Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today, my plan was to:

  1. Have lunch
  2. Study for the Coffee Explorer Test this coming Wednesday and other subjects for my mid terms this week.
  3. Have dinner
  4. Study more
  5. Blog a little bit.
  6. Sleep.
But then again, my plans for this time around doesn't seem to coordinate well with whatever I had in mind.

Proudly, I failed.

I met up with Joanne because I had to pass her some stuff regarding the Coffee Explorer Test and stuff, where spontaneously, she invited me over for lunch. I have never felt so shy before. In fact, I was so shy, I lost my appetite. And her family's warmth is truly amazing. So down to earth, and joyful. I was surprised that her mother opened the door, greeted me with a smile, and welcomed me in.

I have never seen parents with such friendliness and enthusiasm.


Then, she dragged me along to this boutique in Damansara Perdana to search for new materials that she could put on. After that, I dropped her at her friend's place, then I decided to continue with plan no. 1 as stated above in the list. Which is to head out for lunch. Then again, I already had lunch, so I decided to have dinner.

This time, I decided to chill. So I called Jo Ann, and she mentioned she was in Ikea.

So Ikea it was!

And Ikea it was for the whole day -_-

Went walking about Ikea, CD-Rama, the pet shop, Speedy and settled down for dinner at Sushi King.

Little did Jo Ann know that her suggestion was the best, yet the worst for my dear wallet.

*thinks back about the time when Khristabelle and Beatrice wanted to treat me for dinner at Sakae Sushi.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

This time, I decided to order At least a budgeted set or something so my overall spendings will be less. It worked. I managed to cut down at least RM30 of what I was supposed to spend.

So, it was another random outing with Jo Ann and Naomi. My new found kinky species. Hoho.

Mine previously was stacked like 7 plates per row. And I had 2 rows of ala carte sushi or whatever you call these things. Then again, we grow older ..

Just as I thought I finished..

I couldn't resist them scallops. Hohoho.


Naomi showing how "Tesco" should be said.. Teeee...



... OOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo????

... O!

Okbyez. Back to studies. Sigh.

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