Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Saturday. And Another EOM @ Starbucks Ikano.

I can't believe how quickly some things can change for the better, or the worse. On 1st December, we had a whole turnover for Starbucks Ikano as you all know if you all read from my posts.

But now, things changed again.

And it seemed like yesterday that things changed.

Well, 2nd February, things are going to change, again.

So yeah.

Whatever it is, EOM seemed like another normal day for me again. So whatever it is, I managed to spot 2 planners, and me and my manager got it. Heeeeeeeeeeeee.

Finally :D. At least I've got something from the Christmas season. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Ok. Wanna have my bath, fold my clothes, freak myself out with Left 4 Dead, then go to sleep for tomorrow's work. Blah.


dee.m.saari said...

you guys seem to have treasures secretly kept here in there in different corners!! ehem. which includes the nantucket juice! :D

Glacius said...

Oh, we have a lot of things ;) . Hehahohohoo..