaculated on my quiz papers and you'd steal it so you can have my babies or something! Give it back, damn it!


On another note, here's 10 things that you'd like to hear if you're a musician. The 10 elements of Music:

  • Notes
  • Articulation
  • Technique
  • Feel
  • Dynamics
  • Rhythm
  • Tone
  • Phrasing
  • Space
  • Listening
Victor Wooten's book is pretty inspirational. I don't usually listen to Michael Jackson's "The Girl is Mine" because it's just cheesey.

But ironically, I forgot the reason why I listen to odd types of music for - arrangements.

So instead of tapping on the forward button on my iPod, I decided to listen to it, as I read along how this Michael (apparently, the person who changed Victor Wooten's style of playing), explained about how the rest of the 9 elements were underrated or under-taught as music mentors would usually teach about scales and modes - which all fall under the first element - Notes.

I read that, and I listened closely. The riffs for that Michael Jackson song consisted of Feel, Articulation, Technique, Dynamics, Tone, Listening and Notes (which is somewhat interrelated to articulation).

"Boy! Do I have a lot to learn!", indeed, Mr. Wooten.

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