Monday, January 12, 2009

Stoned To Be Home.

Listening To: Dream Theater - Octavarium

Probably one of the best things I've ever heard when it comes to the use of the Continuum. And the modal changes are insane. Beautiful. So medival.

I'm currently typing this in college with a bad morning. I didn't get enough sleep, woke up with an odd sorethroat and sinus. Normal way to start off the day, and there's only another 11 more hours to sustain with this condition before I really call it a day. Tomorrow's another day that I have to go through. It's like, college, then work, then sleep, then college, then work, then sleep.

It's like the good old days, but minus the working hours, sadly.

Although I like to work because it kills time with a profitability. Then again, the managers calls the shots. Huhu.

Today's me first day in college and guess what? I already got slapped with my first assignment which is due on the 6th of March. Corporate Finance, giler bapak terbaik -_-

Well, since the first class ended early, I found a new past time. To study for my coffee test that's coming up next Tuesday. I'm not sure if my name's registered for it yet, but if it's already registered, do wish me luck. There's so many things to study, and a couple of sacrifices to make on the day itself.

But the day before, I'm off from work, so I think I'm going to be just fine. Then again, it's the 19th of January, meaning I'll be bumming at 1901 due to its promotion. Huhuhu.

Sausagefest - quoted by Shaz.

I'm going to be a very jolly and fat barista very soon.

And I found my ring in the washing machine -_-

What a day, what a day.. back to coffee notes.

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