Sunday, April 18, 2010


Who ever thought that having housemates were a good idea?

I mean, housemates that respected your privacy when they'd stay in their own rooms and their own spaces would be great, but idiots running around just because of Killing Floor is a different case. They'd be all excited, giddy and shit, then they'd come up to your room, wrestle a few rounds to see who's the bigger pussy, and then leave.

In the middle of the battlefield, which was NOT supposed to be a battle field, lied my only laptop cooler/stand that's available from Malaysia ONLY. Two fucktards weight in at 80kgs average per person landed on one of the legs for my laptop stand, and yes, it doesn't lock right anymore.

They only know how to work, play games and eat. Other than that, one of them is entirely hopeless. "Chui kong, lanpa song". All talk, no action in other words.

IF this laptop stand malfunctions while I'm away, and my laptop falls down from it, and if anything were to be broken, they are going to be in a lot of shit.

And I mean it.

I mean, if they can destroy my laptop, I suppose they won't mind me bringing an ultra-sized magnet and visit their little hard disk drives, right? :)

Thanks for ruining my night, guys. And thanks for making me regret staying in a house full of idiots.

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