Sunday, January 25, 2009

Throw A Bomb, Hit The Right People.

Today, I just met a very unreasonable customer. Reminds me of my mum, because she's just impatient, and doesn't really understand others well.

I came back from my break, my partner went out, I didn't mind.

This nice guy came to me and asked me if he could change his dollar note because it was half shredded. Kesian the fella, I told him I would change if he was kind enough to wait for another customer to pop by who would perform a cash transaction.

And the thing is, I didn't know anything because I came back from my break.

Another customer came, paid by credit card.

So for those who works in Starbucks, you know the drill.

But then again, his bitch from hell came by, and started bombarding me;

"You should change with your money because it is your mistake."

MY money, and MY mistake?

You fucking idiot. When the Japanese took over Malaya and raped half of the inhabitants of Malaya, and slaughtered the rest of those who went against them and buried them primary/secondary school, I still watch Anime.

And I still play their games because it beats the crap out of American and British produced nonsense.

By right, I should be hating their guts till the core for what they had done to our citizens.

Then again, I think I'd rather go with them because they're smarter than anybody else in the world.

So that brings me to this issue. If your friend's father happened to kill your girlfriend, would you be pissed at your friend because his father killed your girlfriend?

I don't think so. You'd be pissed at his father.

So what I got was an unreasonable bombardment from a retarded person this evening that ruined my mood.

I hope YOUR daughter gets raped real soon and you hate all Malaysians because of only one idiot who raped her. You may end up hating the Prime Minister for all I care, because you're just as unreasonable as me for saying something like that.

I would be contented if you crashed into an elephant on the way back home on a nice Saturday evening.

Happy Chinese New Year, asshole.

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