Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Friday..

Nothing much.

Just that all classes are put to a halt due to the nearing of the end of the semester.

Then again, it's nearing the end of the month, and most people are going to get tensed out.

I'll be scratching my head for tomorrow.

But I mustn't forget that I have my assignments to complete for this period of time.

I'm afraid that I might get tied up with so many things until I..forget.


Company Law & Auditing = 1 assignment each.

Due on the 13th and 3rd of March respectively.

If I were to forget, I'd disappoint myself.

Today, work was nothing much, really. Finally got to fully utilise my 30 minutes break for the first time of me working in Starbucks.. Hohoho..


I know I'm playing with fire. Then again, I think this is what I deserve after what I've been through years, after years..after years...

Regardless of the flowing blood and endless pain, this relief is like the tender note of a French Horn in an orchestra. Like a baby, fast asleep in his mother's arms.

You knew how tensed I was when you touched me.

It never felt any better.


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