Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Blues II.

I got so bored, until I decided to whip out my electric guitar to wait for time to pass, to get some finger warmup exercises since I can't exactly go out in this condition. I might be blinded halfway, who knows?

What do I mean?


This is me a few hours ago:

Stupid Naproxen Sodium. I'm not even fucking pregnant and I get weird shit, ok. But on the brighter side, my brother would be proud to have me as a retarded-eye fella because I look like one of his favourite pets:


And so, I got bored, not only did I whip out my guitar, but I whipped out my camera. So this is what I did.

MORE pictures. Hehehehehehe.

Me likey.


1 comment:

Jean Yves Sibert said...

Now thats a face only a brother could love1