Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Gift.

Of different age, of different worlds.
Of different personalities, of different love.
Of an individual who holds a guitar pick,
Of a leader, who leads others with an open heart.

She, be different from the rest.
She, prepares anybody for any test.
She, be a person with the biggest heart.
She, be a person who is loved by many.

The year where she'd be alone.
Where she doesn't notice, is being watched.
By her family, friends and partners.
Of coffee beans, and me.

A red rose represents love.
A purple rose represents envious friendship.
A pink rose represents for a tender friendship.
A white rose represents the uniqueness that shines.

Of all years, thou shan't be in tears.
Of all years, thou shall be in hearts of others.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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