Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day.

Not my ideal Valentine's Day when I didn't spend it with anybody. But here's a summary of what I did.

I attended my weekly weekend BM class, after 2 weeks of absence. And guess what? This was what I saw when I entered class.

Best class homework ever. Totally lost motivation to touch a single question, but I nailed all of them nearly right. Shows how weak my Malay was. Then again..

Lecturer: "Ok. Pelajar-pelajar sekalian. Sekarang, cikgu akan ambil attendance."

Me: "Cikgu. Saya tak faham langsung tentang maksud attendance. Saya cuma faham maksud kehadiran."

Lecturer: "Sekarang, dengan perkataan-perkataan yang disebut, tolong bina sentence dengan formula yang diberi."
Me: "Cikgu. Saya tak faham apa maksud sentence, tetapi saya faham maksud ayat."

Lecturer: "Jean, tolong lukis table untuk asingkan subjek dengan predikat ayat kamu."
Me: "Cikgu, maksud kamu untuk lukis table ialah meja yang kita guna sekarang?"

Hohoho. I think I'm going to be the teacher's pet very soon.

Class ended early for today, so I decided to drop by one of the most isolated Starbucks ever, Starbucks NZX.

Was there to catch up and chill for a few hours. When I got back to the Kembara, started the engine, and I thought someone stained the glass. But then again, it wasn't a stain.

Someone left a note.

I should've returned the favour. Being absent-minded, I had paper and a couple of calligraphy pens in my pencil box, yet I didn't do anything.

Thank you. Probably one of the best yet simplest Valentine's Day ever. I guess I grew out on the mushy-mushy stuff that people celebrate. Anyday is Valentine's Day, anyway, depending on how you treat your love partner, that's all.

After that, I popped by another place:

It may be Starbucks, but this time, this was Starbucks Kota Damansara. I met up with Salleh, Andy, Suraj, Diana and Badariah, surprisingly. Was just popping by to see who's around just to catch up on the old times.

Not entirely the old times, but the times when I was stationary there due to lack of partners.

I chilled there for a few hours, and then decided to call it a day, then headed off to McDs and got some cheap dinner with discounted coupons.

I'm going to die very soon, so for those who are having their hopes up, please pray harder until your brains explode first.

Also, I received 2 Valentine's Gift. One lollipop from my District Manager, Salleh, and another crate of chocolates:

Liquor filled chocolates, but.. I like the packaging, really.

Thank you.

Of coffee beans, and me.

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