Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Kinkys' Outing 070209

Today's main plan was for me to go to Putrajaya with Joanne and Jo Ann. Two different people, obviously. But one wanted to do a housewarming party, and the other had to see another friend off.

Then again, the one who wanted to do a housewarming party has last minute cancellation plans due to parental reasons and got postponed to Monday, I decided to make her feed me.

So we had out little kinky bonding session. Also, welcoming the new legendare kinky, Naomi Danu. So with all plans went haywire, we went out for lunch instead at Sunway Damansara.

But right after lunch, both Jo Ann and Naomi settled down with Facebook on their mobile devices, and I had nothing but my camera.

.. So..

Jo Ann showing her new iPod Touch 2nd Generation

Two best friends with their Facebook sessions.


After we had lunch, we went walking around this area. I knew there were pet shops around, but I didn't get to check them out. So these two decided to drag me to explore the places I've never been to for a year.

.. Although I stay less than a kilometre away from this place..

We saw fly-attacking cats. Psycho right.

Mr. Fat ass.

Mr. Fuckyoureyesarefreakingscary.

Jo Ann being annoying towards the cat, trying to push the poor fella to its doom..

But does s/he looks like as if its bothered by such nuisance?

Then we walked a little bit more, and found this boutique that goes by the name of Flea Market Boutique.

And then we made our way to Starbucks Kota Damansara. We stumbled a very cute cat.

Probably cutest notes I've ever seen.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Diana Mohd Saari. The upcoming Store Coffee Master of Starbucks Kota Damansara! Lovely partner to talk to and to work with.

After the little coffee briefing session, we made our way to Puchong. I managed to take pictures because I was hungry and feasted on some A&W curly fries (??)

Jo Ann thought we were lost, so I decided to pump up the flash and blind all of us:

Then we made it to The Curve after packing up some stuff from Jo Ann's house and had dinner there..

This whole outing was fun. But it also blew my potential time to actually study for what I'm supposed to. Now I'm suffering from a headache and I think I need my sleep for the day. huhu


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