Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not Another Friday.

I came home at 1am last night, and guess what? I had class at 8am, meaning that I had to wake up at 6am.

But when I woke up at 6am, I decided to push my timing forward; to 6.20am .. then 6.30..then 6.40 ..

Next thing you know, 10.10am.

What else can I do? Get up, had my bath, and headed straight to work.

Work today was surprisingly boring. Never expected things to be so laid back.

Had dinner with a friend that I had never seen for so long, Skyler. Interesting name, right? I don't know how that name came into her mind. Have to ask her one day though. Huhu.

Then I was on my way to Puchong to see an ex-partner of mine. But I ended up calling up my ex-manager, Aisyah, and ended up in One Utama buying wallpapers.


There goes the night.

Then I came home, and I'm doing my laundry as we speak. So I decided to pop by Facebook and saw Shaz's photoshoot thing at 2 different petrol stations. Interesting to watch other photographers at work, just that I wouldn't know half of what they're doing, so yeah.

Then my camera came to life, surprisingly.

So here are random shots. I was testing out the aperature level and shutter speed.

My daily inspiration and teachings.

Focus #01 on my workstation.

Then came focus #02 on my workstation.

Cheap ass boom boom gear..

Then came the part where we learn things. Or at least the method where I learn what I can do; through curiousity. I started with a little bit of warming up on manual focusing practice on a semi-pro DSLR (it's starting to get tiring, btw.) and then started messing with certain values, etc.

So here's one with 2 shutter speed and F5.0 settings..

Then I zoomed out, and started snapping random stuff @ 2second shutter speed, and F4.0

Then 2 second shutter speed, and F6.0

Then blasting the value down to 1/20 second shutter speed, but F8.0

Then came 4second shutter speed with F6.0

Then the one that killed time for me. 15 second shutter speed and F6.3.

Then came to experiments:


I'm done for the night. Is sleepies, but the washing machine's still spinning.. huhu.

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