Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back To The Old Days.

This is how it's supposed to be.

My ex-girlfriend took the Kembara back, so I'm car-less for good. But it's okay. I've been living like this since before I got the job and had to depend on transportation so often. Then again, it's not stopping me from work. Just that it's harder to get about places in time.

But if you think about it, I get to cut petrol costs, so it's eventually cheaper for me to travel about now.

I decided to randomly bring out my camera to see how is it like living. So here're some random shots while waiting for the oh-so-apologetic Sayangku. I didn't mind. I had my iPod and my camera. What could go wrong?

She came! Yay!

Lunch for 2..

Then she dropped me off for college. Being 30 minutes late, I didn't miss out much due to my lecturer's blabblings. Corporate Finance? Pffft. Nama canggih, tapi subjek bodoh. My lecturer forgot how to find the slope/kecerunan (m) in the equation y = mx + c .. The whole class gave him a short Form 3 Mathematics crash course. Psycho, right?

After that, came Auditing and Company Law class. Nothing much, just that the semester seems to be passing by so quickly. It's a short semester, obviously, but time's passing by so .. fast :(

It makes me sad, somehow.

Joke of the day:
My lecturer has this habit of writing really vague short forms of words: e.g. organisational - ogtl, or something. So this was what happened.

Me: "Shit man. She likes to use a lot of short forms."
Ah Weng: "I think she likes it short"

I stared at him, he stared at me after the whole monotonous joke in class yesterday (which was somewhat related to sexual intercourse), we knew it was resumed from yesterday's chaos.

Boy, we couldn't stop laughing.

So after that, I decided to grab lunch. I know Sayangku would pick me up if she were to be free, but she was doing closing, unfortunately. I didn't mind at all. I like taking public transport, anyway.

So off I went; to McDonalds Mutiara Damansara, then to Starbucks Ikano to get some parts of my pending assignment sorted out.

So cute right, Iza. LOL

I noticed that I look good with short hair. So I guess I might keep it short from now onwards?
.. With the mullet, of course.

I want my black apron as well :(

Ok lah. Back to assignments. Sigh.

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