Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Break From The Starbucks Experience.

Well, I wish I could contribute my service to Starbucks even further and as often as I used to last semester, when I was based in Ikano.

But this time, let's face reality a bit.

I got slapped with 2 more assignments from Company Law, and that's when I draw the line. I think I snapped, but then again..

Having to drag myself to borrow 3 books (because I was in a rush) for my upcoming 3 assignments, wasn't a good sign at all.

So next Tuesday shall be the last day I shall really contribute my seriousness in the Starbucks Experience until I finish up my assingment.

It's nuts.

It's insane.

But I'd be out of my mind if I were not to think about this.


And I'm already facing problems regarding not having enough hours in a freaking day -_-

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