Friday, September 17, 2010

I Feel Like..

.. Shit.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Floating Thoughts.

Standing by the beach,
Waiting for the sun,
Waiting for another day,
Waiting for another love.

Closing my eyes,
Thinking of you,
I'm sent to another universe,
Far away from this.

Audible thoughts,
Inaudible words.
Certified facts,
Random feelings.

As I breathe,
My lungs are filled with air,
Rather have them filled,
Filled with your scent.

Crazy thoughts,
Crazy words.
Tears of sadness,
Tears of truth.

I open my eyes,
I find my feet in the sand,
I see footsteps to the sea,
I see a fair maiden in the waves.

I dragged myself up,
I got closer to the uncertainty.
But this uncertainty feels right,
So maybe, I should go even closer.

Holding you, holding me.
Why are our tears flowing?
I don't feel sad,
But happy?

Maybe tears aren't that bad at all.
These are tears of joy.
The long search for someone was simple,
There's a technique to it:

"Trust, honesty,
Understanding, patience.
Love, truth,
Soul, emotions."

8 elements combined,
The rest is effort.
Two hearts,
One love.




I admit I am not perfect, and I will never be.


I was doing my studies a minute ago on my iPad, and I wanted to post this up for quite a bit already.

A few days ago trying to figure out the mysteries of my assignment, I got really tired. I sat on my bed, wanting to take my afternoon nap, and then like usual, I couldn't sleep.

I picked up my books, again and I could focus even better. I felt relaxed more with my phones, netbook and the iPad on the table that I call my workstation.

I could absorb information better rather than staring into a "backlit-LCD" screen with my notes on it.

I mean, it is the exact same issue with you reading books, and reading eBooks, if anybody ever experienced or encountered any problems like that?

I tend to lose focus over the times where I'm closer to technology.

Is that kind of odd?

I remember reading one article about one person giving up the cyberspace and it improved his memory.

Besides his memory, he also had boredom.

Boredom is the most important emotion to actually feel to get inspirations. He was one of the few people who bought an iPad, and then he sold it off because it took up too much of his time where he prefers to be bored.

Which is pretty interesting really. I sat down, like what normal families would do before the introduction of the iPhone, the iPad, and other smartphone-related devices. If you switch off notifications, you'll end up refreshing your applications to figure out if there's anything new or whatsoever.

Just so happens, I was too lazy to reach out for my i-Products, and I was happy with it. I focused way better, and I felt better studying - with a book.

This is a pretty interesting thought for myself, and I'm not sure if you all experienced it.

I know when I go online, most of my time is wasted no thanks to Facebook. Because of Facebook, I don't play as much guitar as I used to. And when I play guitar, I play it better when my girlfriend is not online, or when she's busy, and with my netbook shut.

Boredom kills some people, like my 4 other housemates downstairs, but I think it's a divine source of major inspirations.

Although the idea of Apple products being highly promoted here, that is clearly the wrong message to send out. It's only because I own these things. If It was years back, I'd blame it on my PS2 and the home computer.

Give me my boredom so I can study right. No wonder I haven't touched my iPad for a bit. It's an odd sign.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seriously, That's Being Idiotic.

I just met an idiot today. He came into our tutorial, and I suspected something was Rongelap with this chap - he had no idea of what he was doing, or what was being taught, but he had the answers.

Not answers of his own, but answers from a different semester.

And bloody hell, he nearly got all of us into trouble.

Seriously, the reason why we pay to be tutored or lectured is because for us to learn - even if we failed, we learn from our failure.

I mean, anybody could've cheated and passed whatever they had in mind, but the shittiest thing to bring the solution key to the respective tutorial.

Sure, thats your efforts right there. But don't you even feel ashamed that the rest of the class worked their asses off asking all sorts questions, getting all sorts of wrong answers and getting everything out right in the end of the day?

I mean, if that were to be effort, try this.

Grab your dad's credit card, go to the education department, and do your payment in how much you can get a Degree for. That's sheer effort rig there, and you'll stay dumb for the rest of your life by doing so.

Seriously, I can't tolerate these sort of parasites. I you have the answer or something, thats cool. But don't you think that if you use the answers, it is better to use the answers as a reference to support you attempts, instead of making your attempt?

Seriously, I'd fuck you upside down if you were to be in the same group as me. Or get you expelled if you were under me. Like seriously.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Welcome to the family. I've been expecting you.

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Sad News.

I was happily procrastinating until I read something disturbing in Facebook.

Mike Portnoy, the backbone of Dream Theater, left the band because he needed a break.

Of course the stunning news early this year was that he was drumming for Avenged Sevenfold due to a personal request of their late drummer.

That's fine, but Portnoy found out that he had more fun in the other projects - and found out that DT was work to him.

I clearly understood that, but I'm truly shaken by his decision - and the decision of the band to continue on without him.

Sure Portnoy, not the best drummer in the world as others are catching up, but for those who CAN play DT's songs smoothly, were obviously inspired by Mike Portnoy.

So, Mike, have a good rest.

I wish to see you back in action as your life story motivates me to carry out my Quest for Tone.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is Nice.

There she is, having her fun with her friends, and having a different timezone just to see her for a short while.

Sounds familar, though.

I wonder if I'm the idiot doing something like that?

I am an idiot, only if I believe it.

Well, that doesn't matter anyway.

I came home from uni today, sat down and played the guitar. I actually slept while playing the guitar, so I decided to get some rest.

And I woke up at 6.45, plugged my guitar in without checking Facebook or playing around with Nemesis Prime.

And it's 2.14am as I'm writing this, and I've got the guitar with me still.

Even if I were to be alone, and that would suck. But that's alright..

"I still got my guitar!"


Sunday, September 5, 2010


Seriously, did they fix the issue with blogging from an iPhone after inserting pictures?

Since I already had this on the iPad, I hooked my iPhone up as well. It's one of those universal apps that you can share among devices, so that's pretty cool.

Now, updates? Another "toy".

Takara Masterpiece (MP-01B) - Optimus Prime - Black Convoy .. Also known as Nemesis Prime.

There're two more figures coming in by this year - the Japanese mascot that replaced Mickey Mouse - Chokogin Fireball (which is smaller than my preferred height, but she is bloody flexible, comes in with plenty of hand gestures, and other misc stuff.) and the Jungle Fatigue version of Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. That would be coming out by the end of the year, so I'm looking forward to that one.

So far this app works for the iPhone smoothly after the update being installed. I'm satisfied, although it does lag a bit (on the iPhone 4. Imagine 3GS lol)

And other than that, I've got nothing to update. Heh.

Till then, mates.

Edit: I just realized that I have already posted up pictures of this Prime. Oh well. At least the app works. I'm doing this through my iPad now LOL.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pouring It Out.

Sometimes when I really think about it, is it really worth it to put in whatever efforts we have into something we don't really have confidence in?

In life, in work, in efforts, in hobbies, in studies, and in family?

It's great if you get something in return once in a while. The only thing that keeps me happy is when I get money.

Simple. Money in, money out.

When money out = more stuff in the mail arrives for me.

That's not how things should be, but at least I have the opportunity to grasp on the things that I only thought that I was able to view online.

On another note, I'm not sure if it's jealousy or whatever it is, but I love to share whatever I've got with those who view me on Facebook. And sometimes, I'm just guessing that they don't like the idea.

I mean, I'm just updating myself? And whatever I have is just pretty common to those around here. And that doesn't mean that you have to end up hating or flaming me because of the stuff that I own? That's just odd??

Why hate something that you can own? All you need to do is just to fork out your cash. If you can't, then work for it?

Others would say, "If you can't fork out your cash, then stop complaining"

I saved up since I started working, which was April. Before then, I was really tied down on my expenses.

And I admit that my job isn't the best in the world. I feel dumb in the current job I'm in, so shut up already.

Okay, the iPad and the iPhone were a tad bit overkill, but I saved up for those two shitheads. And I bet that my bank account shows less digits than your children's. So ????

And sometimes when you show some people that you really care, you just get a fine kick in the nose. Right back at you, so that doesn't make sense either.

Maybe I should stop degrading myself and should start finding myself, again.

Because, seriously, I think I've had it.


The smiles, the kisses,
The time spent is priceless.
The thought of losing you,
Would make me lifeless.

The happiness you bring,
Through the things we've been,
Makes life worth living,
And it gets me start thinking.

What would I do,
If I was never with you?
And what would you do,
If you did the same too?

The tears cried, the pain subside,
Only because of you being by my side,
Even if you're not here,
I believe that you will be.

Oh, how do you make me happy?
And how do you make me cry?
How do you know what to say?
How did you make me love you everyday?

Life goes on, even when we hate it,
With you, with me, we'll just have to make it through.
Supporting you, supporting me,
We'll know what to do.

Lovin' you, lovin' me,
Lovin' the guitar notes being played,
Appreciatin' you, appreciatin me,
Let's just lay by the beach, under the bright blue sky.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My brother always told me that the toy quality nowadays really suck.

After I got the follow below, I agree.

25% plastic, 75% metal casted.

You tell me? :)