Sunday, January 31, 2010


You're missed.


When a man gets dropped into the forest of the unknown.

And the only thing he has is a knife.

He has to survive.

It's either he will, or he won't.

I found myself a double edged sword.

And you guessed it right.

Even if it lies dangling in my stomach, with myself losing blood, I'm trying to see where the finish line is.

And So, Summer Came.

It was pretty bad.


So I resorted to something else for nearly the afternoon after I came back from grocery shopping.

Which I will never do on a hot afternoon ever.

It must've been that bad, huh?

It IS that bad.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Another Day..

.. Well, not exactly.

I kinda ran out of ideas to put as the title.

Today, my housemate, a.k.a. my brother's friend since secondary school, just went back to Penang to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Okay, to make it easier, the housemate's name is Siew Keat. Also known as Teoh amongst his Australian friends.

I must say that I owe him quite a bit because he's been driving us around since I arrived in Tasmania. It's awesome to know someone who has a car. And it's great ot see him again. We've been friends for probably 11 years now.

But he left, and my brother will be attending an armour party at Lencheston (SP?). So, I'll be home tomorrow. Great.

Anyway, a friend I just got to know through my brother's ring of friends, Jasper mentioned something new to me. In fact, everything is new to me today. It's called Targa. It's like, an association on enthusiastic drivers or racers get their cars of whatsoever and compete in this. Like, if you were watching Top Gear - during the Classic Car challenge as well, you'd be able to see a lot of familiar cars driving around. The best thing compared to Malaysia is..

.. Malaysia, you don't get them to sponsor such events and associations. Because if they do, they tend to wait for you to get in the car, and as you're about to race off, the car gets stopped by police asking for bribery.

So, we had a look. We dropped by to see the drivers when they were resting at the hotel, but most importantly, we could check out the cars being parked there. And they don't mind at all!

Saw a couple of familiar cars, and unfamiliar ones, which is pretty awesome.

For the supercar fans, I only managed to see the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Aston Martin Vantage. Awesome-ness..

The rest were the usual. Japanese tuned cars - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Hatchback, Nissan GTR, Nissan Skyline GTR R-33 & R34, etc

Check thepictures out in Facebook, for the moment, here are a pinch of my favourites..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

iThink iPad.

When it comes to pricing, I guess I'm sucked into the Australian currency already. I'm not comparing to the Malaysian currency at the moment.

The iPad, pricing ranges from $499 - $699, with each of a $100 difference between 16, 32 and 64 GBs worth of space.

Now for those who are familiar with the 3G network, the iPad also comes in a totally awesome compatibility where it runs on 3G wherever you go. That, would cost about how an iPhone 3GS. Ranges at $629, 729 and 829. Which is pretty awesome.

The pricing are in USD, at the moment.

Since I'm confirmed to get my iPhone (if the plan's approved), I might settle down with the iPad many months of savings later. I think it's pretty awesome.

And how they managed to make iWork applicable on the iPad, with its laptop-sized on-screen keyboard, I believe it will be relatively lighter to bring to class, and get notes and whatsoever done.

Best thing is, you're able to export whatever you've saved on the iPad to PDF, and things should be a little bit more familiar to Windows user from there.

I think this should be called iAwesome instead of the iSanitaryPad. But still, I'm amazed how their technology has grown.


Anyways, don't know what's an iPad? If you ask me, it's just awesomely convenient. But educate yourself in the mean time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Went To The Park Yesterday..

.. And I saw something educational!

I was at the park in Hobart yesterday with my brother and his friend, Brodie.

It was a podium, probably a memorial of some politician. I'm still unclear about who's the impact around here, but they were pretty tight on freedom back then.

So this was scribbled on the podium, on the surface where you'd put your bible and preach to the public. It stated something wise like:

"Freedom is a speech you speak to the public, not what others want to hear"

It didn't rhyme or any sort, but it was a pretty awesome statement. It felt motivational.

And in Penang, if you were to go to the Botanical Gardens, you'd see a big sign stating:

"Dilarang membuang sampah. Didenda RM200"


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreadnaughts, and..

.. Small bodies.

Whatever you call them.

Anyways, come next month, and my guitar should be available in the house!! Wheee.

The problem is, there're really big bodied guitars compared to the smaller ones.

And honestly, I hate playing on dreadnaught guitars, because they're just bloody big. But the tone that comes out from the guitar is pretty awesome. Compared to a smaller-bodied guitar, and regardless of the string gauge you use, the tone is usually warm, big, and round. It's very soothing, really!

Smaller guitars tend to be brighter - sharper in other words - and it's pretty good if you were to be in the spotlight.

And size is the ultimate problem for me. Due to me practising the guitar in the stance on how it is usually strapped on, I think I'm going to have a problem playing the guitar right.

It's going to be 45 degrees upwards most of the time.

But I don't know.

My fingers are turning hard due to no practice at all for a week.

I hope this torture will end soon. It's depressing..

Come February. AND MAKE IT QUICK!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


These are some pictures for those who're curious to check out the pictures of my room.

And yup, my room is the only room wiht the balcony. And compared to my brother's room, it has 2 windows.

So mine's a little bit colder compared to the rest.

Currently, it's being like an igloo. I think. Can't be that drastic, but I'm wearing a sleeveless at the moment. Haha

And check the lamp out! That's the only thing I got. And I think, that's the only thing I'll be living with @_@


Guys, here's the update:

ISO200 Fuji film @ AUD 17.90
Development & Convertion @ AUD 10.50 (I think)

= AUD 28.40

Now, we all know that Malaysia sells the film at official shops @ RM 12 for ISO200 films and the convertion rate is @ RM 21 .. Total = RM 33

You do the maths. I can't bear to see the price differences after conversion.

But I'm surprised that development is very cheap here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Am Getting Old.

I like this small room with my personal balcony where the cool breeze gets in when the room gets a bit too stuffy.

I find it really cool.

Especially when I wake up after the rays of the sun annoys me with its radiating heat.

And I'm getting old because, I tend to like the houses here that are quiet. I like this plain bedsheet that I have set up for the bed.

Nothing on the floor.

Just a couple of things on the shelves.

It's as simple as hell, but I like.

Just missing of a vacuum cleaner to start cleaning things up.


I can't get over it now, can I?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Oath.

I am unhealthy, and I'm getting old. Everybody is, right?

So here's the thing for some people out there.

If you are unhappy of the way that I am,
For the promises that I've broken,
The outings that I've never made it for,
The parties that meant the world to you,
And what you can say is that I'm the worst person in the world to ever know,
Please say it.
I don't really care about if it's a good or a bad thing,
But proceed and just say it.

Don't worry about damaging my feelings or whatever it is.
I can assure you one thing.

The final decision is made if what you said was right or wrong on my tombstone.
Even if you cry, or you don't, or you regret, or assured what you said was right,
Because I can't be bothered if you were right, or wrong.
And even if I were to be the shittiest person in the world.
The world revolves, and I'm following it.

So quit bitching, and say whatever you want to say to me, even if it's good or bad.
And when it's bad, take note that I can't be bothered.

I know my mum hates my guts. Until the day I left for National Service, or to KL, or Australia, she ended up crying, saying that "I'm forgiven for what I've done"

Honestly speaking, I can't be bothered. In fact, what she needs is for me to forgive her.

And until today, I haven't found the right reasons to do so, so it'll stay that way. Forever. Even after she dies and I die.

Even till the day I die. Even now, when I begin to cough, I tend to taste my own blood gushing up from my throat, to my tastebuds, and down again.

So enjoy life, folks.

Please do tell the closest people around you about how much you hate them when they do something to annoy you before it's too late, and be a cryfuckingbaby to cry all over your miserable regrets.

I don't share, because I think everybody's perfect the way they are.

So quit ya whinin'.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Turning The World Upside Down.

Well, I must say that I've done a good job in spending my first night in Tasmania by staying up till 5.15am. In Malaysia, it'd be 2.15am.

Great, huh?

Anyways, would like to share some pictures that I took of the whole Adidas Star Wars promotion thing going on. They designed sneakers and shirts after Star Wars characters.

On a behind-the-scenes note would be that I'm surprised that there're so many enthusiastic people who're willing to dress themselves up with their OWN custom-make armours (not costumes, mind you.) and start promoting the product line.

It's a cool thing, really. And these are some of the shots I took with my brother's Nikon D5000 on the last day of being in Malaysia. What a way to spend it, huh?


Check 'em, yo.

More @

Monday, January 18, 2010

Something I Have To Get Used To..

Housemate: "Oh yeah. In Australia, you can just drink off the water from the tap."
Me: "....?"

*looks around for filtered water device*

Me: "... Seriously, eh?"
Housemate: "... We're in Australia, mate."

.............. ????

Well, I'm thirsty NOW, so I'll give that a shot -_-


Probably one of those dates where I begin a new chapter.

If this were to be a new chapter, it'd be chapter 23? Or 32.

For those who've been wondering, I've safely arrived in Hobart, Tasmania. Which is in Australia, by the way. And when they call it the hole, yes I have to admit, it's pretty dead.

As I look out the window now, nothing is higher than, I don't know, the 5-story bank.

But it's pretty convenient to get around from place to place! In fact, when I first arrived in Melbourne, transitting to Tasmania, it was really cold. To the point where I forgot what was the meaning of .. sweat.

Which is a very big issue when I come back to Malaysia because it's always hot.

It's cool here.

Really cool.

Anyways, I didn't take much pictures due to the hours spent on rush events since 9am yesterday.

on the 17th of January 2010, Adidas has this new line of products only available for this year; sneakers and shirts designed after the Star Wars characters. And my brother, being my brother, suited up, and started doing his usual routine of trooping.

Not alone this time.

He was accompanied by Darth Vader, 3 other Storm Troopers, 1 Sand Trooper, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, etc to help promote the Adidas promotion.

If I can get the pictures up, I'll show you what I mean.

So that lasted up to 4.30pm? We rushed straight to LCCT, and managed to check in, and get our flights all sorted out. Boy, the flight from KL to Melbourne was a neck-breaking 8 hours. We took AirAsia X, and compared to the normal AirAsia, the seats could not recline.

At all.

As a matter of speaking, I believe I am suffering from a severe spine cancer due to the trip.

After that, transitted to the Tasmanian flight, and I'm pretty amazed on how the Australians handle visitors at the Airport. Rigid orders, but polite at the same time. How amazing is that?

It's like having meals like a pig, but using a fork and knife. With elbows not leaning on the edge of the table.

Cool, huh?

And every single time we get off the plane, and about to collect our luggages, we are always welcomed by a dog!

A DOG! I got welcomed by a DOG!

Of course, if the dog barked, I'd be banned from Australia forever because it sniffs our luggages for drugs and stuff, but it's really really cool on how they do it right.

For the moment, I'm still looking for a Asian multi-socket to fit onto the wall so that I can use all of my Malaysian appliances.

Hell. I forgot to bring the sockets from Malaysia. Serves me right.


Well, I can't even speak or count properly thanks to the cold, and thanks to the lack of sleep. So I'll pretty much upload or blog again in the near future.

For the moment, I'm pretty good. Just that I'm not used to being in a foreign country. Where the locals are white, and the suspicious ones aren't the whites.

It's just a psychological thing. I'll get used to it.

By the way. I have an elephant pet. Her name's Fluffy.


.. hai.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Day in Penang


This is it. I'm not going to come back anytime soon. I doubt I know when I'm coming back to Penang to see all of you again.

For those who've I met up with, thanks for your time spent and what we've shared.

For those I never got the chance to, due to me being busy most of the time, I'm sorry, and I'll make an effort next time.

Thanks for all the wishes, guys. I'm going to miss all of you. Not only the Penang people, but the KL peoples too! You all know who you are!

Anyways, this was what I did today.

Afternoon: Headed to Simpang Ampat with my mum, settled stuff there, had tea.
Evening: Dinner with James and Pam, Hard Rock Hotel to watch Kelvyn's new guitar in public for the first time after it being done, and then the last supper with my Starbucks buddies.

So, remember the previous 2 blog posts regarding the guitar that Kelvyn was building? If you all have me on Facebook, I believe you all can check it out there. It's the 2nd latest album. Thanks to my brother for lending me his Nikon D5000 to take the shots. Turned out pretty good. Better than my camera, that's for sure.

So, check it out. These are the shots of Kelvyn's fully custom guitar!

He is one happy man right now. Congratulations upon building your dream guitar. Although minor faults here and there, but I'm glad you figured it out with your expertise! And although you're not going to read this, but thank you so so much for allowing me to assist you in building this baby of yours. Although I'm not a fan of bling bling shit, but I have to admit, this is a swell looking guitar. I've learnt so much (like usual) on the way on building this guitar!


And then, I rushed from Batu Feringghi to New World Park to join Rainnie, Wei Theing, Khai Keat, Ah Liang, Liew and Lydia for .. my last supper.

They prepared a mug with their signatures on it! So sweet of them as a farewell gift.

Guys, you all won't be reading this, but thank you very much! It makes me feel appreciated, and I'm glad that I've met all of you. You all are wonderful people, and I wish you all the best in your future undertakings regardless of what jobs you might switch to.

I'll be hitting KL tomorrow, and flying off this coming 17th of January to Melbourne.

Then 18th of January shall be a brand new chapter in my life, in a brand new foreign land.

The sweet smell of excitement..

Edit: I had a minor printing error on this blog. After the supper session, after sending Rainnie back, me and Ah Liang went and played L4D 2. Now I'm satisfied and ready to leave Malaysia. heh.