Friday, January 30, 2009

Option A, and B.

Option A:
Resume original plan of working during the weekends by cutting down working hours so I have more time to concentrate on my studies and assignments. By doing so, I can:

  • Earn quite a bit extra.
  • Still balance my studies and work.
  • Not rot to death at home.

Option B:
Cut down more working hours (meaning weeks off; no working hours). By doing so, I can:

  • Lose quite a bit extra from my wage.
  • Enhance my studies, assignments and prepare for the Coffee Explorer Test which all falls during my Mid Terms.
  • Rot to death at home and be freaking emo like I am right now because I can't seem to start on my bloody Assignment 2. Macam !@&$*!@#^!*@&#!


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