Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Results Of Not Studying.

Well, I AM concerned.

I gave my papers quite a lot of time, which is about half an hour per paper? The results for my mid terms:

Corporate Finance: 15/30
Auditing: 14/30


And for the subject that I failed 2 years ago:

Company Law: 26/30

Guess what? It's not about how easy Company Law is, or whatever nonsense. It depends on the lecturer I had.

The lecturer I had back in Penang was literally rubbish.

High expectations, but taught nonsense.

Lesson learnt, by the way, since I studied my ass off for the Coffee Explorer Test and neglected my papers, so what I should do is to complete my papers in 15 minutes during the Finals and I'll get higher marks and eventually get a B++ whatever it is.

I will rock, betoches.

Ok back to assignments. My lecturer changed the question for the assignment I was nearly finishing up. So, yup. I have to redo some parts. Thank goodness it's a law subject.

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