Thursday, February 19, 2009

[Poem] Scales of a Shell.

The shell that hardened over the years,
Of betrayal in trust and honesty,
The only entry is through the eyes,
Whereas the body is in stone.

Under the shell, lies a person,
Both confused, and steady.
You looked into my eyes,
And blood started flowing.

Sending a dream into the universe,
Isn't the sweetest dream.
Someone else does it for you,
But you're not the one doing it.

Lies beneath the skin of hardened scales,
Is the person who opens completely.
You looked into my eyes,
And you got to know him, instantly.

Like a song of a sad scene,
Of train graveyards, and lingering spirits,
Of an injured soul, and thought-less fear.
Makes a steady man.

The darkness may bring sadness,
Yet, it doesn't last forever.
After the darkness, comes the light,
After the moon sets, the sun rises.

Your image; scarred,
Written by the wounds of the past.
You never expected our eyes to meet,
Yet, my eyes saw the purest of hearts.

My angel of the darkness,
Descend onto me.
Be my prayer for the morning,
Be the one who harvests my soul.

Of disobedient melodies,
Brings a smile to me.
How music was enjoyed,
Not studied.

Now, under the shell, lies a person,
Of a possessive mindset.
Of a stronger soul,
Yet, a stolen heart.

The power of your touch,
The beauty of yourself.

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