Saturday, January 24, 2009

Satisfying Saturday.

I'm so bummed up with my daily stale schedule until I decided to totally forget that it was Friday yesterday, and Saturday today. I assumed Saturday was yesterday although I followed my usual Friday schedule. Blah.

Today, did closing. Rather quickly thanks to Nik. Today will be one of the last days that I think I might work in the same shift as him.

So, yeah. It's been fun.

Everybody's leaving yet I'm still staying..

Doesn't matter.

I decided to open up my camera again. Would love to introduce my very first guitar, which is a crap branded classical guitar. The brand's so crappy until.. It doesn't have one. Very cheap Indonesian wood, and the bridge is made out of thin plastic, that cracked eventually during its early days until my first guitar instructor suggested to fit in nylon strings.

After following his advice, I fell in love with classical guitars ever since.

This guitar has been with me for about 7 years up to this coming August. It's the thing that I bring around to practice during holidays, etc.

So, have a look.

And I'm improving on my manual focus nonsense. Wheee.

Wes Borland, baybehhh!!!

Big ass crack.

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