Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Random Day.

Okay. Today's group study, to be honest, didn't go well.

Back to self study, and I wasted a lot of time doing nothing. But at least I learnt a thing or two.

Today wasn't much. I terskipped class today because I was way too sick to get up from bed. So I went to Starbucks Borders, The Curve, then to Starbucks Ikano to get some coffee knowledge going.

Then I headed off to KL. Masjid Jamek area. Of course, I wanted to go alone because I didn't mind walking everywhere. Since a friend of mine said that she didn't know where was Masjid Jamek, and her being from Penang with no KL experience, I decided to cut the long story short by picking her up form The Curve.

The quote of the night, I already informed her that we were going to walk. And that quote came with a warning. Guess what?

She dressed nightly and had high heels.

She definitely had it for the night.

What happened was that I parked the car at Bukit Ceylon because it was merely impossible to get a parking lot somewhere about KL (????) and then walked to Masjid Jamek. And Bukit Ceylon is a mini-hill, so..

.. I was in proper attire.

Best thing, is when we met up in Masjid Jamek, the whole bunch suggested that we should go to Jalan Alor to have something to eat. So this is what happened.

|---Masjid Jamek----------|----Bukit Ceylon----|----Jalan Alor----|

So, from the middle, we walked to the beginning, then past the middle and to the finishing line.

What happened to my fellow partner, I'll leave it to your imagination.

So, we met up with their old friends, and.. well, a close friend of mine about years ago. 5 - 6 years to be exact. Without her, I wouldn't have gotten my first electric guitar. So in terms of respect, we put the past behind and I made the night free, since she's based in Australia now.


Out of focus shot

I'm still practising on my focus shots LAHHHH.

Day end. Back to coffee beans. Bye.

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Emmelyn Cindy said...

*weeps* My tootsies are pained.