Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Random Starbucks Partner Outing.

No need to be organised by the store or the store manager, right? Just a random Starbucks Ikano outing, then another partner pops by then just hangs out or something.

I went to Starbucks Ikano, with guilt because I couldn't work due to my assignments, so I sat down there and started things. I was having fully focus on the assignment that I was doing. Until Joanne came and..

"Eh, pinjam camera".


Problem is, we didn't see this adorable baby.

And since we already whipped out my camera..

Of course, the baby was interacting well with Joanne, and it doesn't look as scary half of the time with all respect.

And while they were having their fun, I was..


And was she having fun with the baby.

I was having fun with my baby too. My assignments. My love. Cantik baik giler babi terbaik lah.

Showing that I finished my first assignment, so my 2nd one is on the way. Which is twice as hard than the first one.


And I got a fortune cookie as a reward?

Obviously, I've never seen one before.

Then randomly, we hit The Curve. We were walking back and forth, looking for a tripod for my camera, and then back to Ikano, then back to The Curve thinking we could get something to eat. But I wanted to go to Digital Mall, and then again, it's Chinese New Year. Them computer pirates celebrate it longer than the normal Chinese.

I will be as happy as this when I do too much of my assignments and study too much of coffee - blind.

After leaving Ikano/The Curve, we decided to head off to One Utama. Nando's lah. What to do. Everywhere closed.

Me likey this picture although she pushed me outta the mirror scene.

I thought the meals were going to be free because there was a major blackout. Except for the mall's lights. I don't know what happened, but Starbucks and Nando's went closed.

Best thing of the night: I calculated the bill because the POS was down. The fella who served us didn't know how to use a simple calculator. What he needed to do was take (RM 14.50 x 2 + RM 5.90) + 15%= RM 40.15 (rounded government 5 sen nonsense.)

Then it was the spontaneous photoshoot again.

Scene 1: I can carry you, LAH.

Scene 2: You're tickling me..!

Scene 3: Wait a minute..!!!!


Peekaboo Pt II

But she decided to come by this time..

And scare the crap outta me.

I've got something to tell you..


So Gangsta. She showing off her bling.

I can never camwhore with this camera.

I bet you never saw the 20x optical zoom, zooming in on you eh - Pt II

Ok lah. Back to assignments. Sigh.

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