Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Little Bit Of Me.

I don't know why, but it's one of those times where I would do a personal self-reflection regarding the state and what I've been doing.

Ever since December 19th, I went for this class/module under Starbucks, which is the In-Store Learning Coach module, which was recently opened to baristas (Full-time and Part-time alike). They had this a long time ago, but was put to a halt for no reason?

I wouldn't know because I wasn't in the system back then.

Now, what does an In-Store Learning Coach do? For new baristas, they refer to you as the encylopedia of all sorts. You're supposed to overlook situations, and coach them in whatever they're going to do, and make sure nothing goes wrong.

The keyword here is coach.

So far, I never thought that the responsibility in bearing such things would turn out to be big. But being in such a position made me understand what the term 'responsibility' really means. Although I don't know much, but I learn from an everyday basis.

I don't know how enthusiastic I can get, but I enjoy learning stuff that I never expected to learn at times.

And the role of the In-Store Learning Coach is to coach a new barista in their Barista Training Programme (BTP), which is a thick file that trains you on a theorical aspect regarding the things they do and face in an everyday-basis.

Except for working in busy stores like The Curve or KLIA for instance. That's just plain work skills.

So far, I learnt more than I already know, and I'm looking forward to seeing in other people's files.

And I haven't finished my checklist that I've received. It's not the Store Manager's duty to ensure my task is completed. I find this true.

It adds up to the extra responsibility. And that's why I get stressed extra.

I don't know if I love my job, but I know when I step onto the grounds, I'm definitely serious in whatever I do.

Best of all, we tend to make things fun along the way ;)

Damn poyo right, this post.


Anonymous said...

uh..what is poyo?

Glacius said...

poyo means.. retardedly stupid and full of bullshit. lmfao