Sunday, January 25, 2009

Camera, I Like.

I don't know if it's a ritual habit, or whatever it is, but I think I'm beginning to enjoy photography.

Well, still-image photography. If I were to take live people, they'd probably blur out. Huhu.

At least I'm beginning to control this semi-pro mini devil. Hehehe.

Decided to take random pictures and the drum sticks that Mike Mangini signed last October. Wheeee.

Me likey teh cheap chocolates. :D

And here we are. Probably one of the heaviest drum sticks I've ever come across so far. It does come with a price to pay. It gives a very good tone/sound for heavy stuff. But weighing at 62g per stick, it can cause severe wrist injuries (I'm serious!) for the inexperienced players.

owheeeee. Happy CNY y'all. This year, I ain't in the mood to celebrate it. Maybe because .. I'm away from home.

Good or bad thing, I'm not sure myself because I've got a shitload of assignments to finish up. Urgh.

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