Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Minor Updates.

Very minor ones, that's for sure.

Today, I'm going to transfer the final batch of items that I do not use anymore (I hope) from my place in PJ. After that, I'm going to watch Up. Cute movie, really. This is probably the first time that Pixar managed to catch my eye regarding a movie with a cartoon-ic storyline.

I've got a question though. Why is Bolt and Angels and Demons still out and Public Enemies is already cleared from the cinemas listing?

Thanks to them being retarded, I will officially support pirated products by buying a DVD, or not support piracy but original products by downloading an original DVD off torrents.

Let's just say that I'm borrowing the officially copied DVD from someone else off the net that I do not recognise or know of.

I'm not wrong for borrowing an officially copied DVD, right? All I need to do is to get my PowerISO/MagicISO up and running and I'll be able to watch them movies.

:D [ / end of sarcasm ]

Now, as per Starbucks - I might have the finalised store that I'll be transferred to in Penang during my 4 month stint. But the problem is, I'm going to be tendering my resignation on the 1st of November and I'll be officially inactive on the 1st of December.

Problem is, what if my application for an Australian university doesn't get confirmed by February?

Rejoin Starbucks? I have no idea yet. HAHAHAHAHAH.

And as for the guitar - I'm pretty disappointed that I'm not going anywhere. I'm still playing the same old stuff, doing the same old things (and even less from time to time), and I'm still stuck with the same studies. It never ends because there's no boundaries in music, supposingly. Everybody's striving to get better from every aspect or all of the aspects they've already achieved. Just improvements, I guess?

I picked up a couple of videos through YouTube.com. It's the perfect source of inspirations, but hell, I don't know who to look up to and for.

So here's a couple of videos I checked out, literally, just last night:

What the...??

Also, my recent download of guitar tabs include Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart and Paul Gilbert's version of Fly Me To The Moon.

Oh God.

Now you see how fucked up my musical mind is?

But then again, I ain't complaining much because music's just.. awesome.

It's orgasmic!

Let's not forget Jack Johnson as well now, shall we?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

G Spot Jam

Tonight was interesting.

It's my first time back in Penang to play on stage. The sort of thing I had in mind a couple of years back. Get instruments, get on stage, and just start playing.

Of course, I wasn't part of the spotlight. Was accompanied by Ying Kit, Kelvyn Yeang, Jonathan Scully and a really cool European bassist.

And jackpot, we did a tribute to..

.. Jimi Hendrix!

Would've been Michael Jackson's tribute if we were a bunch of insane dancers or something.

We played Little Wing and Red House. Truly and interesting experience, but then again, I was out of their league because I lacked of practice and the heart for music.

For the past year, I've been studying nothing but timing, progression, notes, and technique. But when it comes down to the simplest stuff in the world, I went out.

And years ago, I was able to do the simplest stuff in the world.

And that is just to play music.

As easy as it sounded, I couldn't do it.

But until a point, I thought of nothing, and G Spot turned into the house of blues.

There's only one remedy for problems like these: To play more.

Woo boy..

Would like to thank both Kelvyn and Ying Kit for giving me the opportunity to learn from this minor event. Pictures up soon, but I've got none of myself T_T

Saturday, August 1, 2009


This is probably my 5th or 6th time trying to get a blog post up from Penang.

Hell, the computer here is shitty, but it performs fast. One fine reason is because my mum jacked it real badly during the absence of my brother and me.

If I brought my laptop home, I wouldn't have bothered with this place.

Anyways, some updates, I'm being a certified ballerina due to the fact I have to perform high classed ballet from one area to another area of the house due to its tight corners and pathways. God. After working in Starbucks for a year, if I were to do the Value Walk, I'd put something like, "There are obstacles obstructing customers on the pathway, from the entrance to the bar area."

Like wtf, man. I've never seen this home any messier.

And I thought my room in KL was messy! Although tight, I'm able to FEEL the grounds and walk on it.

In Penang .. There's no such things! I have to either hop from one side to another, or stomp on my brother's bed to get to mine, and kick a few cupboards and get myself admitted to the hospital right beside me.

Great, huh?


Anyways, it's raining like hell here in Penang, nonstop. I miss this weather, but being stuck at home with a computer is..good enough. If not, I would've been really bored because my mum took the TV to the new place, and I have no PS2 to at least play around with.

The guitar sounds good perhaps.

Then again, I have other things to do.

I've settled half of what I'm supposed to do, and now I'm going to do major preparations for the big day coming up next Saturday.

Oh well.

Till then.

On a special note: I miss you me yummyness ..