Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Dollar For..

If you hung around with me a little bit too long, you'd notice that I'm a miser. I'd run from JB to Dick Smith to find a keyboard that's $10 cheaper, but would not go from that place to find out that my iPhone Cover costs 90 cents more than JB.

So I'd buy something more expensive if it were to be under a Dollar, and if it were to be more than $10, I'd run over to their competitors and get it instead.


Maybe if it's a few cents cheaper, I won't make a big fuss out of it.

The budget I had in mind were to be less than $100 for a wireless keyboard and a mouse set, so I can work in more comfort on my bed.

But until today, my keyboard did not arrived. So what the heck.

A Dollar for....

Perhaps you can have a look at something else - and maybe I can work things out for you.

..? The only thing besides the keyboard that I was looking at, originally priced, were to be to $189. Way too over my budget (or anybody else's)

Let me see. *click click click*. JAM


So a dollar for a $62 discount. Nice?



And guess what? I'm going to click "Publish Post" far away from my laptop as well. LOL.


Edit: I must remember that these products are battery included already -_-

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