Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Late Night Out.

Like usual, I spent it in the company of the great Kelvyn Yeang. Doing his music, and stuff. Met a couple of his music mates as well.

But first thing's first. To some, you know what this is. To many, this is the Lomography Fisheye 2. It takes shots and exposes it onto the negative on film (!!!!), so lomography is tougher than you think, honestly. Even an SLR allows you to see the exposure balance if it were to be 0, +2 or -2. This has nothing.

Anyways, meet the new addition to the family.

Which my mum doesn't know how to use as well because it has more than 2 buttons.

It has its pros and cons in its own unique way. Truly an interesting experience.

I whipped out my camera later on at Kelvyn's studio to take some shots to see if I could warm up my photography skills.

Sadly, it needs to be warmed up. And I have to tear my decisions in either being a musician, or a photographer.

No such thing as both.

Oh well.


Fish's Eye of View.

So, the tools of the trade would be a Canon PowerShot SX10IS, or a Lomograph Fisheye 2.


Women Drivers Are..

.. Very responsible. They are the species that tell the male species to stop speeding, drifting, or racing on the roads or they would not get the chance to make babies with them.

The male species would be very tame after a good shout by the female species.

But the responsible women drivers are those who already passed their 2 years of P driving.

Today, I nearly knocked into a stationary Peogeot 206. As a biker, I'm not that clumsy, so it's entirely on this fucked up bitch's fault. It's already 3am in the morning, and she thinks she's trying to hit the Nurburgring under 10 minutes in her crap French car.

Problem is, she sped out of the corner in a very unreasonable distance, and she braked.

Idiots like these, would just either move on, or just reverse. You don't stop in the middle of the road and hesistate.

Because of her "Oh, I'm in a rush home because I was busy having sex with my big-cock-tearing-vagina boyfriend and my parents are wondering at home if I'm pregnant yet" attitude, she sped, then she stopped, causing me to nearly knock into her, and not giving me allowance to swirve either left or right.

What a bitch.

She then overtook me, which I allowed her to, to get a good loook of her profile and lifestyle. Your middle aged bitch. Driving a car that her parents got her (Not her parents', obviously), has a P sticker, pretty long hair, but bundled because it's at night, dyed slightly light brown.

So in other words, I nearly banged into a typical Chinese bimbohead who can't drive for nuts, and I hope that she gets raped one fine day have be cursed. I hope that a Hummer H1 would cure my misery by crashing into her, and constantly stomping on the gas pedal while thinking it's the brake.

Also, I hope that her tyres would be punctured because she's going to piss off a lot of people very soon.

In fact, I hope she dies very soon. Since it's some Chinese belief that you sneeze if someone was talking bad about you. I'm talking bad about this bitch, driving that Peogeot 206, and I hope when she sneezes, she would be travelling 140kmph into a 10 year old tree.

No. A lamp post would do good.

No. I'm suggesting, she'll crash into the brick wall of a school.

Or no, let her bang into a 289 year old tree.

Or can she just ram into the tree, then break it, then crash into the lamp post, but breaking it, then crashing into the brick wall of school.

Then when she's semi-conscious, she'll find out that she's going it doggy style with a dog.

This is a warning. If I see you on the roads again, you'd better fork out a lot of money for dent and paint repairs if I were to be on the bike. Obviously, I can't kick you when I'm driving in the Camry. So I'll go mobile, bitch.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Would Love To Update, But..

Something funny just happened.

Problem is, it'd be kind of vague for me to blog about it.

Neverthless, I'm going to make full use of my off day tomorrow (Hopefully) and see what nonsense I can come up with. Heh.


And it's raining like hell at the moment. Like, wtf.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



You're half asleep.


I've got something to share with all of you.

@ http://antu0in0art0motion.blogspot.com/2009/10/untitledwishing-best-of-happiness.html


Manyak comel and sweet and cute and comel.

Huhuhuh..hello mr. gorilla..

Friday, October 16, 2009


.. How people came into your life. You got to know them, played with them, talked to them, went out with them, and so many other things.

Now, it may be 4 years away from the last date you remembered. You see them as they were. But the personality you once knew ceased to exist.

Eventually, they are still around. But you don't play with them, don't talk to them, don't go out with them, and do so many other things.

It's just the cyberspace, and a hi-bye sort of thing.

No matter how real things may be, it's sad to know that the people are there, just standing by the entrance of the door in your life. Sooner or later, they won't be standing there. They'll be gone.


But thank goodness, some people understand such issues, and they still stay the same. These people are simply amazing, even if they don't have the best of financial situations.

Life's brilliant, isn't it?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another For That Inspiration.

You'll never guess what I JUST got.

Okay, it's pretty obvious, but for those who doesn't know just yet, Ocean of Fire's latest album - entitled "Destination" is out.

I got it through Kelvyn Yeang thanks to a planned Left 4 Dead / DoTA session by Choo Shen Way.

And I couldn't stop noticing the album cover, because the previous released album had all sorts of things in it that carries how Kelvyn would design something.

I'm not sure what you call that sort of designing, but it's that sort of a design.

For a change, they did this:

Which is awesome.

Which is an understatement because Kelvyn said that this inlay was done via Corel Paintdraw (I forgot the name, but hell, I remember using it when my mum's office computers were running on Windows 3.II!!) with mouseclicks. Mad respect to the one who did the cover; Damien Wu.

Also, the inlay looks like as if Kelvyn brought out his inner child and scribbled all over the descriptions of each track. I had a good laugh by reading it.

Now, with this warm theme-based cover, which is a new look for the band, would it carry a different sound for their composition as well?

The answer is going to be straightforward. It's a yes.

And I'm happy listening to this album if I were to compare it to their previous project, which was also a good attempt - An Instrumental Rockfunkjazzynotsometal Project. But like wine, as they age, they produce a better taste, flavour, and ideas for music.

This album consists of a total fo 12 tracks, which I also think is averagly priced for a CD.

I'm listening to the 4th track - There's a Heaven Above Us, which still has my ears on its edge, as I could've sworn that I heard something flashy done by tapping all sort of notes on the guitar fretboard. This 4th track of the album, starts with a Fusion-based genre, but gets everywhere after quite a bit.

I remember watching Ocean of Fire during my young-guitar age days, and they were just being..themselves.

Now, it's 2009 (or 2010 as stated on the album), they still sound like themselves. You'll know Jonathan Scully is bashing every single thing he sees on the drum kit, Jonathan Chen poppin' and slappin' to the bass, Chiat doing the harmonies and supportive chords to Kelvyn where he'll be running his fingers all over the fret board. If he could successfully used his 8 fingers and 2 thumbs to tap on the fretboard, I'm sure he would've done such possibilities to perfect it.

As I'm writing this, I must say that after 8 years, they have made great progress together as a band, searching for a mind-blowing, ear-orgasmic brilliant sound to suit the theme of songs that they're writing to accompany the titles of the songs.

As some of you know, idolised shred music would be based on guitars with sustain bummed out to the maximum, feedback during pauses of the song, and there'll be a lot of fanciful finger works. But this all stopped when the 6th track, Kawan-Kawan, kicked in. Soothing rhythm lines, low-sustained lead guitars, and plenty of feel. I wouldn't say that Kelvyn did everything by himself, because I believe that good sound is achieved by the support that he has in the music - the drums doing the right rhythm, the rhythm guitarist doing the right chord and strumming pattern, with plenty of soulful basslines.

It's a perfect mix of everything. Something to relax to, something to feel, and to go on a wonderful destination with.

I can see myself driving on the highway with this album being played in the CD player.

I am still surprised with how they have matured in terms of ideas, and playing styles. It's a great all-rounder sort of album instead of your usual shred album.

And as stated in the album; "Having no guidelines or a standardised approach to writing music occasionally gives OOF a rather sporadic sound." Written to, would be; "In some songs, the solos are prewritten. On others, we improvised. And sometimes, on inspiration-fuelled moment flashed through the glitches, and mistakes evolved into new, exciting ideas".

Which I find truly unique. Did you know that there was one part of the guitar solo in Mr. Big's "To Be With You" was done because it was a mistake? Because it being a mistake, it gave the solo a much more bigger personality and a different feel instead of the usual predictable stuff.

I must say that this is entirely a different approach done by these 4 great lads. This time, they invested a little bit more in achieving such tone quality, so they're providing you proper value for your RM25. With great help from JD in mixing the songs, and the almighty Nick Lee for doing the album mastering, they have captured the oddest harmony of what they love singing through their instruments.

Also, extra credit goes out to those who has helped them in doing the album, such as:
Graphic layout: Tsu Lim and Schizzow.
Photography: Jeannie Lee & Shankar Laxminarayanan

And I still think that whoever did the album cover is one brilliant genius. Corel Paintdraw.. With a mouse? That's like shredding the guitar with your teeth. Not picking; but shredding. With your teeth.

Overall, I am in love with music by listening to these great musicians evolving and giving in a lot of matured tone and ideas.

Great job, guys!

By reading the inlay, it'll teach me to be a proper musician and to be a better person to be conscious of what's around us; accepting different music when music is truly a beautiful language to sing, to write, and to play.

Ooh! Seashell Song's the next item on my playlist! Heee.

Edit: My God, they gave it a bloody facelift!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It Feels Like..

.. Shit.

You come home, to the place you call home, and you face everything that a home does not define.

I feel very unwelcomed.

Very, very unwelcomed..

And the only thing I can do is nothing.

Just sigh, and get along, I guess.

Ain't nothing we can do, right?

There's always music.

So I'll just hide away in this shell. Hopefully it has good THX sound system, and a shitload of Dream Theater. I'll survive.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009





I miss you.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


And tomorrow shall be my ..first day!

How My Life Got Wasted.

It's one of these situations, see.

I say, listen to your mother to waste precious moments of your life.

Think I'm wrong? Fine. Don't complain your mum never nags at you for no reason then.

"Jean Louis!"
"What." (Not even bothering to ask what's really up.)
"Come here!"

*Walks into the room*

As much as I'm not trying to make this comical, but I'm disgraced with how accents get into the family without the offsprings even bothering to pick it up.

But, here goes anyway. I wish I had my ear plugs.

"You see the curtains there har. The wires are usually blocking it."

Her being non-specific in her life, the wires - in relation to the telephone wires that we had to make "neat" upon her command. So my brother hooked the whole thing above the curtain railings so it wouldn't slither all over the floor.

And there I was. Waiting for her to suggest what I should do.

"So har, what we can do har, is to.. Hmmm.."

Me: "....?"

As she thought of something to do and then did something else, I went back into the room and lied down on my bed, trying to get rid of my stupid sinus caused by that girl.

Of course, when I atteneded to her, I happily sneezed in her face, with all sorts of dust, mucus, and nostril productivity, to show that you should not expose me to places that contains a high degree of dust. Not even Palm Springs had that much of dust.

Talk about short attention span. But at least her attention span lasted longer than mine. Because I lost mine at this point of her speech:

"You see the curtains there har. The wires are usually blocking it."

Surprisingly, I never heard antyhing after that.

Lesson learnt.

When my mother calls, I should not respond unless if I see the house on fire. But the house being on fire depends if she's burning anything in the first place.

Oh yeah. For a person who talks about recycling shit in this shithole, I thought she was a green person, also being what I hate - an environmentalist. As green as Jeremy Clarkson pointing to a green Lamborghini Murcielago, stating that it is, literally, a green car; I found her burning a shitload of dried palm tree leaves.

Ever heard of the rubbish bin, by the way?

That's what I would do. Get the people who shits on the environment via dumpsters to do the job. I did my part, but I couldn't care less if they did theirs.

Going green like, using RON95 petrol compared to RON97. Bold decision, but consider our transportation investment. It'll cost us more to replace a fucked up engine than for us to pollute the world with rich petrol.

On the other hand, I couldn't care less.

Save the earth? The Earth is going to die sooner or later. Why not do something noble? Like feed the hungry. At least that'll bring up a new generation to fuck up the world even more because the world fucked them up before anybody thought of doing anything to them.

I don't know if you noticed the Chinanese slang that goes around in the house, but that har har har issue is leading her to be a cartoon character very soon.

I'm not kidding.

Wow. By the way, Maddox updated himself, and I wasn't aware. That sucked.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

And It Is True;

There are several reasons why an individual would want to run away from certain issues which are impossible to tolerate or cope with.

There are several reasons why an individual thinks of suicide before anything else under peer pressure.

There are also several reasons why an individual pays attention to the subject before assumptions.

But this individual is constantly reminded why he decided to disappear for a more than a year.

Unfortunately, as expected, things never changed.

There is a difference between an expectation, and assumption.

I expected, not assumed.

It gives me more reasons to find to get out of this shithole once again.

Paradigm Shift.

Only this place makes me agree that there is no point mourning over the death of another member in the family.

Let alone, my family. The others have a right.

Jesus fuckin' Christ.

A Big Ouch.

I'm finally able to go online with my new wireless router at home.

It's MINE, by the way.

So what happened to the old one?

Simple. I don't know what happened, but both the wireless router and the old modem got fried, so I decided to have a few good rounds of sex with it.

Then bought a new modem/router through my mum's technician.

I sense I'm going broke very soon. Yay.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


it sucks not being able to go online. I just found out that my modem at home got fried..curently looking for a new one via suppliers..


I miss u.. it's d first day of oct, and I understand how hectic things can get..

or maybe I did something wrong.

me misses u.

let the whole world know..that a half hearted tikus silently weeps with his guitar..

now..how the fck do u post blogs via handheld devices? blehhh.