Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gambak Terbaik.

Little do I know about diapers, but I do know about hygiene. And little do I know about how some issues were to happen around the world, but I do know how to laugh at certain dumb things. If it says here from Tesco that these diapers are disposable, then what's the point of diapers being thrown away when a baby pisses or craps into one of these sheets of padded papers, anyway?

Which made me and CZH argue to a point regarding some diapers being washable. Uh.

How's a diaper supposed to be washable when you're supposed to check on it every 5 - 20 minutes (or hours, or days depending on the standards?) when a child might crap or pees in his/her diapers less than the given time? Let's say, 3 minutes. So if you were to..

  • Check on the 5th minute on the clock; you're 2 minutes late.
  • Check on the 20th minute on the clock; you're 17 minutes late.
  • Check on x hours on the clock; you're (x-1)hours and 57 minutes late.
  • Check on x days on the calander; you're (x-1)days, 23 hours and 57 minutes late.
Regardless of the worthless mathematical equations I've provided, if you were to be 2 minutes late, I think if I were to put you in the baby's position, wouldn't you feel dirty and uncomfortable, at least?

Rewashable? I think that would work when the material's 100% cotton or something. If it's hints of plastic or something that goes "shhrkkk shrrkkk shrrrkkk" when you nudge it, I think it'll just clog up the washing machine or it's just plain disgusting.

Ok. I have no idea why I'm being an asshole by typing all of this out.

Probably frustrated.

Probably tired.

But I think it's none of the stated above.

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