Monday, January 5, 2009

2 Days of Updates.

2 days somewhat well spent with my stupid sicknesses and all.

I'll summarise it because I don't have the mood to blog, I think.


Spent time with Ms. CZH, but was rather lethargic. It was the beginning of my sicknesses. Couldn't even focus on music, and whatever nonsense. I headed off to 1Utama, and bumped into..

The Haagan Dazz witch.

Jo Ann, I mean. Hoho. Nice catching up with her again here in KL, after PG. Noticed that we had 2 different personalities depending on where we are. I'm still adjusting to the KL life. Jo Ann already got comfortable. Hohoho

Behind would be one of Shahrin's friend. I forgot his name Y___Y

Then headed off to Aunt Marie's place in TTDI. Chilled there along with the party. Didn't take any pictures as I was feeling unwell. Headed to Starbucks Ikano to check up on everybody, and checked my schedule on this weekend. Looks great! Hoho. Can't wait to start working again.


11.48am - A new baby boy is born to our family! My maternal/Chinese side of the family obtained an European-looking baby.. Congratulations Michael McNeil and Low May Lin!

Which means a lot to me because I was given the opportunity to play for their wedding in 2006 alongside with the father of the bride and the groom himself. It's pretty memorable and honourable.

Ms. CZH popped by again. Fed me with fish porridge, a random delicious apple, and lotsa tissue papers. Yum. Did some reviews and warming up session on the guitar before and after dinner to prepare myself for..

.. The jamming session review with Moe Nazrul, along with a professional guitar teacher that goes by the name of Stanley.

Random shot of my classical guitar.

The American Malay, up close.

On the musical side, I guess I learnt quite a bit. I took up 3 songs at a time and learnt bits and pieces of them to improve and add more riffs for finger warmups from Dream Theater's John Petrucci:

  • Overture 1928 / Strange Deja Vu
  • Beyond This Life
  • Instrumedley
The 3rd one is a tough one, but hell, it does wonders for speed and finger stretching.

Problem now is to imply it. I'm glad that I'm beginning to understand modal changes and getting used to time signatures. But the problem is, implying it for another material/song. How's that, yup?

You see yellow/orange as a nice colour to fit the blaze of the sun. But how is it going to look nice if you were to see the moon?

Well dudes and dudettes. Off to sleep, then it's Genting Highlands for me tomorrow.

*tries to keep his eyes opened*

Then college comes into play on Tuesday onwards.


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