Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Coffee Explorer Test.

I thought there were quite a number of people who were going to take the test. Surprisingly, it was just a few of us, with our District Manager, Salleh. It was held at Giants Kota Damansara.

Nice place, seriously. Never been there before.

The questions were fairly insane, only if you didn't study. It tested my brain to see if I can remember the subtle information. Which reminds me, I need to read back on the basics before I really forget the basics -_- ..

Thank goodness a customer asked me the ratio of coffee to water and stuff a few days ago. It was truly a good revision, really.

Then again, I started compiling everything on last October. Completed everything at November, and then left it alone for quite a bit.

Then January came, I had to re-study because I wanted to be prepared. Honestly speaking, I could've done better, and known more.

Then again, I'm the sort of people who learns through their mistakes.

So whatever it is, I'll learn through my mistakes, and will see how things go from there on.

YESSS MEHNNNNNNNNNNN.. now there's my mid terms to sit for. wonderful.

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