Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie & Random Outing.

Well, tonight was rather random.

First time after so long that I got home after 12. So I had to walk one damned big round, and hoping to not get robbed anytime soon. I thought about it. The empty streets, most of the shops being closed, no lights about. And everybody knows that because it's Chinese New Year.

Problem is, everybody KNOWS. Including of those who mugs other people.

Thank goodness I got home safely anyways.

I dropped by Ikano after my Tesco outing and assignment madness. Just took some random shots.

Strongest coffee that Starbucks can provide.

Guatemala Casi Cielo - Our promotional coffee for this time around.

Then we have the always-so-adorable, yet hardworking, Iza Ismail!

Who wants a desperate shot with her "bebet" -__-

Then after that, I met up with Joanne for some Starbucks partner outing thing. We went and watched Ink Heart. It wasn't that bad as I expected thanks to her (wtf?), so yeah. Random stuff of her messing around with my camera.

And guess what? Finally, Sophie Kinsella's stuff is going to be out on the big screen!

Will be looking forward to the day when I watch it. Hehehehehhe.

After the movie, we headed off to Republic in Sunway Pyramid. First time being there at this hour. What existence.

I liek grape.

Then Joanne had all the ideas in the world to go kacau the quiet and ghastly environment in Sunway Pyramid. So we decided to check out my camera's timer shot & the amount of shots taken. So we set it to 10 seconds, and 10 shots after the trigger's pulled..

1, 2..

It takes 3 to tango..!

Scene 1: I'm checking out this other CIO from Starbucks.

Scene 2: I'm just acting normal.

Scene 3: But now, she's checking me out and I don't notice it.

Scene 3: Comel, kan? *points*

Scene 4: "It's not nice to point..!"

Scene 5: "What th-- What are you doin---"

Scene 6: "..........!!!!!"

"Don't stand behind me, lah."

"I'll stand in front of you then."

"Heh? Where'd you go?"


And it's rude to stare, you bastard. Bet you didn't see the 20x zoom, zooming in at you, didn't you?

Okay. That's it for the night. Time for Company Law.

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