Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Blues.

Today is a Monday. My schedule for this specific Monday would be:

12pm - 2pm: Corporate Finance.
2pm - 4pm: Auditing.
4pm - 6pm: Company Law.
7pm - ??pm: 1901 sausage fest.

But in reality:

12pm - 2pm: Class cancelled.
2pm (Which is now): I got a mirgrane and I opted to go home before anything else were to happen.

I got pissed off. Because this is the 2nd time that our lecturer for Corporate Finance MIA'd for Monday. That means our class will be replaced on ANOTHER Thursday. Blah. It's bloody tiring to get through at least one of his classes. Crazy.

And because of my headache, it's pissing me off. It's been on, and off. I can't even pay attention, and that's why I have to sacrifice my other 2 subjects. I know I'll miss out on a lot, but please let myself read up on the notes and get back on track.

So, after a certain event that took place last night, I was surprised to see Ms. CZH to be at the gates to my place. I was lost for words. Then again, I understand how is it like, so I don't blame her in any aspect for what had happen.

Kindly, she even U-turned back to pick me up, before I made my way to the bus to head back home and sleep, which I shall be doing in a bit.

Since I wasn't planning to go home, and straight to The Curve, I brought my camera to college again for some practice on it.

So .. The usuals:

Okies Goodnightz.

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